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A Whole New World - Katie Price

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15 Reviews

Genre: Biography / Author: Katie Price / Paperback / 352 Pages / Book is published 2007-03-01 by Arrow Books Ltd / Alternative title: Jordan: A Whole New World

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    15 Reviews
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      18.12.2011 19:37



      An honest account of the second part of Katie's life

      The second instalment of Jordan/Katie Price's was originally released in 2007. It is the sequel to 'Being Jordan' which was published in 2004.

      This book takes off where Being Jordan ended, beginning with her jungle experiences and she finally reveals the truth about what happened with Peter Andre and how their love blossomed into something more. There is the story of their newborn son Junior and Katie lets us in on her personal difficulties with Peters family around this time. Their wedding is detailed down to the very last Swarovski crystal embellished into her dress. There are also low times, conveying her troubles with her poor son Harvey's health issues.

      I found this autobiography full of information out of the mouth of the lady herself. A very honest and true account of her romance with Peter Andre, and troubles surrounding their whirlwind relationship and marriage, this book will enable you to make your own judgements over Katie and identify with her in some way, whether it be as a mother yourself, someone in love, or someone who loves horses!

      I simply did not want to put this book down. I was captured by her first autobiography's honesty and humour, that I had to read this one. I think even if you are not a fan of Katie, it is interesting to get her perspective on things as she is so battered by the press, and many things have been made up about her and Peter.


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      16.01.2011 16:27



      read it

      I used to be a really huge fan of Katie Price so I was thrilled when I received this book as a present as I never really knew that much apart her or the crazy life she lived in.

      The book starts with her life just before she goes into I'm a celebrity for the first time,and finishes with the pregnancy of junior. This book definitely shows how down to earth Katie can really be. She very honest in her book about opinions she had of different people in her life. The book also recounts the first moments of when Katie meets Peter Andre and how she really felt for him and it tells us of how there love blossomed. In this book Katie seem like such an ordinary girl and shows how nervous she is about meeting peters parents an hoping they ll like her. The book also tells the story of their fairytale wedding day.

      This book definitely changed my perception of Katie price, it showed that she has feelings too and she's not always the loud mouthed glamour model some people make her out to be. Katie definitely wrote this book very well and gave a good impression of herself. Having read this book I cant wait to read her other books to see what really went on behind the scenes of some of the drama surrounding her life. On a personal note I would like to say I think its a shame her and peter got divorced as they did seem so in love. I;d recommend this book to anyone who is a huge Katie Price fan or for people who'd just like to get a little insight into her life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book was I picked it up I couldn't stop reading it.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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      07.02.2009 11:21
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Only read if you are a fan...

      I don't dislike Jordan - She obviously cares about her family, friends and husband and she makes a lot of money using her 'assets' - and good for her! I thought I would read this to give me more of an insight into what her life was really like. I read Heat so this was just the next step in my curiousity about celebs.

      Some parts were interesting - Her struggle with post-natal depression and her honest portrayal of that I am sure will help others who have gone through something similar, as well as her life with Harvey and the difficulties he faces in life.

      However, it doesn't really make up for the fact that this is actually quite badly written - I am glad she hasn't used a ghost writer, it is obvious she has definitely written this herself but I think she could have used some more guidance. Most is corny and some just unecessary - I don't really need details about what should be her private sex life with her husband!

      This took me an hour to read and I did feel like it was a bit wasted!


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        08.11.2008 00:52
        Very helpful



        i really enjoyed this book

        I never really used to be that keen on katie price (jordan) as when i was younger i used to here all the negative things about her and her modelling job but now i cant get enough of her books her new ranges such as underwear and i love the next chapter as you really see the real her and her family but back to the book this is when i really started to like her.

        i relised she's just another normal human being she is deffinatly not stuck up after all this fame shes just stayed herself she has had a toughish life and i really related to her whilst reading this book.
        she is so funny and makes me laugh a lot when i read or watch her so what if she has done silly things in the past every body makes mistakes.
        and at least she admits to them all i can say is this book was really good and to deffinatly buy it if you havent read it even my mum read it and thought different about her straight after.


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        08.07.2008 17:31
        Very helpful



        A great autobiography!

        I love celebrity autobiographies, so was very much looking forward to Jordan's book coming out. I wasn't disappointed, she gives an honest and open view about everyone and everything. Great for any Jordan fans!

        Following the massive success of her number one bestseller, Being Jordan, comes even more from Britain's most famous glamour girl...

        Taking up where Being Jordan ended Katie Price reveals all about her passionate and whirlwind romance with Peter Andre. After more than her fair share of heartbreak Katie has at last found true love and this time she knows it's for keeps. Physically and emotionally she has met her match and there have been some dramatic changes as a result. Gone are the outrageous party girl antics, instead meet Katie as you have never met her before- a woman in love... with no barries. She talks about how Peter proposed, why they kept her pregnancy a secret for 5 months, and she reveals what it felt like to be the celeb bride of the decade.


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          27.04.2008 15:51
          Very helpful



          great autobiography

          Being a fan of the autobiography this was another must read Jordan aka Katie Price has been through a lot in the past and her ever turbulent life.

