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Nikon Action 10-22x50

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    1 Review
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      27.09.2011 11:40
      Very helpful



      Binoculrs from Nikon

      A few years ago our family decided to plan the trip of a lifetime to America. We planned to travel from Arizona up into Canada. I was particularly keen to view the native wildlife and had high hopes of spotting a few bears. With this in mind I decided that a top notch pair of binoculars was justified! After a lot of research I decided that the best pair for me in my price bracket were the Nikon action 10x22x50.I honestly can't remember exactly how much I paid for these but it was around £150.

      When I started out on my search, I had no idea what the different numbers referred to. I now know that the first 2 numbers, in this case 10 and 22, refer to how much closer you can bring the object and the last number refers to the size of the lens in mm when measured across. Obviously the bigger the numbers the greater the magnification and lens size. The greater the lens size means more light will be able to enter making your subject appear brighter.

      The binoculars are well made and feel very sturdy. They have a metal chassis and are rubber coated, making them waterproof and less likely to slip in your hands. There is a dioptre adjustment for each eye piece enabling you to allow for right/left eye imbalance. This also makes these binoculars perfect for anyone who wears glasses. The lenses are made of high quality anti fogging glass.

      The binoculars have an ergonomic body shape designed to make them comfortable to hold. There is a central focusing mechanism and a simple lever to operate the full x22 zoom function. The binoculars come with a soft case, lens and eye piece covers and a tripod adaptor.

      I absolutely love these binoculars and was able to spot several bears from a safe distance. I have also used them to follow a sea eagle in flight and numerous other birds. The binoculars are very easy to use and adjust quickly. They don't fog op either like my previous pair! I am really impressed with how shape a subject appears even at full zoom. If you are going to be using the full zoom for any length, then it is recommended you use a tripod to keep the binoculars steady. I haven't ever done this as I tend to use them on the move and don't want to have to carry too much.

      On the negative side these are not a lightweight pair of binoculars. They weigh 1045 grams and measure 178x196mm. This does make them heavy to carry if you are out for hiking for the day, especially as I like to carry my large camera too!

      Overall I can highly recommend these binoculars. I have been using them for several years now and they have proved themselves to be tough and reliable. They are very easy to use and adjust to all eyesight, give very clear images and take wildlife spotting to a whole new level for me! I have looked on the internet and see this model is still available for around £200.


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