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Hollywood Hulk Hogan - Hulk Hogan

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Genre: Biography / Author: Hulk Hogan / Edition: New Ed / Paperback / 320 Pages / Book is published 2003-06-02 by Pocket Books

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2010 22:35
      Very helpful



      An egotistical story

      I apologise now to all those who are sick of reading my reviews on Wrestling Autobiographies, but then hey who is forcing you to read them?

      Another of the many wrestling autobiographies available in the book world today is HollyWood Hulk Hogan - by Hulk Hogan (funnily enough!) and those who know about Hulk Hogan will not be surprised that his name is in the title, just so he can have it on the cover of the book twice. Not to say that Hulk is his own biggest fan, but I am sure he is number 1 on his fan list!

      Many people will know Hulk Hogan as the massive WWF (now WWE) and WCW wrestling superstar from the 1980/1990 Era (and beyond - he just won't quit!) and he is also known for being in Rocky, and a fair few random films during the high time of his wrestling career! He now has his own MTV show called Hogan Knows Best. Hogan is also known by his real name of Terry Bolea, and over the years, he has added many a show to his CV, including American Gladiators and Hulk Hogans Celebrity Wrestling!

      When Hulk Hogan first became known to the wrestling world, he became a mega star, bringing the world of professional wrestling into the home of millions of people across the world, and soon Hulkamania was born. The man was every where, doing every thing and it seemed the whole world loved him.

      The book was written and released when Hulk was back (AGAIN) in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and is the story of his life as a child, teenager and wrestler. He tells us ( a lot) about his journey into the world of wrestling, and what sacrifices he had to make in his home and social lifes just to make it in the wrestling business. He tells us of the good times, bad times, easy times and hard times - but it does seem that he is the centre of attention from birth! He tells us of the tough training he went through, and how he nearly quit wrestling a couple of times, as he was not sure he could take it.

      We also get to read a lot about his life outside of the ring, and how he socialised, how he met his wife and how he feels about family and friends. I think it is nice to have a personal touch to a book like this, as much as I am a wrestling fan, I want to know about the person who gets in the ring, not just what they did to get in it. Some of the things and stories that are in this book are not as believable as I think Hulk hoped. Some of the things, when you read them, you know straight away are lies, but other things have not been proven to be different until the release of other books that mention the same situations and times. It does make you wonder as to how much of the rest of the book is true.

      I have read this book a couple of times now, and I still stick with saying it really is a big ego trip on paper. Hulk Hogan has always been about himself, and this book shows just how much that is true. Don't get me wrong, the book is not terrible, but I think it could do with a bit of a dial down on the self loving from Hulk.

      As a whole, the book itself is not too bad. It is well written, and it does flow nicely, with no random stops in stories, tangents or other annoying filler crap some books throw in. It is just a shame that all the stories are centred and focused on Hulk, nothing like your own hype hey? Hulk (real name Teryy Bolea) really does show his egotisticalness in this book, on every page, and in almost every word. It would seem even as a teenager everyone knew how special and amazing he would be when he grew older! If this was the case why did no one help him to " be something" a lot sooner? - Just a thought there!

      I did find the book to be of general interest, but as a wrestling fan I was more likely to find interest in it then someone who is not a wrestling fan. I did get a little bored at some parts of the book, but this was not very often and I did finish the book in a usual time, so it can not have been too bad ( I still fight with myself to finish Rey Mysterios book - wait for the review on that one!!) but there is no content in this book that makes you feel you have to keep on reading, nothing exciting or of major interest to keep you hooked on it.

      As far as wrestling autobiographies go, it is not the worst out there, but certainly not the best by a long shot. It is readable (as you would hope with a book!) but it is not something you would get excited about. If you are not a Hulk Hogan fan, I wouldn't bother about this one too much, you are not missing out on a lot by not reading it. It is full to the brim of stories from Hulk Hogan, all about Hulk Hogan and maybe a few other people if we are lucky, but it really is him, him and more him.

      Since this book has been published, Hulk has written another Autobiography ( are people living too long? ) which I do own, but have not yet read. I have no doubt it will just be more of the same, with a divorce story and some more TV show appearences thrown in, but when I get to read it, there will be a review.

      If you are a fan of Hulk, I recommend you read this book, just to learn more (there is a lot to learn it would seem!) about his past and him as a person, but if you are not really that into Hulk Hogan, there is no need to worry yourself about this one, like I said before you are not missing anything by not reading it. If you do wish to buy it, it can be bought on Amazon for £4 and is also available in WH Smiths, although I am not sure on the price.

      I give this book a 3 out of 5, as there is just way too much ego for me to deal with. Somewhat recommended.

      *this review is also on Ciao under the user name of Hailee*


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