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Praktica W8 21x21

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    3 Reviews
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      24.09.2013 01:51
      Very helpful



      Great binocs for beginners who love to scan that horizon

      I am not massively into my birdwatching, but bearing in mind how much climbing and mountaineering I get up to, my dear old father thought it would be nice if I had a pair of Binoc`s to go up with. Bless him. But unfortunately he didnt take into account the fact that I try to keep excess weight down and Binocs as handy and as novel as they may seem do not really feature in my 'essentails to bring' kit list, still they are only 200 grams, he told me, true, but even that is unnecessary. Nevertheless I didnt want to upset him and think that I was ungrateful so I thought I would test them out on a quick training trek of Snowdonia National Park that I undertook last year.

      I dont know a huge amount about Binocs, but I do understand from my pops , who was in the army and used them regularly, that they are quite notorious in the UK as being reliable and good quality and a good British company that goes back a 100 years or so.

      So whilst trekking I thought I would use the full range of features these Binocs have to offer. They have a x8 to x 21 zoom (the back of the packet says 90 x maginification and 48m effective diameter lens fielrd of view with a 21 mm objective lens, thats the big one on the outside of the Binocs and not the smaller one closest to your eyeball. This is a standard width for Binocs of the quality and price, if you want something more refined you need to get a lens that is thinner. Again the range of the zoom is OK for this level of price and quality. But enthusiasts might gawk at the limited range as they might have something that starts of higher then x8 and goes much higher then x21. The lens field of view is good enough for my pruposes. The better Binocs have a wider lens field of view, and you can see all around your peripheral vision, ideal for soldiers etc, it essentailly means you can see more when just looking at one spot and you dont need to scan the horizon as much. You can close focus on these badboys up to 3 meters from object meaning you can get great macro views or animals without scaring them off, if you can get to within 3 meters of them. I didnt get to do this as I was scanning landscape rather then birdwatching say.

      The Binocs can be fitted to most standard tripods although I didnt have one with me, and they are obviously handheld - The start zoom of x8 is quite allot really and you see allot straight off the bat so if you suffer from shakey hands then it can be a bi difficult to focus in on something.

      The Binocs have a 5.2o-2.8o angle view, coupled with the limited wdie diameter field of view, this means that you do allot more scanning, you see more 'black' in the field of view of your eye, so you know you are looking through Binocs and if there is limited light then yuo do not get such great vision in the first place as the diameter of the lens letting the light in is less then say a fatter wider pair of binocs.

      These binocs have adjustable focus using a focus turn wheel on the upper and lower side of the apparatus closest to your nose. The eyecups of the binocs are comfortable for short periods of time, they have rubber rings that protect your eye sockets.

      The apparatus comes in silver and black hard plastic resin mix, they are light at 200 grams, robust and do not crack easily. You should not drop these anyway as they come with a neck cord to hold them into place, although I tended to stick mine in my trekking trousers side pockets on my leg as I hate things dangling around my neck and bumping off my clavical every 2 seconds. You also get a carry case for your bag and manufacturers manual and guarantees in the main box.

      My dad said that they cost him £15 online (I had to ask him for the purposes of ths review), nice of him to spend that much on my behalf.


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        21.02.2011 13:05
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        I would say these would be for kids, but profesionally they are not worth the price

        I sometimes use binoculars to see over mountain ridges, or read signs from far away, but i just can't do either in these. The whole point of my binoculars is so i don't have to go up to read a sign, or walk miles to go and look for a visitors centre at my local forest, but i do need to walk miles with these because the range is terrible.

        You spend ages adjusting your zoom and focus and then seconds later its useless because you are too far away in the first place. The magnification on my old pair was great, about 35 yeards a way i could read a sign letter for letter but these just don't work like that, its still hard to read even 20 yards away on a sign with 16pt text!

        They have been leaking mist and condensation for months now. Everytime i bring them in from the outside cold air into the warm house they just mist up, and thats fine because most binoculars do, but these have a leak somewhere because they mist up on the inside, so i can't wipe them!

        Very annoying, and I haven't dropped them or damaged them so it must be the poor build quality because there is a small crack (or hole) somewhere in the plastic joining of the two lenses.

        Finally i want to point out how small these are. Designed to be easy to use and practical for carrying around, they may be a little too practical.

        I have large eyes as you can see from the photo but i really need to squint to get my vision to see through them properly, otherwise there is a blury black line all around the edge of the lense. Same thing on the inside too.

        I ould recommend mainly for children since they are cheap and basic, but if you are an adult who uses them professionally or needs them for birdwatching etc, then buy something else.


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          29.08.2010 23:40
          Very helpful



          A sturdy affordable magnifier in viewing from a fair distance to excellent up-close objects

          PLEASE NOTE: This is a re-edited and up-dated version so please do not go by previous low rates!


          OBJECTIVE LENS DIAMETER: "The size of the lens through which light enters the binoculars the larger this number, the brighter the image in the binoculars will appear, but the larger and heavier the binoculars will be to carry."{Which.Co.UK

          PORO/ROOF PRISM: "A 'roof prism' design tends to be more compact, making it more useful for walking tours, or holidays, or for kids to use...may also not work well in low light..'Poro prism' binoculars...still have good image quality at lower cost...unlike roof-prisms, tend to be adjustable to fit the distance between your eyes."{Which.Co.UK

          FIELD OF VIEW: "Real field of view is the angle of the visible field, seen without moving the binoculars, measured from the central point of the objective lens. The larger the value is, the wider the view field available." {Nikon.Com

          CLOSE FOCUSING DISTANCE: This indicates the distance to the nearest point that can be focused. Generally, binoculars are used to make distant objects appear nearer. However, you can also enjoy magnified images from a close distance. {Nikon.Com

          THE EFFECTIVE DIAMETER: "The inside diameter of the objective lens frame."{Nikon.Com

          ~//~THE COMPANY ~ IN BRIEF~//~

          In 1887, a precision carpenter, Richard Hüttig, besides successfully copying French and English cameras, also developed new models, even setting up a factory.

