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The Bin Company Domestic Kitchen Tandem Waste Bin

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Brand: Other Brands / Product Type: Kitchen Bin

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    1 Review
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      04.02.2011 13:46
      Very helpful



      Exactly what we wanted!

      Unless you have been on a dessert island for the last three months you will know that we have had our little kitchen completely refitted and almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong!

      This is a review on one of the few items that did not have to be returned because it was faulty, it got fitted quickly and easily and it works! Believe me that means that it is something of a minor miracle in our kitchen!

      The kitchen itself is quite small and we don't have room for a free standing waste bin. Had we gone down that road we would have had to keep moving it from place to place as we opened cupboard doors which clearly wasn't the best option.

      We investigated bins that fit inside the cupboard as we have a double unit beneath the sink and there was room within that for a decent sized bin. We decided against one that hung on the door and looked at the ones that sat on the floor of the cabinet. As usual Dave had the patience to search until he found the ideal bin for us.

      The one that we chose was the Domestic Kitchen Tandem Waste Bin 1 X 24 Litres and 1 X 7 Litre which would fit in a cabinet with a minimum width of 300mm. We decided on this bin because I could throw the wet kitchen waste such as peelings etc into the smaller bin and the dry waste into the larger bin. At the moment we can't recycle kitchen waste as the collection facility hasn't been rolled out as far as our area and we don't have enough garden for a compost bin or indeed anywhere to use the compost if we made it! LOL! Having said that, the means to separate the waste will be useful once we are on the recycling route.

      We purchased the bin from the Bin Company at www.thebincompany.com and it cost us £76.39 which I know is a bit on the expensive side but it was exactly what we wanted and suited our needs perfectly so it is worth the money to us.

      Just digressing for a moment the Bin Company site is brilliant. They have a wide range of bins for sale in all sorts of shapes and sizes, the check out and purchase is really easy and the bit that I thought was really useful was the fact that by hovering the mouse over the picture of the bin a plan of it appeared showing all the measurements. This meant we could be certain that we had chosen the right size for the cupboard before we ordered it.

      The bin is made by a firm called Hailo and comprises a silver / grey powder coated steel frame, runners and mounting components with graphite grey plastic bodied waste bins.

      It measures 415mm high by 480mm deep by 248mm wide and would fit easily into a 300mm cabinet.

      The bin is fitted in place by screws which go through the base of the steel frame into the base of the cupboard. It is free standing within the cupboard as opposed to some bins which also attach to the door and open as the door opens. With this bin I open the kitchen cupboard door and then pull the bin open by means of a lip on the top of the front piece.

      Inside the unit are the two separate plastic waste bins. The smaller one has a single metal handle and the larger one has two handles. They can be inserted either way round but I find that it is easier and more convenient for me to have the smaller one at the front.

      Obviously you could use the bins without any liners as they would be easy enough to wash clean each time you emptied them but I prefer to use bin liners as it makes the whole process so much easier and less messy.

      I have found liners for the smaller bin as these tend to be freely available for all the people who currently have small kitchen waste bins to aid their recycling but I am still experimenting to find the perfect liner for the larger bin.

      To empty the bins it is easy enough to just remove the smaller bin and take the full bin liner out, deposit it in the dustbin and replace it with a clean one. To do the same thing with the larger bin I take out the smaller bin first as this makes it so much easier to reach and remove the larger one!

      The unit itself is very sturdy and feels solid in the cupboard. It is really easy to use as the bins glide out of the housing with little effort on my part. If I am preparing a few vegetables I can have the bin open whilst I am working so that I can put the rubbish directly where it should be!

      So in conclusion I am very pleased with my new waste bin and would happily recommend it. It is definitely worth the money!


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