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The Mumpreneur Diaries - Mosey Jones

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3 Reviews

Genre: Biography / Author: Mosey Jones / Paperback / 320 Pages / Book is published 2009-03-05 by Collins

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    3 Reviews
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      09.06.2012 18:43
      Very helpful



      It's harder than you think

      This is a review of the 2009 book 'The mumpreneur Diaries' by Mosey Jones. I was bought this book as a gift from a well meaning family member and I had it on the shelf a while before I felt like reading it.

      A bit about
      The book follows a year in the life of Mosey Jones, who works on a marketing journal but is soon on maternity leave with baby who she names boy two (having already got a two year old). The point of the book is that Mosey doesn't want to return to work so she views this year off work as a time to develop her own business. She has a few ideas she wants to explore and a very understanding husband, plus the costs of full time childcare for two children totally negate any money she can earn in her usual job.

      Book style
      The book is written in a diary and I struggled a bit with the font that said the day and date as the ones looked like 8's and vice versa. Apart from this the diary style worked well with entries most days and breaks when not a lot was happening.

      Business ideas
      The ideas Mosey has are to do with being a doula, caring for pregnant ladies and their babies during and after the birth. With the hands on experience of two children herself, Mosey feels with a little training this is something she could be good at. The other idea is a 'rent a mummy' sort of babysitting or party organising idea that could cover regular care duties or emergency cover.

      A whole minefield of tax, liability insurance, self confidence, being professional, what to do with her own children while she is caring for other mums or children, competition locally and people who seem interested but don't want to put the legwork in. Add this to her own duties towards her children and it doesn't leave a lot of time for fiddling with websites!

      My thoughts
      I sort of loved and hated reading this book. I can completely understand where Mosey is coming from on the work vs childcare front and she is really quite a wonderwoman when it comes to her own children, still being a fun mummy and managing to breast feed boy two for the whole year around her appointments and business building.

      When Mosey is off for maternity leave, she still keeps her first son in child care a lot of the time and doesn't seem to think there is anything wrong with this. Like a lot of parents she spends a lot of time trying to work out who she can foist her children off on. Admittedly, she doesn't have a lot of family support and she is working on her husband's spare time out of work to a good effect. Mosey seems to want the money but not the inconvenience of work and makes excuses not to do work right from the beginning. She is going to have to reel in a lot of £3 booking fees to get the mortgage and bills paid.

      I would like to end on a positive for this book, as it was based mainly on reality it did have some good content and she is able to vent her frustrations in the diary, especially with the constant 'treading in treacle' feeling you get when you never seem to have an hour of time to yourself. Another good part I felt that you usually get with the yummy mummy type books was that there wasn't some bloke in the sidelines (apart from her husband) trying to catch her eye and fling himself at her. With leaky boobs and flat shoes, as with most mums with young babies, an affair is the last thing on their mind! I thought Mosey's husband was quite wonderful, putting up with her whims and procrastination events - in trying to start up two businesses and save money by not spending she practically redecorates the whole house and garden and he doesn't blink an eye at this.

      Final word
      I would have to say I found this book equally energetic and also draining to read. I was worried on Mosey's behalf about her money situation which despite a house remortgage remained difficult. Her husband's job was also on the line and the business situation was a real slow starter. Ultimately, if you are thinking about starting your own business from home, this is a realistic look at the spending you must do to start up and how little in return is gained. I was dismayed to see that central London prices meant you could be working for £8 an hour and within that the rent a mummies had to use their own transport to get there. I think there are many parts in the book that a harrassed mum can identify with and it also highlights the issue of working to pay the childminder. Until you are a parent yourself you will never really fully appreciate the sacrifice a lot of working parents make with childcare costs and working ungodly hours, commuting and missing bedtime etc.


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      07.10.2010 08:40
      Very helpful



      worth a read

      After picking this book up in my local cheap bookstore and reading the back of the book I became intrigued. As a stay at home mum who is finding the current economic situation difficult I often think about new ways to start earning money again without having to return to being employed by a company. So I was instantly attracted and just had to buy it. And at a great offer 3 books for £5 how could I refuse! Bargain was just calling me.

      Mosey Jones managed to juggle a high flying job as a journalist and a young child that was until she fell pregnant with her second child. We follow her from late pregnancy with baby number two right through to the end of her maternity leave. Returning back to work after her second child was born just wasn't going to work for her. But money is tight and just being a stay at home mum wasn't going to work. So that's when she comes up with running a business of her own with her friend so she could look after her baby. But things aren't as simple as that and with her friends she struggles with day to day life and trying to earn money. I found myself being engrossed in her day to day living.