          The firm snowballed in success, continuing numerous innovative lines in lens and camera features. Well over a century later, mergers, take-overs and expansions, the company now boast a wide variety of quality products. The UK site comments, "Praktica (UK) Ltd. is the sole UK distributor for the comprehensive PRAKTICA ranges of digital cameras and compact binoculars" {http://www.prakticadirect.co.uk


          I bought these binoculars to share with my grand-son, who loves examining flora and fauna! The telescope we had initially purchased turned out to be pretty useless, unable to replace due to expense, I decided on the lesser amount for a pair of binoculars.

          ~//~'ZOOM IN'~//~

          The binocular has an 8 to 21 zoom. As tripods usually accommodate telescopes, there isn't an issue with the 'shaky hand' syndrome! But, being these binoculars are handheld, I didn't realise until after purchase that it's important to choose a binocular with magnification 8x or less. As this is from 8x zoom capacity it's fairly satisfactory for myself. But when my grand-son holds the gadget, the images tend to be out of focus as his little hands tend to shake even with this lighter version of binoculars. The up-side is that it's a strong enough zoom to magnify things greatly! Therefore, I have decided that although I'm happy to use the tool for viewing such creatures as birds etc., I will be investing in a suitable telescope for my grand-son, but please Ssshh as it's a surprise!

          ~//~'BATHED IN LIGHT'~//~

          For a really useful tool, one needs as much light to pick up good viewing so it's fundamental to obtain the largest objective lens diameter one can carry. Again, through lack of research at the time, I didn't realise this fact. This device has a fair 21mm objective lens (the lens furthest from the eye). For me and my grand-son, the range seems suitable enough for viewing imagery on a medium scale but expert enthusiast will want to go for anything up to and beyond 9x63; a tripod will be required though! Furthermore, a roof prism would have been far more suitable for my young grand-son to handle as opposed to this rather cumbersome poro prism design. But, as the poro features adjustable eye width, it is more beneficial to accommodate little faces!

          ~//~ 'POINT OF VIEW'~//~

          These standard binoculars have a 90-48m {90 x magnification and 48 effective diameter of the objective lens field of view) along with a 5.2o-2.8o angle of view. One would think as I did when I first purchased this item, that the higher the magnification the better. In fact, as the magnification becomes higher, the field of view will actually be narrower, added to this, movement from trying to hold the product steady presents out of focus imaging together with insufficient lighting coming through the small lens; presents difficulty in viewing objects.

          The field of view, although not the highest, still gives problems. But, by carefully turning the adjustable focus features and adopting the correct stance and appropriate length on object focus, this furnishes satisfactory vision for catching scenery up close such as in parks. Recently, we managed to see all the diverse autumn colours on the leaves of various trees without even having to enter the gates of our local park, thanks to the extraordinary unaffected lighting that time of day. This enthused my grand-son as presently his class are collecting leaves to make a collage scene; It proved very handy in locating the objects we were looking for as my grand-tot picked out the tree he wanted to collect leaves from and we had a lovely afternoon stroll collecting, focusing, collecting...

          The binoculars have a minimum of close focusing view of 3m which is excellent for my grand-son to view insects, his favourite! We have looked closely at ants in the garden. My grand-son was so excited by the magnification of these industrious little creatures that I ended up investing in a child's Ant Farm kit! We have got 'up close and personal' with spiders, of which delighted my young explorer. The binoculars effective zoom for magnifying small objects furnished my grand-son with the most amazing view of a spiders web and moth cocoon. This evolved into a remarkable teaching aid as then we visited a local second-hand book store and picked up an insect book which noted the various life stages of insects.

          ~//~'MEASURED VIEW'~//~

          These zoom silver and black binoculars afford suitable clear viewing which are good for bird watching and alike. I even took them to watch my grand-children's sports day events. These binoculars are for standard usage. At 200g they are light-weight enough to hang around one's neck using the lengthy strap or fairly compact to place in the pocket for ease in mobility. But, I did find that my grand-son found them somewhat burdensome and awkward to carry after a short while.

          The device has neat rubber fold-down eyecups for folks that wear glasses, although I didn't need to use this, my grand-child felt it is an added toy to amuse him whilst awaiting for that golden shot of a view!
          Therefore, the soft small lens cleaning cloth included in the kit proved most useful.

          The field glasses come with handy simple to understand manufacturer notes and durable carry case to hold the product in safely. These binoculars include a remarkable full ten year warranty. Purchased for £14.99 on-line; buying direct from the manufacturer's can result in being charged the full price of £30 plus but on-line sites such as Amazon can cut that cost by half or more!


          Yes~ if you're looking for a standard, easy to operate, functional binoculars for basic to medium range viewing at an affordable price

          No ~ if you are looking for high-tech astronomical and similar viewing whereby money, tripods, weight and expertise poses no problem

          I give these five stars for a grand-parent's sentimental value as the first binoculars shared with my own amazing mini David Bellamy!

          And four stars for all the details and fun we gained from this practical tool that has led onto many more projects.

          Thank you for taking the time to read and rate my review.


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