          Following the surprise smash hit of last year, "Being Jordan", comes the next instalment in the life of Katie Price,' A top glamour model since the age of 16, she was an instant hit as a Page 3 girl, was the F1 Jordan team mascot for four years and even spent 3 weeks with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion. Yet, behind Jordan lies Katie Price the regular girl who likes to stay at home, ride her horses and play with her children. This book takes up where the last ended, detailing what she really made of her jungle experiences, the truth behind the romance with Peter Andre, her excitement over their new baby, the glamour behind their up-coming wedding, and her heartbreak over the continuing medical traumas concerning her oldest son, Harvey. This book promises to be by turns funny, biting, glamorous, disarmingly honest and utterly frank. This is the one celebrity autobiography of the year that promises you the no-holds barred truth from the woman who loves to speak her mind.
          Katie is just a down to earth girl, struggling with kids and life, she has plenty of cash, but still normal everyday hassles like the rest of us. I love her honesty.

          I got the book and I could not put it down.

          This is an amazing book that leaves out nothing. She is a fab mother who has a lot of love for her children. Her book will leave you laughing and cringing. This is a definite must read!!


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            19.02.2008 21:13
            Very helpful



            A book based on how much she loves Peter Andre

            A Whole New World is another instalment in the life of Katie Price or Jordan. I read one of her previous books and was very surprised at how down to Earth and how hard she worked to achieve what she had. I was expecting the same greatness from this book. Unfortunately I was disappointed.

            The book has a picture of Katie on the cover and the title in small letters at the bottom. Down the side of the cover is the name Jordan, this has been put there purely to sell the book as it has been written entirely by Katie and not by her working status as Jordan.

            The back of the book has another picture of Katie lying on a pink background with some quotes by magazines saying what a good book this is.


            There are 9 chapter in the book. The first chapter is solely about her time coming out of the jungle and how hard she tried to get into contact with Peter Andre so she could tell him just how she felt about him. She talks about the first time they are alone together and about he good he is in bed. If you can get past the first chapter then I do think you might manage to read the entire book.

            The first chapter is packed full of references to Peter Andres private parts which was very off putting as I really did not need to know about this. The following chapters are also mainly based on how much she is in love with him.

            She talks in detail about Harvey which found very interesting as she did not mention much about his illness in her previous book. I was very surprised to find the extent of his illness and the medications he has to take on a daily basis and how hard she works with him to help him try to lead a normal life.

            We get a little insight into how she found it difficult to introduce Peter to Harvey as he doesn't like change but they took well to each other and she does say that Peter is the best father figure he could ever hope for.

            Katie does talk about her career and how she changed management to work with Claire, who is Peters manager as she had been promised a recording contract. She mentions how Claire was keen to keep Jordan out of the public eye and put Katie in it.

            I did find it very frustrating to read about how jealous she would become when she was confronted by one of Peter ex-girlfriends, this was very over the top for me and I was getting angry with her for the way she was slating these people who she didn't even know just because they had been part of Peters life before she even knew him.

            Katie talks about her experience with the Eurovision song Contest. She claims that from the very beginning she did not want to take part but she was practically guaranteed a contract off the back of the show as she was bound to be selected to represent the country, we all know the outcome of that though don't we!

            We are given some details about when she went to meet Peters parents and what they are like. She does say they are wonderful people but I am yet to meet anyone who really gets on with their in-laws!

            Towards the end of the book we are told about her wedding and how she wanted it to be a perfect fairy tail as that is what she had always dreamed of. There are loads of wedding details to be read about and loads about the actual day.

            She talks about her pregnancy with Junior and how hard she found it to bond with him after the birth. I did find that the whole chapter about this was far too much as it just seemed to go on and on.

            There are quiet a lot of photos in the book which are quite good but none of them really stand out to me.

            At the end of the book there is an introduction for one of the novels, Crystal, this is about 13 pages taken from her book. I honestly did not bother reading this so I cannot comment any further on it.

            I was a little disappointed once I had finished the book as I just didn't compare to her earlier biography and was mainly just telling us about how much she loves Peter and how wonderful he is in bed.

            I would have to say that unless you are a very big Jordan or Katie Price fan then I really would not bother reading this book.


            The book has been written by Katie Price and not Jordan.

            It was published by Arrow book and retails for £7.99. I did not pay this amount I picked my copy up for £4.99 in my local Woolworth's.

            Overall I cannot recommend this book unless you are a die hard Jordan or Katie Fan.

            I also have this review posted on Ciao! under the same name


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              06.09.2007 18:06
              Very helpful



              A good read but don't wasted your well earned cash on it.

              From Glamour Model to loving mother and wife “A Whole New World” is the follow up autobiography to Being Jordan.

              Having recently read and reviewed the first autobiography I felt it the perfect opportunity to read the follow up book. I managed to get my hard book copy from eBay for just £3.00 which was a huge saving as the RRP is £16.99!

              Many people hear the name Katie Price and instantly think rude, big busted and tacky and yes they may be right, Katie is definitely a girly girl, she loves pink and the birth of her recent daughter has proved this to the public. My opinion is don’t take everything seriously that you hear about this girl, she may offend some people with her carefree attitude and don’t get me wrong I am not her number 1 fan, she interests me as many people do and it should be remembered that she has suffered bad experiences just like everybody else and she is entitled to happiness and this book shows just how much her life has changed for the better.

              The 2nd autobiography takes off where the 1st finished where she had entered the jungle in “I’m a celebrity get me out of here!” and she met Peter Andre as we learned in the previous book she was in a relationship with Scott Sullivan when she entered the jungle and although she fell for Peter at first sight she was desperate to do the right thing and break off her relationship with Scott before declaring her true feelings for Pete however she was made out to be a tease, playing with Peter’s feelings when infact this was just a front and she wanted to declare her true feelings.

