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Kate: Making of a Princess - Claudia Joseph

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Genre: Biography / Author: Claudia Joseph / Publication Date: 2010 / Publisher: Mainstream Publishing

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2012 14:28
      Very helpful



      An interesting read!

      I'm quite a big fan of Kate Middleton. I was never really a big fan of the Royals - it wasn't that I didn't like them or anything, I just wasn't bothered that much about them. However, since the whole Royal Wedding thing last year, like the rest of the nation, I have become a huge fan of Kate Middleton. I love reading all about her in the gossip magazines, and so when I found this book on play.com, I just had to get it.

      ~ * Kate Middleton: Making Of A Princess * ~

      This book tells you all about Kate's history and family. In this book you will learn all about Kate's ancestry, including the tale of a working-class family who overcame deprivation.

      ~ * What Did I Think? * ~

      I am a huge fan of Kate Middleton and so I was really excited when I received this book as I could not wait to find out her story.

      The book appears to be 'two books in one'. The first part of the book is all about Kate's ancestors. I did find parts of this interesting - especially learning what her ancestors were like, where they lived etc. However, after a while it did become a little bit boring, and I only carried on reading through this part in order to get to the actual 'Kate' part.

      When discussing her ancestors, I found it confusing, because the book talked about her great-great-great-great grand parents, and especially when speaking about each side of the family it became confusing, especially as a lot of the family members had the same name. At times I wasn't sure whether they were talking about her great-great-great granddad or his son who had the same name. It made quite a confusing read.

      I was more happier when I came to the actual 'Kate' bit. I enjoyed learning about her life as I didn't really know that much about her background before. However it wasn't really about Kate as a person but more of a when Kate met William they went to a party and then the next day she went home to her parents house. It was more like 'what she did' rather than 'what she's like'.

      I also found that at times that the story went off the point at times. For example it would frequently say something along the lines of 'Kate was really happy that day because she went to a party with William - and his friend 'so and so' the son of 'so and so' who is a the '....' of '.....' and this person did this and that when they were at school' etc and Kate's sister dated his cousin....etc. (ok that might be a bit exaggerated, but it just seemed irrelevant. I wanted to read about Kate not a guy she went to school with who is the son of Lord ...and blah blah. It just seemed a bit silly to include all of this information about this other person who we have no idea who he is and so I didn't want to read about him etc. If they had just said 'at the party was so and so, the son of so and so', but it wouldn't stop there, they would have to give a biographical bit on this person too.

      There were some good photographs in this book, including ones I had never seen before which was good. It was interesting to see some of Kate's 'private

      I do think that the book was well put together. It is clear that the author went to a huge effort to collect all these facts; The book is very detailed and factual and so I admire the author for her hard work. However, the book just read more like a 'fact file' of each ancestor, put into sentences rather than an actual story. I found this part (the first half of the book) quite hard to keep up with as it was jumping forwards to quickly - I would get the 'hang of it' and then I would be lost again. There is a 'family tree diagram' at the back of the book which I did find helpful at times, however as there were so many 'Johns' etc, it was hard to know which 'John' they were talking about. I think I would have preferred the story to have started from her grandparents rather than her great,great,great,great,great grandparents etc.

      When referring to her ancestors - I found the comparison to the Royal Family interesting. For example it would say something along the lines of 'Kate's great,great,great,great grandfather couldn't read and so he wouldn't know until weeks after the coronation that there was a new King/Queen etc. I also liked how they kept saying things like 'Kate's grandfather took a job in ....moving the family a step closer to the gates of Buckingham Palace.'

      Whilst I did enjoy this book, there were some parts that I didn't (as mentioned above), however, surprisingly, these 'bad points' were not enough to put me off the book.

      The book was released at the end of 2010 and so was around the time of their engagement and so the book isn't up-to-date and does not feature their wedding.

      This book is available to buy from Play.com for a price of £5.47. If you like Kate Middleton then I would definitely recommend this book!

      Thanks for reading!
      May 2012
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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