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The Best Friends' Guide to Life - Fearne Cotton / Holly Willoughby

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Genre: Biography / Author: Fearne Cotton / Co-Author: Holly willoughby / ISBN: 0091935407 / Publication Date: 2010 / Publisher: Vermilion

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2012 09:16
      Very helpful



      Loved it!

      The Best Friend's Guide To Life is a 'life guide' book by television presenters Holly Willoughy and Fearne Cotton. The book was released in the United Kingdom in October 2010. The book is currently selling from Amazon from as little as £2.45 which I think is excellent value for money, especially as the book is a hardback.

      I have been wanting to read this book for absolutely ages - over a year ago! However, the price of it put me off; for months after it was first released, it was still selling for around £13 which I did not want to pay. Eventually I found it for around £6 which I think is much better value for money.

      The book is split into different categories; friends, relationships, family, career etc; Holly and Fearne each gave their opinion on things. Each take turns to have their say. You can tell when Holly is speaking as there is a 'H' by the text and when Fearne is talking there is an 'F' by the text which makes it easy to know who is saying what and when.

      One good thing about this book is that it will never go out of date; it is the kind of book which you can refer back to time and time again. It is definitely the kind of book you can read more than once, and will still find it just as enjoyable the second (and maybe even third) time around as you did the first.

      Holly and Fearne come across as being really likeable in the book; they are friendly and fun and really know what they are talking about. They are confident and believe in themselves, and I think that this comes through to the reader and makes you believe in yourself. They are also quite cool and so you feel inspired by them and want to take their advice onboard. As I was reading the book, I could hear their voices as though they were really speaking to me and giving advice to me personally.

      I found Holly and Fearne to be really inspirational; reading this right at the beginning of a new year helped me feel positive; it allowed me to see that if I am not happy about something such as a job etc. then I should think about the long term; will keeping on doing the job for a few more months get me the job I really, really want? If not, move on and find something that does make me happy. I found that to be a good way of looking of the positive side.

      One thing I like about them is the fact that they are genuinely best friends and their friendship is not at all forced or 'put on' in order to make money. I found that they 'compliment' each other really well; the way the talk about each other and tell stories about one another. They also don't always agree on everything which makes an interesting read. They can also be really honest with each other too, which is also very important in a friendship.

      I would describe the book as being half guide, half autobiography as along the way you are learning all about Fearne and Holly. As the two are hardly every featured in the newspapers (their private lives are never splashed across the pages of gossip magazines), everything I learnt about them in the book was 'new information' which was good as not only did I find this very interesting, but it also meant that I was getting my money's worth. I say this because with the likes of Katie Price / Jordan (who I was a huge fan of for a number of years, however have ended up not liking her!), she is/was always in gossip magazines and so you knew everything about her (as well as seeing what she was up to on her reality television show and in interviews) and so when it came to reading her (oh so many autobiographies) - I knew absolutely everything about her and what she had been up to already as I had already read it in magazines and seen it on her show and so I knew what was coming next before I had read it. Also the majority of the photos in her books were ones you had already seen in newspapers. Okay rant over!! Hopefully you get what I mean about this book when I compare it to Katie Price though.

      At the end of each section they also, individually give their top tens on things such as their top 10 favourite songs and places to go on holiday etc. I enjoyed this as it was a quick way to get to know Holly and Fearne.

      You would expect that, working in showbiz, there lives are a million miles away from our normal lives. However, like they say, their life is not all glitz and glamour and they are in fact very normal. They go through every day things too; such as that feeling when you don't want to go into work etc. I found that this also helped me; especially that dreaded thought of having to go back to work/college after being off over Christmas. It made me think, even celebrities with fabulous jobs feel like this too.

      There are loads of pictures in the book which really 'add' to the book and make it more interesting. There are a lot of personal pictures; in fact I think that most of the pictures are personal ones which makes the book interesting; I dislike 'celebrities' who put pictures you have already seen of them in newspapers in their autobiographies as you feel as though you are paying for something that you have already seen. Fearne being a huge art fan, has actually drawn a load of doodles to accompany the text; she is very good and a lot of her drawings are very comical.

      I found this book to be a really refreshing and unique read; it is very girlie and fun. I love the way it is written; so friendly and so true to life. Most of the things they mention are about their personal lives and I cannot emphasise how normal they seem and not all showbiz at all.

      The book is very easy to read; the text is simple and written as though they are talking. It certainly makes a great, fun bit of light-reading.

      I found the book to be incredibly inspirational; they make you feel as though anything is possible! They also make you want to be just like them! I think that young women as especially ones around 16+ will find this book extremely helpful. However, saying that I think if you like Holly and Fearne anyone would find this book interesting.

      I loved this book!! Once you start reading it, you really can't stop. I started reading this book at about 11:30pm last night and buy around 2am I had finished it; all in one go!

      I would definitely recommend this book!

      Thanks for reading!
      January 2012
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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