              The book details how Katie met Peter and how she almost lost him so soon after meeting him and how the media and people within Pete’s management tried to keep them apart but after all this true love won! Sounds cheesy? The book is cheesy in parts and some people could find it quite unbelievable however I met my partner purely by coincidence when I was not looking for anybody and we fell for each other really quickly and found ourselves engaged within 12 months so I can totally appreciate how in love she was with Peter and how she wanted to keep the relationship a secret from the media to allow them to get to know each other away from the public eyes.

              There are 16 chapters in total and for the first few chapters we learn all about Katie’s growing love for Peter and the many challenges that they come across and how she has had to change her lifestyle to make her relationship work, involving changes to the jobs that she took and a change in management.
              Katie was desperate for approval from Pete’s parents and she details a whole chapter on how lies were told to the parents and how this could have affected their relationship and even led to the breakdown of their relationship.

              As you read through the chapters it is clear that in Peter Andre, Katie has met her match as he was also popular back in the cheesy pop day and from his celebrity status came a lot of ex girlfriends, this led to a lot of jealousy from Katie and was the root cause of a lot of their arguments in the early days of the relationship and Katie hated comparing herself to his many exes and how different she looks to them and it makes her wonder why Pete fell for her you see how she overcomes her jealousy and develops a loving and trusting relationship with him.

              Harvey had a whole chapter dedicated to him as we learn how Katie suffers many hospital visits with his illness and how she returned home one day to find him struggling to breath and it really hits home how much of a caring mother she is and how she would do anything to protect her son as most mothers do, she tells us the story of his absent father and how Peter has taken the place as his father giving him all the love he could ever need and treating Harvey as his own.

              The book details a modern day love story of how Peter proposed to Jordan, how she hid her pregnancy for 5 months and how she planned the wedding of the year.
              Unlike the first book “Being Jordan”, it does not really cover the many changes Katie has made to her career despite her references to the awful Eurovision Song Entry and how she was forced to partake in this to promote her music career and how she is desperate to be recognised for her singing ability and move away from the Glamour model image.

              I am disappointed that this book has a very short timeline of just 3 years and in my opinion doesn’t really justify writing a second autobiography in such a short space of time.
              If the book had been written a little later she could have talked about the many more experiences such as her miscarriage and how that really hit her hard, her delight at discovering she was pregnant with Princess Tiiami and her various television documentaries and how she now has a successful swimwear and underwear range. Maybe Katie doesn't want to blow her own trumpet in this book as she certainly doesn't come across as big headed in anyway in this book which is a difference I noticed between the first but she doesn't seem to like talking about her success almost as if it could be taken away a lot easier than it was gained.

              The book only took a few days to read as there were only 204 pages, not including the images and it was such an easy read I just couldn’t put it down it was like I was reading a special from the OK! Magazine with a lot less glossy images! She does detail how she has coped with Harvey's illness and also her postnatal depression after the birth of Junior but there was so much more that could have been put into the book as I felt that it just went on too much about her relationship almost enforcing her love for Peter onto us.

              An enjoyable read but certainly not anything to educate the brain.


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                30.08.2007 08:59
                Very helpful



                an ok read

                A Whole new World by Jordan/Katie Price

                I wasn’t a big fan of Jordan or Katie Price (as she more commonly seems to be known as nowadays) until that is, my friend leant me her copy of “Being Jordan”, the first instalment of Katie’s autobiography. That book was such an easy read that I finished it within one day and I really felt like a got a true insight into the life of this very popular pin up girl.

                I won’t say I didn’t enjoy reading her first part of her autobiography because to my surprise I really did. I must have, because when the second part, “A Whole New World”, came out in paperback I went out and bought a copy for myself! (Of course being not a massive fan I didn’t want to buy the hardback and pay out even more money! Anyway who can read a hard back easily in bed!!)

                This book cost me £5.99p although the RRP is set at £7.99p and you could probably get it even cheaper than that now. I still think this is fairly expensive for the amount of words that you are getting as the book seems to be pretty thin. Although there are 401 pages the words do seem to be spaced out quite a bit and again this book took only a few days to read (and I now have a baby to tend to so I can’t believe I flew through it so quick!).

                There are plenty of pictures in this book too, much more than the first part of her autobiography and they are spaced out through the pages at different intervals. The pictures are of course some of her looking very natural and much more Katie Price than Jordan. There are plenty of pictures of Peter as well so for all those that had that teenage crush (guilty as charged) there is something to have a good drool over!

                This book pretty much starts where the last Katie Price autobiography left off with Katie getting it together with Peter after there short stint in the Australia Jungle in “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!” We get to know Katie’s true feelings about Peter and how even though everything happened so quickly it really was true love. It does come across slightly cheesy at some points but then again I do think that Peter Andre is the epitome of cheesy!

                The book moves from Katie trying hard to get together properly with Peter through to the moment when Peter asked Katie to marry him. Of course there is a lot of talk about Katie’s son Harvey and Peter taking on the role of father to him. This I find is totally admirable, as Peter has really become a true man with being able to give his love and become a father to someone else’s child and he seems to have done it with such true love and devotion without any effort at all. A lot of men could really take a leaf out of his book.

                Of course the book then moves on to the wedding and then the arrival of the new little Andre with the birth of their first son, Junior, together. We really see again an honest and frank account of Katie Price’s life. Although at some points through out the book I find myself thinking that this really is not something that I can image her to say and I could imagine that things must have had to been changed slightly for this book to be published.

