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No One Wants You: A True Story of a Child Forced into Prostitution - Celine Roberts

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Genre: Biography / Author: Celine Roberts / Paperback / 292 Pages / Book is published 2008-03-06 by Ebury Press

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2012 11:07
      Very helpful



      Would recommend 5/5

      Im not much of a book reader but every now and then, especially at winder time I like to lay up with a nice cup of tea, the duvet covers and a good book. I tend to find this cures my winter blues (happy days) When I ordered this book, I didn't actaually read what the story was fully about, to be honest i never do, I like to pick something that sticks out to me. I liked the cover and the title "No one wants you" I thought it was a book about child abuse, not sexual abuse on a child. This book to some may be disturbing to read but having worked as a support worker for children and young people that have been raped or sexually abused this was second nature to me when it came to reading it. There is so much I would like to say but going to keep it for my over all opinion, I'm not wanting to give you all too much information at the one time. ( Emmm information overload!)

      Without giving too much away, as I dont want to waste the real life story for those who maybe interested in reading it for themselves, I am just going to give a breif description. The story is about a young girl, Celine Roberts, who was forced into prostition. I know what your thinking, probably the same as what I did. How could someone do that to a child or any human being? Celine was given away by her Mother when she was ive months old. At the tender age of seven, the day of her first communion she was raped. Throught her life she was constantly told "No one wants you" a terrible thing to say to anyone, espeially a young vulrable child who was going through so much, but the saddest part of it all, she believed it. Illegitimate and unwanted by her Mother, her forster mother, and her Auntie nun, she was forsted into prostition by her foster Mother. While her evil forster Mother collected in the money proudly, Celines bones where boken, her nose was crushed and she eat candle wax to say alive as she was also sstarved to death. To survive she tried to keep her head down and get on with it without making a fuss and she knew it would be worse for her than it was if she did. She also believed that nobody wanted her so why would any one care what was happening to her. Later on in her life when her forster Mother passed away she was rescued and sent to an industrial school, where she picked up the pieces of her shattard life. She also began to look for her real parents but what she found was probably one of the hardest things in her life she had to deal with. So many lies that were told, things were said that could never forgotten, but still Celine wanted the family that she should of had to start with. This book is full of heart breaking tragdy but ultimately survival and hope. This is probably the most honest and truthful book I have ever read and after reading it made me sad but also happy for where she has gotten in her life, no matter what has happened to her she has kept her head high and got on with it. Most people would of probably done the unthinkable and ended her life but she hasn't and although I do not know the woman, I'm very proud of her being a survivor and doing the best she can in her life to move on from her past.

      I bought the book in paper back for £5.99 with FREE delivery from Amazon. The quality of the book is very good, the font page is thick enough and the rest of the inside pages all 298 of them are also good quality, no rips or tares here. There are 23 chapters in Celines book,a 8 page epilogue and a note of who she dedicates the book to: Dedicated to all the silent survivors of abuse of any kind who feel trapped and unable to raise their voice in protest. I though it was lovely that she dedicated her book to other who maybe going through the same thing, maybe it will help other children, teenagers or adults who is perhaps going through the same thing to come forward and get the help to get out of the situation and help rebuild their lifes.

      Now time for my opinion on the book, we may be here for a little while. As I said before perviously when I picked the book I didn't really know what I was ordering, but let me tell you, it has been one of the best books that I have read in a long time. Although it is very unfortunate what has happened to Celine in her life, she is to be admired for being through all what she has been, achieveing what she has and the person she is today. I am normally quite a slow reader, but I have to be honest I could not put thing book down. Normally it would take me maybe 3 weeks to read a book this size, but It kept me that entertained and wanting to know more about Celiens life that I had read the book in 2 days. As she Talks about her foster family it makes me sad that someone who are giving children a second chance can treat a kid in this way. She talks about how when her foster Father was alive treated her oky but when he had a drink he used to beat her, it wasn't until her forster Father passed away that the prostitution started. Her forster Mother used to have a "party" a collection of men and one of the forster Mothers friends would come into the house and drink, when they all had enough the men would take it into turns to rape poor Celine. She didn't complain, not once she just tried to get on with it and block it out. She used to think that if people knew what "she done" she would be sent to jail. Celienes excape what when her wicked foster Mother passed away, wish it would of been a horrific death for her but inforunatly it wasn't horrific enough. She went to live with her sister of the forster Mother and her husband, who was lucikly nothing like she was. As she was unable to stay with them till she turned 18, she got sent to a nuns conventry but stayed in contact with the couple who was like a Mother and Father figure to her. While in the convantry wanted to find out more about her Mother & Father and why she was in there. She had a meeting with her Mother but got no useful information, infact nothing but lies, how she treated her daughter that day and later on in her life is disgusting. Having two little girls of my own I cant imagine how any Mother could be so cold towards her own child. She later finds out that she has Brothers, Sisters, and is an Auntie, so much she has missed out on but not all her family want to know her. When she was concieved Celines mother and Father were unmarried, back then that was not allowed. Her mother gave her away and carried on with her life as if nothing had happened and the serect was never to get to her Father as it would bring shame on him and the family. As family goes for Celine, she got told from a young age that she would never be able to have children due to the internal damage that accured when she was rapped. Fortunatly she managed to conceive two boys ut was later to face more tradgy and her son got older. I really dont want to give too much away about this book as I would rate to waste a good read but I would highly recommend this book and rate it a 5/5. After reading the book, I was so inspired by her as a person. I actually tried to find her on Facebook to send her a personal message but couldn't find her. Another aurther of a book I read is on there, but unfortunatly Celine isnt. She has has a lot of issues, heart brake, and loss in her life I honestly really feel for her. This is the first book that has ever got me emotion where tears ran down my cheeks and what with the work I do I am used to these similar stories, but something was different when I read her story, I was like I was there living her life with her, like a ghost that no one can see but I can everything that is going on, It really is a fanatsic book, normally when I am finnished with the book, I take to a charity shop but this is one I am keeping for another day.

      If you are interested in buying this book I recommend buying from Amazon. No one wants you was published in March 2008 you can currently buy it for £5.29 FREE delivery.


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