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Opticron Savanna 8x23

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Opticron / Lense Coating: Multi-Coated

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    3 Reviews
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      29.08.2012 21:42



      Very good binoculars for all types

      ~Technical Specifications~ (opticron.co.uk)

      Field (m) - 113
      Min Focus (m) - 2.5
      Eyerelief (mm) - 16
      IPD (mm) - 54~72
      H x W (mm) - 100x110
      Weight (g) - 295


      These binoculars are advertised on the Opticron website as £79. However I managed to get mine for just under £60 so it is always worth shopping around, especially on the internet.

      I bought these binoculars for myself but also because my daughter is always interested in using them when I have them. My daughter is only 5 and these say they can be used by children from seven because of the small IPD (interpupillery distance). She has had no problem so they are also a great pair of binoculars if you want to get your children using them. They also have something called long eye relief that helps people who wear glasses. I don't wear glasses but people who do have borrowed the binoculars and say they work very well.

      These binoculars are very light so they are easy to transport and don't weigh down your arms when using them over longer periods of times. The eye pieces are covered in rubber so they feel comfortable against your eyes. They offer a very good clear crisp view but are especially good at close range. You adjust the focus and distance by twisting the eye pieces or the control in the middle. Because of the rubber this is very easy to do and helps you to fine tune your view.

      These are very good compact binoculars that are reasonably priced and can be used by the whole family.


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      19.08.2010 00:13
      Very helpful



      Good Quality At A Fair Price

      I'd been contemplating the purchase of a pair of binos for sometime and this summer I decided to take the plunge.

      After much deliberation I settled on the Opticron Savannas 8x23 which priced at £49.99 appeared to be a bargain and was considerably less than I was expecting to pay. Result!

      As anyone acquainted with me will know by now, I'm a tad clumsy and it was very important that the binos were robust enough to handle a knock or two. In fact the very first morning I took them out, I tested this when they hurtled from car seat to floor when I performed an emergency stop in order to avoid a badger meandering across the road. Why a creature that is black and grey decides that the best place to take a stroll is across tarmac which is generally black and grey is beyond me. Hi-Vis vests for badgers anyone?

      Anyway, thankfully both Mr Badger and my brand new binos came out of this episode unscathed. The binos survived thanks to their protective rubber armouring and additional lens protection and the badger thanks to my cat like reflexes!

      Now although they are robust, they are also relatively lightweight. The blurb that came with them states that they are 295g. I've not checked but I'm quite willing to believe it.
      They are also comfortable to grip, have rubber eye cups and that mixed with their weight makes them very comfortable to hold and view with for a considerable length of time.

      Magnification is x8, which is perfect for my requirements, which by the way is spying on wildlife, such as deer, foxes and the odd bird of the feathered variety here and there. So nothing sinister....

      I've found the image sharp and they are very easy to focus even for me and my sausage fingers.

      Specifications as follows:

      Field [m] 113
      Min Focus [m] 2.5
      Eyerelief [mm] 16
      IPD [mm] 57~73
      HxW [mm] 100x110
      Weight [g] 295

      They come with a soft case, cloth and lens caps and you also get a ten year guarantee!
      Best to keep them in the case during transit just in case you encounter a kamikaze badger on your travels!

      All in all a basic but good quality product. Suitable for a novice like me but if you want something a little more specialist then you're going to have to pay a bit more.

      Apologies if this review is a little basic but I'm a beginner as far as binos are concerned and I just wanted to share my experience rather than offer expert advice.

      Thanks for reading.


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        26.07.2010 01:42
        Very helpful



        A very affordable, versatile set of binoculars for everyday use

        Some binoculars you can put around your neck and find you are just about pulled to the ground by the weight of them. The Opticron Savannas stand out from binoculars of a similar size because they are substantial without being weighty. They come in at 295g, and, practically for a full size set of binoculars, are endowed with a rubber coating for easy grip. Aside from this feature they are not especially interesting aesthetically, being as they are predominately black in appearance with few embellishments.

        With x8 magnification and multi coated lenses they are ideal for everyday requirements. Minimum focus distance is 2.5 metres, and while close focus is adequate it is not perfect. It can take a good deal of fiddling around with the eyecups (twist-type) to achieve a clear image, but for the price you can hardly expect any more. The eyecups are, however, comprised of rubber so are very comfortable to view through and there is little danger of giving yourself a black eye, as you might with some of the more old fashioned models. Similarly, the binoculars afford excellent versatility with a reduced interpupillery distance of 54mm.

        The front lenses have a diameter of 23mm, and are easy to clean and maintain. They do not tend to accumulate dust or smudges very easily, so a quick wipe with a suitable cloth every now and then should ensure your viewing remains unhindered. Other notable features are the storage pouch, which comes as part of the package. This is ideal for protecting the binoculars and they fit snugly into the case without being difficult to remove. The model also comes with a ten year guarantee, so you can feel confident that you have invested wisely.

        This is a very affordable and versatile device, and for a model within this price range its slight weight and comfortable viewing should make it a prime contender for anyone looking to invest in a quality set of binoculars.


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