                Some people may think that this is really not their cup of tea to read but at first that is what I thought but the fact that it was so easy to read and really just felt like reading a large magazine article. Reading “Being Jordan” really did inspire me to start to read other peoples autobiographies and since that first book I have got more interested in the lives of many a famous person. The whole attraction to reading this book is just to know a little bit more about the Jordan or Katie price that we see so much on television or in the newspapers. The fact that her first autobiography really left you hanging was a true stroke of brilliance on her part as it makes you need to know what she has to say in the second instalment and I can’t see anyone who read her first autobiography not going out and getting this one! What a great businesswoman!

                This book compared to the first instalment is perhaps not as juicy and page turning riveting but is a pretty good read if you really are interested in wanting to know a little bit more about the real Katie Price. I do think that even though Katie Price started as a glamour model that she has really got her head screwed on and is now such a great businesswoman and is really successful. In this day and age when there really are not that many people in the public eye that young people can look up to and aspire to be like, in my view Katie Price is a pretty good role model to many young women.

                Not many people may agree with my last statement but have those people read her book? She may not be everyone’s idea of a good role model but I think the fact that she is able to deal with and care for her disabled son and handle all the business that she does shows how much dedication she has both towards her family and her success. She really wants her family to have the very best and to get that she realises that she must succeed in her career and it seems as though that is exactly what she is doing. Succeeding.

                Until writing this review I really didn’t think I thought that much of her and that the book was just another one to add to the “books I have read” pile but looking back I can now honestly say that she really does seem like such an honest and upfront person. Telling her life of course is making her tons of money and by doing the television shows that she has done has probably earned her mega bucks. It also has earned her the respect she really wants from a lot of people.

                A Good book that is going to give you the right story on the infamous Jordan/Katie Price 8/10.

                Published by arrow books
                ISBN 978-0-09-049785-1

                “A revealing romp that you’ll find hard to put down” Star Magazine

                “Compulsive reading” More Magazine

                “ A real page turner” OK! Magazine

                “Intimate, riveting confessions show her in an unexpected and moving light….It’s a full-on passionate love story” Daily Mail

                “With Jordan’s honest, no-nonsense attitude evident on every page, this is a truly compelling read…this latest look at her life makes for seriously juicy reading” Heat Magazine

                Take a look at Jordan’s fan club website:



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                  28.10.2006 17:10



                  A light, fun read! Katie is 'cool'

                  I took this book on holiday, its a great read but only if you like her! She is my idol , not that i want to be a glamour model. She is a true person, i like her personality in this book, shes fun but serious. Its basically tells you the things that newpapers don't know from the day she left the jungle. Its about her love for Peter, her son and how she found it hard to except Junior. Plus her gorgeous wedding ! Theres photos for all the storys she mentions!
                  A great read, you will see her in a differnet light after you read this, i think she great !! If your daughter 14+ she'll love it!


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                    02.10.2006 17:36
                    Very helpful



                    My humble opinion on Jordans 2nd Autobiography - Who needs Romeo & Juliet with these two?!

                    I love reading anything celebrity wise. Trashy magazines that churn out drivel week in week out is my prey. I read far too many much to the disappointment of my OH, he keeps telling me to put a £1 in a jar anytime I have the urge to buy a mag. This does make sense as I'm on somewhat of a money saving drive at the moment but then I see the latest headlines. Models in Size 0 shocker, Posh eats a hamburger and Jade seeing Sexy new man? Once I have spied the bait, I'm biting faster than a cod. I recycle though.. Just in case your wondering.

                    Who Jordan Is ~~

                    Jordan (Real name Katie Price) has been about the Celebrity circuit for a while now. Known as one of those celebrities for no apparent reason other than her massive knockers, she has quickly become one of the most successful Female glamour models in the UK. I'm sure everyone has heard of her exploits, seen her photos in national newspapers or seen any of her merchandise in stores across the country.

                    She has had a few (ahem..) wild and highly publicised relationships with other well known celebrities such as ;

                    Dane Bowers - Ex Boy Band singer in the group 'Another Level' Together for a year, They both fell in love with each other and got engaged quickly. Unfortunately cracks began to show, as Jordan claims, Dane was hugely jealous of her fame and her being the higher money earner. He frequently argued with her and put her down regards revealing outfits she would wear and suffocated her in the relationship. She got pregnant and he demanded she have an abortion. This was ultimately the end of them as a couple. Although she claims she still loved him at the end. However soon after Dane released a song called 'Shut up and forget about it' based on their time together. Harsh!

                    Dwight Yorke - Manchester United Football Player.
                    Amid claims he was a womaniser Jordan has a brief fling with Dwight which resulted in the pregnancy and subsequent birth of her son, Harvey. Since the birth of Harvey, Dwight hasn't been of great support to Jordan. Jordan has made no secret of the fact that she dislikes him with a passion but he still is in contact with his son however rare his visits may be!

                    Gareth Gates - Pop Idol Runner Up.
                    When she was around 5 months pregnant with Harvey these two had a brief affair which was kept secret from the public for some time after. Meeting in hotel rooms as not to get in the tabloids Jordan claims he was besotted with her whilst Gareth claimed she pursued him! He was 17 at the time and she was 25. He told all to the tabloids before Jordan had chance to in the publication of her first Autobiography 'Being Jordan'.

                    Peter Andre - One hit wonder (sorry he was!!) in the 1990's with song 'Mysterious Girl'. They met in the Australian outback on the set of the reality show I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. At the time Pete was single and Jordan was engaged to Scott Sullivan. It quickly became a reality TV executives dream as they fell in love with each other on screen, we all lapped it up thinking there would be no future to it. Apparently we were wrong!. They are now married and have a son, Junior who was born on June 13th 2005.

