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Adam Copeland on Edge - Adam Copeland

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3 Reviews

Genre: Biography / Author: Adam Copeland / Paperback / 256 Pages / Book is published 2006-09-04 by Pocket Books

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    3 Reviews
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      21.07.2013 15:01



      The best wrestling autobiography I've ever read, especially recommeded for Edge fans.

      Before the days of the rated r superstar Edge was frequently in the world title picture, in wrestling point of view the book mainly focuses on his tag team days with Christian.

      But aside from the wrestling, which I mainly bought the book for, was outstanding.

      Copeland, perfectly gives an insight about his life before wrestling, about how life was not that easy growing up with his single, loving mother, who worked very hard during Edge's childhood to give him the things he wanted. Another theme I liked in this book was how he portrayed the legend Hulk Hogan, who he watched on TV when he was young and helped him grief the loss of a family member, claiming Hogan 'made him feel like he could do anything'.

      Back on to the wrestling side of his autobiography, it gives brilliant insight on how he got in to the world of wrestling, e.g. training and touring with various wrestling companies around the world with childhood best friend Christian.

      Book details:

      Relase date: 15th November 2004

      Pages: 256

      Chapters: 50

      For WWE fans, or fans of Edge, this is a truly perfect modern wrestling autobiography - what I believe to be the best. (Even better than the likes of Bret Hart's or Chris Jericho's).

      My only problem with this book was the fact it was wrote very pre-maturely, before his days of world title winnings or his sad early retirement.

      Brilliant book, end of story! 5 out of 5 stars.


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      29.12.2009 02:13
      Very helpful



      Perfect read,

      I am a big wrestling fan, and I read a lot of books written by wrestlers. I have a large collection of Wrestling Autobiographies which I have gathered over the years. One of my favorite autobiography books is On Edge - by Adam Copeland.

      Adam Copeland, known to us wrestling fans as Edge, has actually written this book by himself, something very rare in the world of wrestling autobiographies. It is this fact that helps to make this book refreshing, interesting and a damn good book. I surely appreciate the fact he wrote this himself, and didn't get someone else to mask it all over for him. It makes me feel like this book may be a bit more honest and open in comparison to some others.

      Edge has been a WWE superstar for over 10 years now, and is at the time of writing this (9/01/2011) is Smackdowns World Heavyweight champion. He has a long list of title reigns in singles and tag team matches, as well as being in some of the most amazing matches in the history of the WWE, including Ladder Matches, TLC and Elimination Chambers. Many older fans will remember Edge as part of the Tag Team, Edge and Christian.

      Full of comedy, this book is one for all wrestling fans, as we follow the life of Edge/Adam up until his neck surgery from an in ring accident. Adam also fills this book with wrestling knowledge and info, honesty, and brilliant insights into the reality of wrestling. Also full of detail of matches and fueds, and you get to see Edges love for his family and how much his family really means to them. I get the feeling of connection with Adam, through the personal style of his writing.

      Adam tells us about how he came to get into wrestling in the first place, and what he went through to get to where he is today. He tells us of the struggles, injuries, bruises and pain. He does tell us the good stuff too, do not worry this book is not all doom and gloom! There is a lot of fun stories in the book too, including his tales from trips overseas and many different stories from inside the ring.

      Adam talks about his tag team partners he has worked with, what matches he loved and which he didn't, and he also talks about how he developed into a better wrestler as the years went by. This book is not all about wrestling though, Adam has a private life, has friends and family, and we get to hear all about them straight from the man himself.

      Personally, I think this book could have done with not being written for a couple more years, as so much happened in Edges career soon after the release of this book, but this does leave us with the chance of Edge writing a second book, but hopefully he wont have to be injured to write the second installment.

      I found this book to be well written, and I think that it all flows quite well. I didn't find myself bored whilst reading this, and I enjoyed reading it. Some books I have not so well enjoyed, but this one I can say did entertain me. I enjoyed the stories Adam writes, including some interesting ones from when he was a child, and from when he started his journey into the wrestling world. He makes the stories come alive, and seems to add a bit of sparkle to them, so they do not become boring.

      It is nice to read a book from a wrestler that is not just about wrestling. Sure, wrestling does take up the majority of the book, but there is plenty of other stuff, including about his childhood, relationships, friendships and his family. The book also includes some great photos, which I thought were quite nice photos and they make a nice addition to a good book. These photos also have some funny captions written by Adam which make them even more fun to enjoy.

      This is another one of those books that actually made me laugh in places, but some things probably could have done with not being in the book, but I am sure that Adam found them to be appropriate to the stories, so put them in. This may just be me, but you may read the book and agree with these points too.

      I think most people will enjoy this book, as its more about his personal life and journy than his wrestling career, and I think this makes a nice change from the usual books of this type. Any fan of Edge should definatley give this book a read, and it may even be good for those who like wrestling, but not Edge as a wrestler. If you are not a fan of wrestling at all, then this book is not for you.

