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21 Years Gone: The Autobiography - Jack Osbourne

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3 Reviews

Genre: Biography / Author: Jack Osbourne / Edition: New Ed / Paperback / 224 Pages / Book is published 2007-04-06 by Pan Books

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    3 Reviews
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      23.09.2010 18:32
      Very helpful



      If you think Jack has nothing to say and no life experiences at the young age of 21. Think again and

      This book gives some great background into being a kid in the midst of a Rock Show.
      Jack Osbourne has had a semi-normal life before being shot into the spotlight with the world wide phenomenon of The Osbournes - a reality show that follows the Osbourne family in the daily life.

      Jack is brutally honest about himself about the person he was and the person the media had painted him to be.
      Before being in the spotlight Jack had a life that was balanced between spending on tour with her parents, and spending time in a normal school environment with her parents being at home or away for just a few days.

      The books starts with some of Jack's memories of his childhood, both from England and the US. These range from the rock and roll to plain old school days. This part of the book is very interesting and gives a great insight into Jack's struggle to fit in at school.

      The bulk of the book concentrates on his decent into using drugs and drinking alcohol, the height of that use and then the recovery process. All of which give a great insight to the world of drugs, specifically around the LA club scene and music industry. The danger faced by users and also the difficulty of the recovery is highlighted through Jack's personal experiences - which are varied from extremely sad, to inspiring - all of it being quite informative about each process Jack went through.

      Although there are some very sad and even desperate moments, the high insight prospective which Jack now writes from oozes with the lessons he's now learnt from the many situations he's been confronted with. This makes it not only an excellent read about life in what has been considered a famous example of a dysfunctional family and a boy lost in drugs, but a very inspirational read about giving it your all even if you are "shit scared".

      I highly recommend this book, if you think Jack has nothing to say and no life experiences at the young age of 21. Think again and read for yourself.


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      24.02.2010 16:53
      Very helpful
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      Lovely, short inspiring book

      A biography by a 21 year old!!! Sounds completely ridiculous, in fact I can't believe I even picked up this book in the first place. I'm not a fan of celebrity biography, especially celebrities that are famous for being simply born into a famous family. I like to read inspiring works, by people who have really achieved something, and it turns out that this is just that kind of book.

      Jack is in a life that revolves around drink, drugs and parties, and as fun as that sounds in theory, it's killing him. By embarking on a path of rehabilitation and by really pushing himself to achieve what he wants to in life, he changes his priorities, and his long term health prospects

      It's a relatively short book, I read it in one evening. So I'd recommend it to people who don't like to get bogged down in huge tomes, and definitely those who want to understand how being honest with yourself and appreciating the joy in the world(apologies for the newage sound of that sentence) can really help you change for the better.


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        01.02.2008 12:47
        Very helpful



        Jack tells how he turned his whole life around

        After reading the latest Sharon Osbourne book and being a little disappointed with the lack of talk about her children I was delighted when I spotted this book whilst out on my travels.

        Now, 21 may seem to some people a very young age to write a biography, but with a rock star father and very successful mother you can imaging the hectic lifestyle this boy has had.

        THE BOOK

        There are 11 chapter in the book which are as follows:-

        1 - The Kids are Alright

        The chapter starts by giving us an insight into his childhood. He talks about all of the different nannies which the family have had and gives a quite comical insight into how the family always seemed to attract the weirdo's. He goes on to describe his childhood Christmas' and Birthdays.

        2 - A Family Affair

        In this chapter Jack openly admits to being a big Daddy's boy and gives his own account of the night when his Dad tried to kill his Mom. He talks about how he used to stand and watch his Dad taking drugs. We are treated to a funny account of how he shot his sister Kelly in the leg and how he tagged along on his Dad's tours and how he and his sisters used to cause havoc.

        3 - School's Out

        Jack talks in this chapter about moving from England back to LA where he returned to his former school. He found it hard as the school had changed so much so this caused him to start rebelling. We see in this chapter also how he was soon admitted to a special school and was diagnosed with ADHD and the joy he had a being given Ritalin.

        4 - Teenage Kicks

        Jack befriends Kelly's tutor who is older than himself and he starts to act in the tutors plays. He starts hanging out with his fellow actors who are all older than him and this is when he gets his first experience at being drunk and smoking pot aged 13. He talks about getting his first job working for Virgin records and due to the job he got to attend clubs so started properly drinking at the age of 15.