                    What You Can Expect To Find In The Book

                    This book is a follow up to her previous autobiography 'Being Jordan' and takes the story from when she met Pete to their subsequent courtship, wedding and birth of Junior.

                    Written in a highly fast paced way Jordan quickly describes the moment she fell in love with Pete; Love at first sight <sigh> and how their love was very Romeo and Juliet with obstacles preventing them from getting together at each turn. Petes' management were not keen on them getting together due to Jordans reputation in the papers as a foxy 'get your baps out' siren and this clashed with Petes sweet natured, innocent, wholesome image. But true love knows no bounds and Jordan pursued him with all her gusto and bravado until he was in her claws.

                    Unfortunately for Jordan she was not alone in having a fair few high profile Ex's. In his hay day Pete was quite the stud. We all remember that greasy six pack and his gelled to high heaven hair like it was yesterday, urm don't we? Back then he was quite the player and womaniser with a carefree attitude to sex with as many ladies as he could lay his greasy hands on. This was quite a new set up for Jordan as she was used to being the 'cock' as one would say, of her relationships. Now she knew how her past OH's felt! Petes Ex, Spice Girl Mel B even got in touch with Jordan on the phone soon after she met Pete to warn her about his possessive jealous nature. She didn't take kindly to this. Hearing from a new blokes ex is hardly a great start to the relationship. But luckily Jordan is also jealous and possessive ::cue whoop of joy:: so as she wisely says they are a perfect match.

                    Throughout the book you quickly pick up on the fact that their relationship is a feisty one. Around every 10 pages there is a bust up which is usually based upon their jealous nature and Petes ex's popping up at every corner. This is mildly amusing for the sadistic types amongst us. Some great arguments include;

                    1 - Jordan despises Petes Ex who is a flight attendant/trolley dolly. Unfortunately this trolley dolly is a family friend of Petes so she is invited to every family occasion herein. This includes Pete & Jordans wedding. Arf arf. After much hair flicking, arguing and flouncing Jordan eventually gets her own way and the trolley dolly is sidelined from the event. I would have loved to have seen the fireworks if she had gone!

                    2 - Pete loves to dangle his Ex's in front of Jordans face. For example he was watching an old music video of his and called Jordan into the room to show her his Ex, Kimmy, dancing in the background. Smart move wide boy. He then goes on to reveal that quite often in his music videos (this astounded me as I only thought he had the one song) he picked ladies who he fancied and would hump after shooting. Katie, unsurprisingly, goes off her rocker.

                    3 - The love/hate relationship with Peters family. Pete was brought up in Greece with a strictly religious family. They are Jehovah's Witnesses and devout Christians. I can only imagine what they thought when they found out Pete has fallen for the biggest fake plastic bimbo in the UK. Before they met they had even heard a rumour that Jordan was a porn star. Cue awkward meeting from hell. They have a very unsteady relationship and never really see eye to eye. You get the feeling Jordan sees them as a pain in the bum.

                    There are other subjects raised in the book too. Jordans entry into the Eurovision song contest was quite a mystery to me. But all is revealed in the book. Jordan was promised a recording contract with Sony but her manager, Claire, on the sole requirement that she entered the running to be the UK's entry for Eurovision. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned, as usual with Jordan. She loathed her song with a passion and then midway through rehearsals she found out that she was pregnant with Junior. She kept this a secret as she was determined to go ahead with the contest and get this lucrative deal as she thinks she has a good singing voice. Note the 'thinks'. Her main competition was Javine Hilton and Gina G. It all got quite bitchy as they were making remarks in the press about Jordan getting her mammaries out a lot and relying on that rather than any singing talent to win the competition. Now Jordan is not one to make comments behind your back so she had an open argument with Javine on the set of a children's television show before it was broadcast. Classy eh. I loved this part of the book as it gives you a glimpse into the undercurrent of the celeb world. I wont reveal what happened in the competition but let me just say Jordan wore a PVC cat suit whilst she sung her song being 5 months pregnant. The girls got guts!

                    Another topic which I think goes widely overlooked by the public is Harvey, Jordan's disabled 4 year old son. He was born completely blind and then started having further medical complications. He has a rare growth disorder which means he is in clothes meant for a child aged 11 and although he hardly eats anything he has such a slow metabolism that he continues putting on weight. He also has diabetes so Jordan has to inject him daily with insulin, as she has a phobia of needles this is a big trauma. In the book Jordan goes into great depth over her daily routine with Harvey, his basic needs and the constant worry that she has over him. She suspects that he also has Autism as he seems to be in a world of his own all the time and doesn't respond to her a lot. He is in Great Ormond street hospital regularly for tests and treatment and Jordan finds this hard. She also tackles peoples reaction to Harvey and the way they treat him differently to other children.

                    There is also a revelation in the book that after the birth of her Son, Junior, Jordan suffered from PND, Post Natal Depression. Due to the emergency caesarean section delivery of him and the illness and weakness she had afterwards she didn't experience the initial bonding of giving birth naturally and holding him straight away. Once transferred home Peters' Cypriot family were over in full force over powering her and molly coddling the baby. They didn't allow her any personal space even though she was still very weak from the operation and arrived every morning at 8am for 2 weeks after the birth. God the poor lass, I could truly empathise with her feelings. It sounds like a complete nightmare.