      This book is written in, you guessed it diary style. Well the title gave it away really! I found it easy to read and with two young boys myself, sitting quietly and reading for a length of time is near impossible without having to put the book down several times! The only down side I found with the book is the lack of names of the people in her life. It becomes slightly annoying referring to her friends as partner in crime, the capable childminder and so on. I can see why she has done it and I guess it makes you realise its true and given them names may take that away but it still annoyed me a little!

      The little rant aside I still found it difficult to put down. Reading more and more of it just made we feel I should get myself in gear and have a go at something while still being able to spend quality time with my boys.

      I felt there was a little suspense in will she won't she return to her old job in the office. The diary follows her throughout the year of her maternity leave. And the ending doesn't disappoint she wraps it up well.

      Any mother who reads this will be able to relate to some parts as this mother struggles to balance the books, keep the hubby in check, keep the children clean and run the house. She isn't the perfect mother by any means but I love the honesty even if it's a bit blunt. I mean you wouldn't find many mums admitting to drinking in the afternoon on your own! The book is hilarious and I often found myself laughing out loud much to the annoyance of the other half, he didn't find it half as amusing!

      I can see this book as a real love or hate kind of book. This woman doesn't always get it right so if you're a real judgmental kind of person I would give it a miss. You have to be open minded we are not all perfect. This book has really inspired me.

      I have had to drop a star purely because of the lack of names I just found it made it just not perfect. So 4/5 stars for this one.


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        24.08.2010 15:00
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A year in the life of Mosey Jones

        Mosey Jones s pregnant and counting down the days until her maternity leave starts, she is happily married and has a young son. She dreams of being able to not have to return to work and be able to successfully work from home and getting more quality time with her children.

        She begins her maternity leave and soon the arrival of boy 2 turns her world around, She does not sleep as boy two is forever hungry and she has money worries now her husband is looking at being out of work. She meets with her fiends who also have children ands he agrees with her best friend to go into business. They decide that they will start up a babysitting business but with mom's doing the sitting and offering other Mother services to struggling parents. Mosey has also enrolled on a Doula course which she hopes she will be able to fit in around her own children.

        She is struggling to get idea for her businesses and whilst she waits she takes on writing work. The money is going out faster than it s coming in and she has to decide which business venture she is going to pursue.

        Will Mosey be able to make a go of a business of her own and bring the money in or will she have to bit the bullet and go back to her normal daily life?

        There was something about this book which really appealed to me when I read about it on the back cover so I was quite looking forward to reading about the life of another stay at home mom who was trying to bring in an income. I did enjoy the book and found it was quite interesting but for me overall there was something missing. The lack of characters names was quite distracting as I did not feel I was able to get to know them and relate to them very well, she would call he friends Other mother and Glamamom and I did find this off putting. Maybe if she would have made up names if she did not want to reveal their true identity then this would have been better.

        The overall story is a diary of a year in her life, it starts off well and it s actually interesting but about half way through the book I was willing it to move on a bit faster as we kind of got stuck in a rut and nothing new was happening. This was quite a put off and I was completely disappointed with the end as we did not really have an conclusion and it was left open.

        I found it was good the way she would talk about her home life and the struggles she was facing as not stay at home moms will be able to relate to this, I did find the parts where she would just sit down and watch day time TV a bit of a let down as I know most people believe this is all stay at home moms do but I wish I could have the time to sit and watch a bit of daytime TV, what between the school runs, cleaning, endless washing and drying and then entertaining the child at home don't even get time to have wee in peace let alone sit down!

        Mosey was a good character and I enjoyed reading about her take on things. She was easy to get to know and she did show us some emotions and talked about her struggling. I found her easy to relate to but there was the lack of connection between her and her boys as she never gave their names and she never talked about the times she would just spend quality time with them, I would have liked some of this included in the book.

        The writing style was good and easy to follow, it is written as a diary and the dates are all included, I did find this a bit off putting at first but when I got about half way through the book I did actually give up reading the dates and just read what she had written about.

        At times I did feel like wanting to shake Mosey and tell her to stop thinking about he self and think more about what was best for the family, I mean if you are short on money and don't know if your husband s going to have a job soon then you don't go on a shopping spree and waste a load of money, she also at times seemed very self indulgent and as if she only had her self to think of and her own needs, and as any other mother known you can not be like this when you have a family.

        There are a total of 313 pages in the paper back edition of the book and it has a retail price of £7.99. I did not pay this price as I got this book in an offer with 3 books for £5. It was published by Harper Collins.

        I cannot give this book more than 3 stars despite finding it good. There was a good story but it did not move fast enough for me, the main character was good but a bit un-likable at times and the ending was a let down for me. I think this is a good start to a book but more is needed and we definitely need proper character names to be able to relate and get to know them. Enjoyable but nothing special.


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