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Tydisan Sand Sheets

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Animals Equipment Type: Cage Sand & Grit

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2010 23:42
      Very helpful



      A useful sand sheet product

      Tydisan Sand Sheets are a product we have bought for our pet budgies cage and found the product to be of a good quality. The Tydisan Sand Sheets are something that we used to use on the bottom of the cage floor and are a very simple product that anyone who keeps small caged birds will probably be familier with.

      Tydisan Sand Sheets come in a variety of packs to suit different needs, but the contents of each pack is used for the same purpose. The sheets within the pack are very similar in look and feel to a medium density sand paper, which you might use for DIY sanding projects around the home. The difference with these sheets being that they are specially made with the health and safety of your pet in mind.

      Having used a number of brands of sand sheets for this purpose, we have found that the Tydisan Sand Sheets are a good quality product. You can buy them in either round or rectangular sheets to suit the type of cage you have, which cuts down on having to cut sheets to fit each individual cage.

      The circular sheets come as either 13 inch diameter size which can be reduced to fit a 10 1/2 inch diameter cage if needed. They also come as 10 1/2 inch diameter sheets which can be resized to fit an 8 3/4 inch diameter cage. The rectangular sheets come as either extra large, large or medium sized sheets in each pack, with each pack coloured pale blue, red or blue to indicate which pack is which. This makes it easy to pick up the pack you need as you soon become accustomed to the pack colours.

      The large 17 inch by 9 inch Tydisan Sand Sheets we used to get were very reasonable to buy at around £1.35 per pack. The price does depend on what size and type (circular or rectangular) of sand sheet you need to buy and can go up to £2.50 ish per pack. Our packs contained 8 sand sheets and so worked out as around 17p per sheet, which wasn't too bad at all.

      You do need to factor in that some of the very large sized sheets may end up costing almost double the cost of the cheaper smaller sheets, as they are made to fit bigger cages. You also need to think about how many sheets you may need per cage per week. The recommendation is to change the sheet at least twice a week. We found that we used to change the sheet every other day, as that way the cage was easier to keep clean and maintain and offered a more hygienic and healthy environment.

      Tydisan Sand Sheets are made to a high standard and are made with a sandy looking mineral coating which includes oyster shells. Having a good quality sand sheet such as these, not only makes for a more attractive and hygienic looking floor to your birds cage, it also can help to wear down your birds claws and also their beak as they move around and use it.

      This is much better for your pet than having to resort to clipping or filing claws, as small birds do sometimes find that type of intrusive activity very stressful. We found that by using a good quality slightly abrasive sand sheet like these, meant we didn't ever have to resort to clipping claws as they wore down in a natural way.

      Good points about the Tydisan Sand Sheets are that they are thick enough to be able to take them out when soiled without ripping them. They also manage to hold anything that has fallen on to them without becoming very wet and soggy and breaking up when in use. They are ultra quick to use when you need to replace an old sheet with a nice clean new one and they can help to keep claws and beaks naturally trimmed.

      The sheets are also neatly packed for easy storage and cheap to buy in the medium and large sizes. Do expect to pay a premium for extra large sheets though. To give these a rating I feel they ought to get 5 stars as they do what they should when they should. Using them on a regular basis can help to keep a nice environment for your pet at a very reasonable cost.


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    Hygienic floor covering designed to fit most cages.

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