                    Towards the end of the book Jordan goes into great depth about her and Petes wedding. The wedding to end all weddings! In true Disney princess style Jordan was decked out in the hugest pink Swarovski crystal covered diamond studded wedding dress I have ever seen. Covered by OK! Magazine and paid thousands for their exclusive pictures her and Pete lavishly splashed out on every minute detail of the ceremony. But did being under the media glare ruin the day? I will let you find that out.

                    What I liked about this Book ~~

                    It was a stomper of a read and I finished it within 3 days. It was hard to put down and very addictive. If you are a fan of trashy celebrity gossip this is a must for you to look at. Jordan is very open and refreshingly honest about the flaws in her character. She is a diva, lets admit it. She also has more money than any of us can dream of so she is living life to the full. I think she would like her own life to be like a fairy tale hence the Cinderella style wedding and she is living any girls dream. You warm to her and Pete and by the end of the book it is sad and you feel like your losing a friend. Super stuff, A huge big thumbs up from me. But if you despise all things celebrity wise avoid this at all costs!

                    What I didn't like about this Book ~~

                    Nothing much, I am shamefully easy to please obviously. The fact that Jordan has made 2 Autobiographies at such a young age screams rip off to me. The publishers have cottoned on to the fact there is a huge market for Jordan and have exploited that by making people fork out twice for something which could have been culminated into one book. Only suckers like me would fall for this!

                    The Cover Design

                    The book is very simple and stylish in its design. A portrait photography of Jordan with seemingly no top on is on the front. Full make up - Check, Pout - Check. The words Jordan - A whole new world are in white large bold font. On the back is another photograph of Jordan laid upside down in a more provocative pose. With pearl necklace (oi) and well not a lot of clothes on. I suppose this is trying to pull in the male readers.

                    Other Details

                    ISBN 1846050367
                    www.jordanfanclub.com for more Jordan information
                    Price £16.99
                    Although a quick kelkoo search has revealed you can get it for £12.99 at play.com

                    Thank you for reading!
                    Copyright cherwaite 2006 x


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                      19.05.2006 16:41
                      Very helpful



                      The most important poit to me is that this book is truthful, she tells things as they

                      A whole new world by katie price is being retailed at £16.99 comes as a hardback book with a serious pose from katie on the front and on the back a very colouful glamour shot of jordan which is as though they are trying to show that this girl has two sides to her life, she is katie price but she is and always will be JORDAN.

                      This is a great read,where katie lets us into her life and tells us of her passionate , whirlwind relationship with peter.

                      I used to think jordan was full of herself with no care for anyone else but after reading this and hearing it from katie herself you can see she is a normal girl and a girl who can be very insecure at times and i can relate to that myself , she speaks the whole truth about her life and her relationship with peter andre which includes the highs and the lows, she is a great mother who loves her children and would do anything for them just like any other mother would.
                      I have been converted , my once opinion of katie being self centered and a show off have all been dissmissed, from reading her book i can see she has been through a hell of alot as a mother with harvey and his illness but she has held her head up high and not let people see that they are getting to her when they say she is a bad mum, she has done brilliant and i admire her for her stamina .

                      THE CHAPTERS:
                      Chapter 1: Against all odds
                      Chapter 2:A woman in love
                      Chapter 3: Changes
                      Chapter 4: Harvey
                      Chapter 5: Meet the parents
                      Chapter 6: the ex factor
                      Chapter 7: whos the daddy
                      Chapter 8: A proposal
                      Chapter 9: Dosh and Pecs
                      Chapter 10:Our big secret
                      Chapter 11:Not just anybody
                      Chapter 12: Great expectations
                      Chapter 13: Hello Junior
                      Chapter 14: The blues
                      Chapter 15: wedding Fever
                      Chapter 16: a whole new world

                      there are sixteen chapters in the book from which she discusses when she first met pete in the jungle and how they were kept apart when they came out, her son harvey and the emotional rollacoster it has been dealing with his illness and all the abuse from the public regarding her as a mother, meeting petes parents and how at first she wasnt sure if they approved of her and her lifestyle, the amazing fairytale wedding that she had dreamed of having since she was a little girl, and the new arrival 'junior'.

                      My favourite part of the book would have to be when she discusses all of the women that pete has been with, that poor girl has to have nerves of steel to have all these girls pointed out to her and be told '' oh ive had that one, and that one'' as katie quotes in the book '' hearing about petes past exploits arouses so many feelings in me - i feel insecure because i worry he'll be unfaithful'' i feel so sorry for her because i can imagine how i would feel, the last thing you want to be told about is the love of your lifes past going ons.

                      BORING PARTS:

                      The only part that i found boring would be right at the very beggining, i found that it got off to a slow start with the whole story of how katie and pete met and got it together, i would say that about halfway in to chapter one (Against all odds) was when the book caught my attention


                      All in all her book is by turn a moving, amazingly honest and funny read from the woman who will always speak her mind.
                      It makes you realise that you shouldnt judge people on apperance as it doesnt mean anything, she has insecurities just like any woman she is just good at hiding it.


