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Bosch MSM6150GB

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Manufacturer: Bosch

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2012 23:10
      Very helpful



      Hand blender

      The Bosch MSM6150gb is a hand blender that I have found very handy and useful and would definitely recommend it as a great gadget in your kitchen. I do have a big blender with lots of attachments and also a smoothie maker which is just a fancy way of saying blender and for making fruit drinks in but these are often too big and cumbersome for the jobs I need them do to. There is nothing worse than getting out a massive blender with lots of attachments just to blend up a few vegetables for a one person soup and then have to clean it all afterwards so that is why a small hand blender comes in very useful. 

      Also at the moment I am weaning my little boy and so am blending up lots of tiny portions of fruit and vegetables and a big blender actually cannot do small amounts like that so my only option is to use a hand blender.

      This Bosch hand blender is nice and ergonomically designed so its really comfortable to hold which in turns makes it easier to blend the vegetables with. At the top of the blender where the buttons are the handle goes in at each side so you can wrap your hand around it easily and grab it well. I find this gives you enough manoeuverability and strength when you are trying to blend some harder vegetables. The handle of this blender also has a soft plastic on the portion where you grab it, compared to the harder plastic on the rest of the blender so this also makes it more comfortable when you grab the top portion. Also I find the button placement really good on this hand blender. You can easily hold the handle and push the button at the same time with the same hand so this makes it really easy. This leaves the other hand free to hold the container you have your food in that you are blending so you know this container will remain stable whilst you are blending the contents. 

      The blender comes in two parts. There is the top portion with the buttons and then the bottom portion which has the metal blades on it. I really like that these two parts come as it then makes it really easy to clean the blades. Once I have finished blending something (usually my little boys dinner and he wants it straight away, no waiting) I quickly separate the two parts and just rinse off the blades straight away as then the food doesn't have a chance to dry and stick there if you want to actually wash it up properly later. The blender comes with an ejector button which makes separating the two parts really easy.  When you do have dried on food on the blades it is quite hard to wash it off because the blades are in a small area and bent over each other so I find it is definitely better to rinse it first and then you can clean it easily later. I also like the fact the two parts come across as this then makes it easier to store the blender as you do not have a long instrument to find cupboard space for, just two smaller parts which is quite easy to store. The top portion with the buttons does get a bit dirty with the food splashing out of the container from time to time and if this does happen you can just easily wipe it off as you are not supposed to immerse this top part in water. 

      I find the blades work really well on this blender. Sometimes I blend up quite hard vegetables. I do boil my vegetables before blending them but sometimes the harder vegetables such as carrots will still be a bit hard but this blender makes small work of them and blends them up quickly and into really small pieces. In fact, when I am doing food for my little boy, in the very beginning his food had to be very smooth and I was really pleased with how smooth this blender got all the food. The blender has a turbo button on it which makes the blades go round really fast and I find this made the food very smooth. Now that my little boy is having more lumps in his food I just use the regular button to blend up the food and it does leave some lumps and add some texture which I like so I find this blender is really good for producing different types of texture to the food. The blades are made of stainless steel and have not rusted or needed sharpening at all in the last couple months of use. The blender has 400w motor which I guess is quite good, I am not too up on motor speeds and things like that but in comparison to other blenders I understand this is quite good. 

      The hand blender also comes with a plastic beaker/container which is what I use to blend my ingredients in. I can put hot fruit and vegetables in this that I have just boiled up and it holds the heat well. The container has measurement markings up the side of it which I don't really have a need to use but I suppose if you were measuring out liquids in this to make soups with this it would be good for that. There is also a lid to the container which I find really helpful as if I have blended up lots of ingredients for my little boy I can put the leftovers in the fridge in this container and he can have it for his next meal.

      The hand blender cost me £25 and it is definitely a good one that I recommend. 


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    • Product Details

      400Watts Hand Blender Vari-Speed S/Steel Blades White

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