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Braun MR 4050 HCV

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Brand: Braun

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2011 17:05
      Very helpful



      Get blending

      I'd like to sit here and tell you all about my picky children who won't eat vegetables or lumpy things and that poor me has to use this hand blender to chop it all up and hide it in the food but sadly it's me that is stupidly picky! I spent many of my childhood years being super weird about food and if certain types of food were too lumpy or not to my liking I wouldn't be able to eat any of the dish. This oddness with food turned into an eating disorder of sorts as I entered my teen years. I wasn't eating as much as I should have because I started to fear certain foods. If I had a spaghetti meat sauce and bit into a hard bit of pepper or meat then I wouldn't be able to continue and was fearful of coming across something like that the next time it was presented to me. When I moved away from home things got a lot better because I was in charge of the food and could be careful with the ingredients. Sauces had to be smooth and each piece of veg had to be no bigger the size of my finger nail. I liked food and wanted to eat it!

      When you go on a date and you're trying to impress a boy pushing food around isn't exactly going to do it and friends were starting to get on my nerves about my habits so slowly I started trying to eat different textures and trying to be a bit more "normal" (well as normal as I can be).

      My eldest has always been a really good eater which has been a blessing but my youngest is the complete opposite and drives me mental with how little he eats. I looked at his plate the other day and although he hadn't actually eaten any of the food he'd separated the bits of tomato and courgette from the spaghetti. Made me wonder if he was a bit funny with food like me so I went out to town and came home with a hand blender. I chose a Braun blender because it looked easy to use and clean and was on offer selling for £12.99.

      As it was winter and the vegetables in the fridge weren't going to last much longer I threw them all into a pot and started making a soup. Normally I would be dragging my big blender out for this but as I had my new hand blender I thought I'd put it to the test. The pot is relatively large so there was a biggish job ahead of the blender. I remembered my blender years ago and turned the blender a bit to stop the soup from slashing back at me whilst blending. This hand blender says it has an innovative Anti-Splashing Shaft but I'm not sure how innovative it is as I still see slashes on the kitchen tiles and the occasional one on my shirt when I'm done. I'm always very careful with the blender and ensure the blender is deep in the sauce and that I'm going slowly and turning the blender away from myself so I don't get slashed and admittedly my old blender was 10 times worse but it still will slash if you're not careful.

      The noise level is much better then the big blender but still loud enough that I shut the kitchen door if anyone is watching television in the front room.

      The soup went down rather well which was good to see. Always nice to see him eating a meal. He's a lot better these days but not perfect. I think he's just one of those people that prefer to graze throughout the day rather than eat a meal. At least I know I can get him to have spaghetti sauces and soups now. Makes a change from making him cheese and marmite sandwiches three times a day and once I stopped giving him milk every time he asked things improved more.

      I was making pork tenderloin the other week and I loved a recipe that I'd seen that had a mixture of breadcrumbs and spices on the pork. I didn't fancy bringing the big blender out for this or anything anymore as it's so heavy. I have the hand blender out all the time in its own little spot next to the olive oil so I got all the bits into a bowl and used the blender to grind it all up. I did it a little bit at a time so as not to make the bits too small. I was pleased with how the pork turned out and again the blender was exactly as it's supposed to be ... Handy.

      It's easy to turn on and off using the same button and another button for a faster speed. I've only used one speed myself because the lower speed has always been just right for me. This little thing has a beefy 400 watt motor so don't underestimate the power.

      Since buying this hand blender I have seen it in shops available with a whisk and chopping attachment which I really wish I had. It would be nice not to have to whisk things with a fork, especially things that require a lot of whisking. A friend of mine has the attachments and says its super good using the chopper to get chocolate just right to flake on the top of cakes (not that I bake that often). I went onto eBay and purchased a plastic beaker and whisk attachment that goes onto the blender for about £7. The thing I like doing the most is blending up frozen fruit and yogurt to make little smoothies. The kids love them in the summer and bags of mixed fruit from the grocery store only cost a couple pounds. Usually I don't buy things with tons of attachments because I don't end up using them and they add to the stuff trying to break free from the kitchen storage cupboard but for once I use all of the bits regularly. Money well spent. Today you can pick up a set from Braun for £20- £45. Mine one doesn't seem to be readily available anymore but there are a few newer models to look at. The prices range so much because some come with more pieces and some are stainless steel. I found one for over £100 but that one comes with some heavy duty pieces. I must admit though that my mother wanted to know something nice that I want for the kitchen when we move into a new house (hopefully before next summer) and I'm thinking of the big set maybe.

      I looked after my cousins baby girl last weekend and used the blender to liquidize her meals and it was perfect for doing little amounts without loads of mess. For my little one I would take out the mini blender but the hand blender is so much easier and only one piece to clean.

      I have found when making anything red like pasta sauces it's worth washing it right after using because the white on the handle stains easily. Make sure when it's been on the drying board you turn it upside down over the sink before putting it away because the inside sometimes gets water in it. For those of you with washing machines all the pieces are machine washable.

      © oioiyou 2011


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