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                        12.05.2006 16:19



                        jordons autobiography

                        I first spotted this book at my local library and thought i would give it a go.
                        I didnt really like jordon untill i watched her on im a celebrity get me out of here .Thought she was good and had alot of guts.
                        right more about the book couldnt wait to get it home and start reading.
                        The book is a hardback and has got a nice picture on the front of jordon and a glamour shot of her lying down with her hands covering her boobs.The book is all about her life and her whirlwind romance with peter andre her life with her ill son harvey and the birth of her second son junior.
                        The book is funny ,moving and honest .
                        The book starts of with thanks to all her family the book has got sixteen good chapters it has got plenty of photographs in of jordon and her family.
                        The contents of the book

                        chapter one -against all odds
                        chapter two-a woman in love
                        chapter three-changes
                        chapter four-harvey
                        chapter five-meet the parents
                        chapter six-the ex factor
                        chapter seven-whos the daddy
                        chapter eight-a proposal
                        chapter nine-dosh and pecs
                        chapter ten-our big secret
                        chapter eleven-not just anybody
                        chapter twelve-great expectations
                        chapter thirteen-hello junior
                        chapter fourteen-the blues
                        chapter fifteen-wedding fever
                        chapter sixteen-a whole new world

                        Did i tell you this book was great couldnt put it down.

                        thanks for reading


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                          20.04.2006 13:22
                          Very helpful



                          Dont waste your money!

                          Full review

                          I don't know why but I really like reading famous peoples autobiographies mainly women's. Don't ask me why because afterwards your always left thinking why did I ever bother?
                          Once I have read and reviewed a book I always put it on eBay anyway and can usually get a good percentage back on what I have spent so I am not too bothered if the book turns out to be really bad.
                          However Jordan's new autobiography A whole new world is very different. I read the first book she released being Jordan on the 1st of July 2005. Which I thought was cut quite short and wondered were the most up to date stuff was but thought it was probably wrote a while ago and there was not enough time to add these things.
                          How wrong could I and most Jordan's fans have been! She was only planning on making a small fortune from us sados who actually took the time to read her book. She released her 2nd autobiography not far off 6 months after on the 26th of January 2006. What a cheek she releases half of her life story at a nice total of aprox £16 per book and then catapults the next quarter at the same price 6 months later what a nice little earner.

                          Ok I know what you are all saying right now why did she bother buying the 2nd book if she was so annoyed. Well I am a sado indeed after reading the 1st book I wanted to read about the whole jungle and Peter Andre thing. The first book was good because it told you things that you did not already know and it was what we all expected. The second book told us nothing we did not know already which was a huge disappointment. The book is all about Peter Andre and how much she is in love with him. Big yawn! From start to finish all you hear about is Peter, Peter oh and a bit more Peter I don't know how this book can even be called Jordan's autobiography it is more like a love story about Peter Andre and should be available in the Mills and Boon selection.

                          THE LAYOUT OF THE BOOK

                          The book was designed exactly the same as the first but just with different pictures. This did not surprise me in the slightest after all while go to all that bother when you are out to make the most money out of the least effort.

                          The book is a hardback with a serious picture of Katie price on the front and a glamour shot of Jordan on the back.
                          Once you enter the book you are faced with the acknowledgements page and then the contents. You also get the 4 sections of photos of Jordan memories but they do not always tie in with the chapters but are quite nice to look at anyway, mainly because most of them are wedding or baby pics.
                          You are then thrown into the chapters of Jordan's most recent memories.

                          CHAPTER 1 AGAINST ALL ODDS
                          This is the first and may as well be the final chapter it even begins with a fake dream which you know is an absolute tale and you just know that your in for a very annoying read. The chapter consists of the whole just come out of the jungle and the struggle to get together with Peter Andre.

                          CHAPTER 2 A WOMAN IN LOVE
                          Chapter title pretty much speaks for itself. Jordan and Pete together and a whole 7 double sided pages to tell us this and how different it is to any other relationship.

                          CHAPTER 3 CHANGES
                          First quarter of a chapter, which talks about Katie Price. The girl the managers wanted to promote not Jordan! Then back again ¾ quarters of yet another chapter about going out with Peter and the changes she has gone through for him.

                          CHAPTER 4 HARVEY
                          This is one of the saddest chapters in the book and one of the most serious things Jordan has to talk about. The chapter describes life with Harvey and his illness and some in depth knowledge into what is actually wrong with him. Some cute photos too.

                          CHAPTER 5 MEET THE PARENTS
                          Another obvious chapter this is all about every girl's worst nightmare meeting your boyfriend's religious parents. In this chapter she talks about the first ever meeting and tells us about His parents.

                          CHAPTER 6 THE EX FACTOR
                          The biggest insecure chapter in here ok we all have doubts about our boyfriends but does the famous Jordan? Ha of course she does she is probably the worst out there and to be honest with a man like Pete you cannot blame her. If you have read this book or plan on reading this check this chapter out it tells you all about Peters ex's and believe me there are a lot of them.

                          CHAPTER 7 WHOS THE DADDY?
                          No this chapter is not about the paternity of little Junior!! Lol
                          This is another short little chapter about Harvey but this time it also tells us more about his relationship or should I say non-relationship with Dwight his father. The chapter is not a huge let be mean about Dwight it gives you a good insight into him being a dad and it has good and bad points.

                          CHAPTER 8 A PROPOSAL
                          This is a chapter you think gosh I wish I was rich and I wish I were going out with some rich smoothie. This chapter is all about Peter popping the big or in Jordan's life the huge question. I won't go into detail about the whole thing but wow how romantic!

                          CHAPTER 9 DOSH and PECS
                          Great title for the chapter shame the chapter is actually about nothing and is really just a page filler. Some bits about the Eurovision talks and then some detail about Jordan going on tour with Peter and them going on holiday. This is probably the most meaningless chapter in the whole book.