        5 - Pharmacopoeia

        Jack openly talks about his temper, and the rage and frustrations he started to feel and how he was prescribed anti-depressants to help deal with it which he later discarded and used alcohol instead. He tells us here that this is the point when he started taking pills. This chapter also sees the MTV camera moving in for their show.

        6 - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

        Jack reveals the amount he was given for the MTV show and how he packed in school as he had all of this money. He tells about how famous he became from the back of the show and all the attention he received from the girls. We learn a lot about him in this chapter about how insecure he felt about being fat and ugly which saw him turning more to the booze. This is also the point where Jack learns of his Mom's cancer and tells of how he dealt with this.

        7 - Knockin' On Heavens Door

        This chapter sees Jack going on a destructive path where he takes pills which could kill him and how he would pray at night to die. Jack talks about how him and his friend went out and got totally wasted on drink and drugs. He tells about how his Mom wanted him to go into rehab and how he finally made the decision to go, at this point Jack is still only 17 years old.

        8 - Cold Turkey

        As you can gather from the title of this chapter it is all about Jack in rehab, he describes the place he went to and the realisation that he was in a psychiatric hospital due to being a minor. He talks a lot about the effect of the detox had on his body. It is here where Jack met Kaney who soon became a wonderful supportive friend to him. He tells about how he made the decision to try the rehab for 1 year.

        9 - Getting Better

        We learn about the 12 step recovery program which Jack started and how he got the strength to go through with it. This chapter also sees Jack dealing with temptation. Jack tells of the offer he got from a friend to take part in a show called Extreme Celebrities. We learn how Jack got addicted to climbing and how this resulted in him getting a TV show deal which at the end would see Jack climbing up El Capitan.

        10 - Street-Fighting Man

        This is the point where Jack talks about his weight problem and tells of the gruelling fitness program he has to undertake. He attends a kick boxing camp and as a result he ends up taking part in a proper fight. Jack tells how shocked he was to return home and start going back to clubs he had been a regular at before and being stopped on entry as nobody recognised him anymore as he had changed so much.

        11 - I Can See For Miles

        This chapter starts with him telling us about his experience of the running of the bulls in Spain. He goes on to talk about the climb and we get a good insight into the daunting task of the climb itself. This chapter ends with Jack openly admitting that this was the point in which he has finally turned his life around.

        There is also an Epilogue which Jack tells about his plans for the future and of the adventures which he hopes to have.

        MY OPINION

        I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish.
        I did not know very much about Jack apart from all what I had seen in the newspapers and magazines and I have learnt so much from what he has written. A very spoilt boy who took life and all he had for granted managed to turn everything around for himself and tells us in great detail how he did it.

        Through out the book Jack is very open and honest about what is describes and as you near the end of the book you can sense by the way it has been written that he really is proud of himself.
        There is a lot of swearing through the text but this really did not bother me as I have read Sharon's book which also has a lot of it.

        The way it has been written makes it very easy to read and to follow and found I was totally gripped and hated having to put this book down.

        BOOK INFO

        The book has 213 pages.
        It was published in 2006 by Macmillan.

        This book has a £16.99 price tag but I picked my hardback copy up for £4 in my local book shop.

        I would definitely recommend this book to all even if you don't like Jack it gives a truthful account at how a spoilt little boy has turned his life around for the better and is now enjoying the high from adrenalin instead of the drugs.

        I also have this review posted on Ciao! under the same name.


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        When he was sixteen, Jack Osbourne's life must have seemed like a teenager's dream. The son of superstar Sharon and legendary rock star Ozzy, he was a celebrity thanks to The Osbournes, living in LA and hanging out with musicians. But, behind his outrageous on-screen antics, Jack was hiding a serious problem - an addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. In "21 Years Gone", Jack writes with brutal frankness about his descent into addiction, a terrifying downward spiral that began when he was twelve. He describes his escalating drug use and the low point he reached when Sharon was diagnosed with cancer. Scared by her illness, hating who he was, he prayed to God to take his life. Finally, he had reached rock bottom and knew he'd die if he didn't reach out for help - and so began the long process of recovery. Today, Jack is a sober, fit young man with a newfound passion for extreme sports and his own television series. By turns funny, disarming and moving, "21 Years Gone" is the powerful story of a young man who has confronted his demons and defeated them.

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