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Inside the Lion's Den - Ken Shamrock

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Genre: Biography / Author: Ken Shamrock, Richard Hanner / Paperback / 224 Pages / Book is published 1998-03 by Tuttle Publishing,US

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2002 20:10
      Very helpful



      Introduction Many of you will have no idea of who this man is and probably wont care about reading about his life. Just to let you know he was one of the first accomplished mixed martial arts fighters. Anyway this book is not only a great read but it also comes in very handy for fight fans. The reason for this is because it's half biography and half instruction manual. Well not exactly half and half but it gives you two things for the price of one. About ken and his life I will start by letting you know about Ken Shamrock and some of the things that have happened in his life pointing out what stories you will find in his book. At the present time Ken is sporting a few bruises after an amazing fight in the premiere mixed martial arts event in the world, the Pride Fighting Championship. His last fight was with long time protagonist and rival Don Frye. It was a very hyped fight and there were scuffles in press conferences and words exchanged through some heated interviews. The result was Ken lost by a judges decision in what people believe could be his last ever fight in MMA (mixed martial arts). Even though Don had to visit the hospital after Ken broke both his ankles with attempted ankle locks he managed to out wrestle and out punch Ken in what was a great fight. I will now give you a little insight into how he got to where he is now. Ken started as a troubled streetwise kid, he spent a lot of time on the wrong side of the law. This could be put down to bad parenting. The only thing that he did well in at school was sport. He had a natural talent for anything physical and was a tremendous athlete. I don't want to spoil anything too much so all I will say is he almost ends his hopes with injuries and has to resort to other ways of making money. The sort of things big strong guys that like to fight are good at, street fighting for money. Inside the Lions Den gives a good insight and amount of depth into Ken troubled
      years at school and following school. The next major chapter in Kens life begins with making it into Japanese wrestling and going to Japan. It is hear where Ken begins to see the advantages of learning submission techniques and the effectiveness of them. After a while on the Japan Pro Wrestling circuit he forms the Pancrase Hybrid Fighting Society with Masakatsu Funaki. This event still goes on today over in Japan and helped develop the style of submission fighting and grappling further. After this Ken hit the big time and made it into the Ultimate Fighting Championship where he soon becomes a huge star in America. There is a lot of insight into Kens training and fight preparation plus many wise words from the man himself. This is an enjoyable part of the book showcasing Kens UFC career and his many fights and the rivalries between himself and others like Royce Gracie and Dan Severn. If you have never heard about this style of fighting then this part will really help you to begin understanding what the sport is about. * Update * I thought I would mention that this type of fighting isn't for the faint hearted. It's as close to real street fighting as you can get. I updated my op with this comment so people wouldn't confuse that fact that Ken going to the WWF meant that he is just a wrestler. His style of fighting is realistic and the UFC, Pancrase and Pride Fighting Championship are real fighting events. He went to the WWF because he needed the money, and he got a lot of stick from the real fight fans for doing so. After this Ken went to the WWF for a while because he was such a great talent and the pay was good. There isn't much in this book about this time of his life, probably down to licences and contracts. The book ends around this time of his career. The main topics covered in the autobiography These are all the most important things that the book covers in the first half, the autobiogr
      aphy half. Ken as a kid growing up and his school life Moving into a home for boys and his relationship with the others His injury during his college years Prize fighting locally Meeting his wife The jobs he had and his small time wrestling career Almost being killed Trying out and making it big in Japan Developing and learning new techniques Opening his own Gym the Lions Den Coming to the UFC and gaining recognition Of course they are all covered in detail and there are probably things that I missed out. The manual This is going to be the most useful part for any MMA enthusiast. Ken has been well known for developing his own gym and perfecting many submissions and grappling techniques. Even though it's mainly the basics these are the most important parts of any fighters inventory. The sort of things that are covered are: Chokes Leg locks and ankle locks Ground positions such as guard and mount Warm up routines and exercises Standing techniques Of course everything is very well illustrated and explained step by step so even if you have never attempted anything like this before it will become clear. Summing it up This book chronicles Ken's meteoric rise to fame and has an important underlying theme. It tries to show how these types of fighters are not just brutes like they are normally thought of or portrayed. It does very well at attempting to show the human side of the sport and how this is just a job and it's how these people earn their living. Most importantly it explains how Ken has managed to overcome his rage and control his anger to become a calmer more decent man. Throughout the book there are great photos that are only in black and white but are still clear enough. I would recommend this book to any martial artist or anyone interested even remotely in martial arts. It's a good educational book f
      or this type of person and quite clearly shows the importance of the style of fighting Ken has brought to the mainstream. For any others I still recommend it as an excellent life story even if you are likely to ignore the instructional section. Just to let you all know I am the authority on this book, I was the first to ever write and op on it. That has never happened to me before. A few of the downsides of this book are that Ken isn't the most well liked fighter amongst fans of MMA. Plus this style of fighting and the nature of it is often misunderstood and not always to everyones taste. Another problem is that if you have never seen this type of thing before then you might find the instructionals slightly confusing. It's a real life Rocky story....of course with a lot more skill than just standing up and pounding each other in the face with big gloves on.


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      This is the story of Ken Shamrock's rise from troubled youth to world-famous martial arts champion. The book aims not only to inspire the reader, but to teach the secrets of Shamrock's submissions fighting system and training regime.

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