                          CHAPTER 10 OUR BIG SECRET
                          Yep you guessed it. This is the chapter where Jordan finds out she is pregnant. This is all about her going to work trying to hide the pregnancy and trying to keep it from the whole world including their family.
                          This chapter also talks about the dreaded cruise that was in all the papers when her and her mum were meant to be having huge rows. Whether there was or not I have no idea as the book only touches on this very slightly then veers off so maybe the papers were right.

                          CHAPTER 11 NOT JUST ANYBODY
                          This is a huge chapter on the Eurovision song contest. I think in a way she is trying to justify the whole thing by making out she was made to do it and she knew she was not going to win anyway. At least she got that off her chest in writing not that anyone believes it for a second.

                          CHAPTER 12 GREAT EXPECTATIONS
                          This chapter talks about the stages of Jordan's pregnancy and has a very long part on an argument she has with Pete about the baby to be's name. In the chapter is also included a holiday in Venice and some doctors appointments about little Junior.
                          The chapter then continues on to let us know the whole stressful situation when there was problems with the birth and how Jordan just wanted to get it over and done with.
                          I thought this chapter should have been split as the firs part was very boring and much of a space filler and the second half were a lot more serious.

                          CHAPTER 13 HELLO JUNIOR!
                          This is the chapter about little Junior being born into the world via the Portland hospital. Jordan then goes on to tell us about all the visitors they received and how stressed she was getting and found it really hard to bond with the baby.

                          CHAPTER 14 THE BLUES
                          More on not being able to bond with the baby a whole 12 double pages about all the visitors they had and how she just could not bond with the baby. This chapter just goes on and on about the same thing and is really hard to not just throw the towel in right there because you just get really annoyed about the same subject. However I soldiered on and just made it to the end.

                          CHAPTER 15 WEDDING FEVER
                          This is about the planning of the wedding the final plans and the hen weekend, which was not all, it cracked up to be. There was also some more reference to Petes ex's in the chapter and also more about the whole I can't bond with Junior thing. I know it is a touching and serious thing but to continue to go on about the same thing over 15 pages is really an exaggeration in anyone's eyes.

                          CHAPTER 16 A WHOLE NEW WORLD
                          This is the final chapter and it shows us just however much you plan and however fairytale your wedding is the bride is not always as happy as can be. This tells you all about the wedding and also all about the dreaded magazine deal.
                          The final part describes the dream honeymoon they went on after the wedding.
                          This was by the far the longest chapter but it was very descriptive. None of it has not been heard before though they have filmed enough programmes about it now but it was nice to read. I am only saying that though because I love weddings.

                          WHERE TO GET A COPY

                          Sorry if I have given you any doubts into getting this book but a lot of people need to read it to get it out of their system and then you have people with complete different tastes but if you would like to get a copy it will set you back now about £8. You can get it from all good online book companies. If you prefer to get a copy in the shops have a look in your local supermarkets for a good deal or in bookshops for a higher price. If you aren't bothered about reading a second hand book, which is in good condition, you can pick up a copy on eBay or Amazon from about £2 onwards.


                          To conclude I would just like to say in Jordan's defence that this book could not be any better than it is because of the time scale nothing much could have happened in 6 months to write an honest, gripping and exciting book. Whose idea this was I do not know but whoever it was should no it was not a very good one.

                          Overall I would say this book lacked any sort of meaning and became very repetitive and boring. You could never describe this book as one that you just could not put down.
                          If anyone else was to write a book 6 months after their first I would never ever read it even if it was given to me, as it is just not worth it.


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                            09.02.2006 20:45
                            Very helpful



                            Try it if you can find nothing else

                            I have to admit to certain voyeuristic tendencies. I read this with an open mind, I should have just switched off. However, I did continue, I admit to being curious, I wanted to see how a woman who was a glamour model, with two children and a bizarre wedding portrayed herself.

                            Well, now I know, I know that she is incredibly insecure, and her relationship with the marvellously big oak Andre is not all that it should be. I know that she thinks the world loves her and owes her. And I know that nothing is her fault.

                            But that is okay she is Katie Price aka Jordan, the woman who is big (literally) the mother & wife with two children (one disabled) and a pop star (???). I cannot believe she believes what she has written.

                            Had I had all them insecurities I would not admit publicly to them, if my relationship was as unequal as hers, with a hubby who behaves like a petulant child and stamps his foot when she doesn't behave then I would not be writing a book about it. I have some sympathy with the woman, she has not had an easy ride, I can't imagine what looking after a disabled child, having another and getting married and keeping up the public image is like.

                            It is poorly written, tedious in parts, but voyeuristic, I wouldn't recommend buying it, but if you have nothing else to read then give it a go, satisfy your curiousity, it does give an insight into how she lives and who is believes herself to be.

                            I borrowed the copy I read, but I am told it cost £12.99 with £4 off from Ottaka's


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                          • Product Details

                            Following the surprise smash hit, Being Jordan, comes the next installment in the life of Katie Price, aka Jordan, one of the most notorious celebrities in Britain today. Piers Morgan has described her as 'The biggest driver of sales of tabloid newspapers in the country.' A top glamour model since the age of 16, she was an instant hit as a Page 3 girl, was the F1 Jordan team mascot for four years and even spent 3 weeks with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion. Yet behind Jordan lies Katie - the regular girl who likes to stay at home, ride her horses and play with her children and her husband. This book takes up where the last ended, detailing what she really made of her jungle experiences, the truth behind the romance with Peter Andre, her excitement over their new child, the glamour behind their wedding, and her heartbreak over the continuing medical traumas concerning her oldest son Harvey.

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