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Braun MR 550 M Multiquick

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Brand: Braun / Handheld Blender / 5 Speed / 16.9 oz. / with Pulse Feature

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    1 Review
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      10.10.2010 17:55
      Very helpful



      A great, versatile stick mixer.

      I have completely re-done this review which appeared last year as I have now learnt such a lot more about writing reviews that I realised that the first one was a bit pathetic!

      This little stick mixer really packs a punch and is about the only kitchen gadget I will allow to take up space in my kitchen. It doesn't come with many bells and whistles but for me it does everything I need a mixer for.

      The body is made of durable white plastic, which is easy to wipe clean and also very easy to hold as it is shaped very well, (ergonomically designed is the posh way to say it!) The hand grip, the on/off button and the two body release clips are made of tactile, non-slip grey, almost rubbery material which I think is a very good safety feature. The electric cord is about 1m in length and is attached to the top of the handle which is where the controls for the speed options live.

      Speedy speedy!

      On the top is an easy to turn dial with 5 speed settings, I generally keep mine on 3 as 5 is a bit scary, but every one will have their own preference. The on/off button has two options , the lower for the selected speed and the upper for a quick Turbo Boost! each must be continually pressed to keep the mixer going and stops the moment you release it. On the body itself it shows in a little diagram of the attachments (4 in total) which you can use with the mixer eg the whisk may be used for, you guessed it , whisking cream! It also states "Braun ,turbo 500w" on the body.The handle conects by two pressure buttons in the grey wavy band at the end of the handle, they click in to the attachments with a nice reassuring click and nothing has ever come apart on me! The body itself is nicely designed and clean and sleak looking.

      I am quite attached too...

      The attachment I use most is the stick which is shown in the picture. I use it for blitzing soups which it does very well. The liquid gets sucked into the wavy gaps and the blade does it's work. Because it is about 20cm long it can be used in a really big pan of soup. it is very easy to clean which for me is a big plus as I hate cleaning fiddly things.
      I also have the l chopper bowl attachment which is an enclosed clear container which the handle clicks on to. Inside is a stainless blade, the base of the container has a detachable non slip map to stop you whizzing around the kitchen top. Although not very big, diameter 14cm and depth 10cm, I use it a lot for fresh breadcrumbs, chopping onions and also for making homemade hummus which is basically cooked chickpeas, tahini (sesame seed paste), olive oil, lemon juice and garlic all blitzed up. I often use the turbo boost with this though it is advised not to use for more than 30secs, to get the smooth consitency which I like.
      The whisk only gets an occassional look in as we don't eat a lot of desserts but again it is easy to connect and to clean and so much better than a hand whisk.

      My Opinion.

      It's a great, helpful gadget for the kitchen. Extremley reliable and easy to use and clean. Mine is at least 6years old and still got a lot of life in it considering it is used pretty frequently. It's small size makes it easy to store and it is one gadget that does not get stuffed to the back of the cupboard! Only one problem that I can think of is that it is a bit noisy so warn people who are trying to listen to world shatteringly important cricket scores, before you use it or you could have a domestic.
      I have just checked the prices on Amazon and now find that this is quite an expensive item at around 70pounds possibly because of the Braun brand name, so I shall take good care of mine!

      5 stars from me.
      Available at electrical stores and kitchen equipment shops.

      Thanks for reading, may also be posted on Dooyoo under Springtide.

      P:S: Braun call it a stabmixer but I think that makes it sound like a horror film so I will continue to call it a stick mixer.



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