      You can buy this book on Amazon for just under £4 now, which is a total bargain for a great read. I have not seen it for sale elsewhere for a while, but you may be able to get a copy from Waterstones or WH Smith. I give this book a 5 out of 5 and I totally recommend it to all Edge and Wrestling fans.

      *This review is also on Ciao under the name of Hailee*


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      14.04.2006 15:56
      Very helpful



      Another top-notch release from WWE books that tells a heart-warming story.

      You’re getting bored now aren’t you? Once again I’m at it with a review of yet another Wrestling autobiography, well, ummm yeah - I’ve suggested about 15 of em in total, so get used to it. Once again a quick description of the man whose life story you’re going to read. Adam Copeland, better known to wrestling fans as Edge, multi-time tag team champion as well as having plenty of singles titles to his name who in early 2003 had surgery on a broken neck and then came back to the ring in the middle of 2004, this is where the book stops, since then he’s gone on to have a much publicised affair with Amy Dumas (better known as Lita) and won the WWE Title.

      This book marks a rarity in Wrestling Autobiography - shock horror, no Ghost writer, Copeland has gone out there and wrote the book himself, which gives it a uniqueness as you know for a fact that this IS his story, its not some hack tapping away at a keyboard listening to recorded conversations and putting it in his own words, this is Adam Copeland telling you his story and telling it how he’d like it to be told as well.

      When the book was first announced I’ll openly say I had my concerns about it, I was excited because Copeland was and is one of my favourite wrestlers, however I was also a little bit worried as compared to some wrestlers his career hasn’t been that long yet, he’d been around the wrestling scene since 1993 but not in the big-time till 98, throw in the best part of 2 years injured that gave him 4 years of WWE experience to write about, however that’s made the book all the more interesting.

      What’s refreshing to see is that Copeland has a very different story to almost every other wrestlers autobiography that I’ve read - most wrestlers who get their own autobiography have been in the game for years, going back to the days of when wrestlers spoke in ‘kayfabe’. For those of you that don’t know what kayfabe means - its the same as ‘carney’ - a language that performers use when non-performers are around to keep the secrets of the business secret. What you’ve got to remember is wrestling before the early 90’s was always portrayed as real and the performers did whatever they could to protect the business that made them. When Copeland came into this business these days were over, the internet was starting to boom so there was no point protecting the business any more, and this leads to a completely different kind of book from any other the others.

      The actually story Copeland has to tell is split into 3 sections, you get to hear about his upbringing and training to be a wrestler, then his days travelling around on the independent shows scrimping to earn a living as far as sometimes not even earning his travel expenses and then onto the big time with the WWE.

      The shape of the book is one that’s been done fantastically, Copeland never spends too long on one story, which is a popular trait of the wrestling auto biographer, Copeland keeps it so you do want to turn the page and read on about how he came over each adversity, whilst also keeping readers interested by including stories that keep the reader interested and at times laughing, there’s tales of driving over frozen lakes in winter to make it to booking, of how he got his break in wrestling not by being spotted by a grizzled old trainer, more by winning an essay contest that had a first prize of 1 years free wrestling training.

      You also find out about his friendship with Jason Reso, better known to wrestling fans as Christian Cage, a man he describes as his brother, he gives stories from their growing up as children and his delight when Reso was also picked up by WWE and then told he would be teaming with Copeland as a tag-team.

      The final and most interesting part of the story is of how Edge broke his neck and the subsequent surgery, recuperation and how he coped with the life-changing experience. The benefit of this is that because its Copeland writing this you get to hear his personal thoughts and feelings on it. He actually writes about how close to depression he gets, and how he gets a mixture of nervous and excited when it gets near to his come-back, culminating in what genuinely reads as if it was diary entry after he makes his successful return to the ring.

      In total again this is one of the better wrestling autobiographies, the story is an inspiring one. its about a kid who made it when at many times he feared he wouldn’t, and also its about a man who’s made it only for serious injuries to take it all away again and how he made it back to the top of the pile a second time. The thing that lets it down is the what at reading seems like a heartfelt chapter thanking his wife for being by his side which with hindsight reads cheap as less than a year later he started an affair with one of his best friends girlfriend, and sadly that does take a little bit of shine off the book, but not enough to spoil what is genuinely a good read and an inspiring one at that. In ending, I’d say that it is a good book to read and one of the better wrestling autobiographies that are out there at the minute, but if you’re wanting to get it on the cheap - pick up the paper-back copy, its about £10 cheaper.


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    • Product Details

      Not since Mick Foley with Foley is Good has a wrestler written his own story and like Foley, Edge captures the raw intensity of the world of professional wrestling, a world you can only truly know -- and write about -- if you have experienced it in the ring. It was while sidelined with a neck injury that Edge began to write a weekly column for wwe.com giving fans an insight into the life of one of their favourite performers. It was the fan response to this column that led WWE Books to ask him to write his autobiography. He is currently putting the finishing touches to the book and will bring to the page all the energy and ferocity that mark him out in the ring, together with the honesty and humour that have been enticing fans to read his online column week after week.

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