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Braun MR 5550 CA

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Brand: Braun / Blender Type: Handheld / Speeds: 5 Speed

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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2013 16:28
      Very helpful



      great product, would recommend to everyone, might need an extension chord

      I bought this blitzer a number of years ago because I do a lot of cooking and I needed a multi purpose blitzer to help me in the kitchen. I did a bit of research but this seemed to be very popular at the time of purchase, with family and friends recommending it.

      I'm really glad I bought this blitzer. It comes with three attachments; a whisk, a metal blender shaft, a high speed chopper for herbs and breadcrumbs and a beaker. I've use the metal blender shaft and the high speed chopper the most. The metal blender shaft is very useful for making soups, mashed potatoes, and other soft foods. It is especially good for mashing up baby food quickly. The high speed chopper is very good for making breadcrumbs and herbs, etc. I use this a lot as well to make breadcrumbs for potato fishcakes and it has proved very effective when you toast the bread first. Very tasty!

      The settings on the blitzer are rather easy to use. There are two pressure buttons and a dial to choose the speed you need. The speed settings range from 1 to 12. The handle has a nice feel and it has been designed ergonomically to be comfortable when in use. There are release buttons on each side of the blitzer to change utensils and the plug is attatched to the top of the blitzer next to the speed dial. The cord for the plug is on the shorter side, but we have a more than ample amount of plugs in our kitchen near the counter tops, so this isn't a problem for us. If the plugs in your kitchen are 'busy' 24/7 you could buy an extension lead for the plugs to solve the problem. It can be a bit of a nuisance to clean, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

      Overall this blitzer is very good and we have had no problems. Great for any family!


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      10.10.2010 23:37
      Very helpful



      A tool that will mix, blend, beat, whip and whisk. In fact everything but serve cocktails!

      ~*~ BRAUN'S HISTORY ~*~

      Max Braun, born 1890 in East Prussia, was the sixth of seven sons of sailor and farmer Friedrich August Braun.

      As a mechanical engineer, Max established a small engineering shop in Frankfurt, Germany in 1921. It was here that Braun invented a small apparatus to expand, fix or cut belts for machinery that he sparked the interest of English businessmen.

      Two years later, he began producing components for radio sets.
      Co-incidental to this, so dedicated in his desire to design innovative components that for many months Braun alongside a pharmacist friend, conducted experiments in the laundry room of the house where he lived, until eventually he devised a component for radios by heating crystal powder and forming it into a cylinder, connected to the contact point. Consumers could now tune in radio stations much easier by turning the crystal cylinder!

      Within five years, the company had grown to such an extent that it had to move to new premises in the town of Idstein, Germany.
      Though, throughout many years of hard work and quality engineering, Max Braun was not to witness the astounding commercial success of his amazing innovations. As On November 6, 1951, Max died unexpectingly while at work in his office.

      But, this was a family affair in that Braun's sons Artur, 26, a qualified engineer like his father, and Erwin, 30, a qualified business administrator, who had both joined the company in 1950, took over its leadership after their father's death.

      Acquisitions and developments taken into account, since 2005, Braun became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Procter & Gamble.


      I wanted a basic small tool with less cumbersom components than a traditional mixer to blend products quickly. But, to ensure reliability, I wanted to purchase this electrical item from a respected and well established company.


      The white and grey hand held blender is a real blessing, as I no longer have to haul out the more bulky whisking machine for smaller functions.


      One of the most important features for me is that the tool would have a powerful motor to cope with the various tasks I needed it for. This handy tool has a dynamic 400-watt motor. This in practical terms means that the device is most effective in processing dense hardy foods.

      But, I don't always want a forceful fast revolving tool when blending certain foods such as whipping cream. This is where the Variable speed control comes in!


      This model has a practical flexible changeable dial with five speed settings at the top of the tool in addition to its two turbo positions located on the front of the blender. This means that I can set the appliance on the gentler turbo action and set the speed dial lower to whisk eggs or change to the highest speed turbo action and set on the fifth speed to puree solid foods.

      This Braun flexible apparatus handles literally any task I use it for providing I use the correct turbo and speed settings along with the correct tool attachment. But none of this velocity would matter if the attachment blades were blunt!


      One of the attachments is a mini food processor with a practical and safe anti-slip bottom for chopping foods such as onions, and a whisk for whipping ingredients like eggs.

      The blender set also includes a convenient shaped tall beaker with lid, which I like to use for blending smoothies. The container is versatile in that I can use it for storing food.

      The bulb shaped whisk is perfect in blending liquids.

      The chopper attachment for slicing and dicing includes an extremely sharp stainless steel S-Blade. Although it is promises anti-splash, I think I use it on the wrong setting! I have used this Braun attachment more than any others, and it remains as razor-sharp as when I first purchased the blender over a year ago! Which brings us to the safety issue?


      The blender houses its motor blades within the wavy designed steel accessory tool. Therefore, the blades do not protrude out from under the tool's wavy edges. Co-incidental to this, as the unit comprises an 8-inch slim motor handle, the accessory's blades and whisking devices are far enough away from the user's hands and fingers so as not to be a safety issue.

      The processor incorporates a fan-cooled motor, which is a vital component to keep the mechanism cool when it is being used for high function use and/or in use for a while! In addition to this, the motor is secured into the unit by vibration dampers.

      A rubber type washer provides a seal around the output shaft to prevent any liquids etc, entering into the motor.

      The comprehensive manual that comes with the blender includes all safety instructions necessary to operate the apparatus without harm.


      As mentioned above, the unit comprises an 8-inch slim motor handle, which at 908gms is light weight enough to perform all task with ease, no matter how long one needs to hold the equipment steady.

      With Easy and quick click-in attachments, this blender is up and running in no time at all!

      The baton design constituent reaches easily into bowls etc, and the ergonomically constructed soft handle affords a comfortable grip.
      With one touch turbo button and pliable easy turn speed setting, this implement is very user-friendly.


      As blender attachments get right into food preparation, it was important to me that I could easily clean the tools. Although I do not have a dish washer, these supplementary elements can be used in these machines.

      But I simply detach the used extensions and wash them in hot soapy water. Then I leave to dry on the drainer. In this way, no bacteria are transferred onto the tools and there is no concern in drying the blades. The device that houses the motor can easily be wiped using a damp cloth previously rinsed in soapy water. The blender & attachments come up gleaming.


      The hand blender can be secured to the wall for neat and safe storage using the wall holder that comes complete with fitments.
      The attachments are not voluminous; therefore, I place these in the crockery cupboard.


      As blenders go through substantial use, it is wise to ensure they are covered by a warranty. Braun is covered by a year's guarantee.


      £45 from on-line social site E-bay.

      Would i recommend this product? Only if one wishes an easier life in the kitchen environment!


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    • Product Details

      With its 400 Watt power and unique Turbo function, the new Braun Multiquick is the right tool for those seeking Professional results in all functions / Blending, pureeing, chopping of hard ingredients like Parmesan or making a real, smooth Gazpacho are easy tasks / Its new and innovative Big Chopper with Ice crusher insert allows mixing drinks and crushes ice in only seconds / And the new, unique anti-splashing blender shaft design with its easy to clean design minimizes messy splashing / Food processing has never been so easy / Short name: Braun MR 5550 CA

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