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Breville Blend-Active Sports Bottle Blender

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5 Reviews

The Breville blender is great for those who are on the go. Simple and easy to use, it blends well without any leaks - plus saves on the washing up!

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    5 Reviews
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      13.08.2015 22:26
      Very helpful


      • "easy way to get your five a day"
      • "crushes ice/frozen fruit"
      • "Good quality"


      • "Nothing I can think of"

      The best product I have purchased in a long time.

      ABOUT: This blender was recommended to me by my friend. I have wanted to loose weight and eat more fruit and vegetables and this blender is apparently the great way to go about it. The blender I purchase came with 4 bottles (2x 300ml, 2x 600ml). The blender can blend/cut a range of different fruit, vegetables, nuts and it can even crush ice and frozen fruit as well so you can make a perfect smoothie or iced drink. The bottles that come with the blender are made from special material so that they do not stain and no smell or strong flavours can be tasted/smelt after washing the bottles out, no matter how long the smoothie/drink has been in there for.

      PRICE: I paid around £33.00 for the blender which came with 4 bottles. I purchased it from my local Argos store.

      IN USE: The blender is really quick and simple to use. Simply put all your ingredients into the bottle ensuring that you don't go over the max line on each bottle and then screw on the blade attachment. With the bottle upside down put this into the base of the blender and twist clockwise so that it locks into place. If it's not locked into place properly then the blender won't work. Simply press the button on the front of the blender to blend all the ingredients together. You can hold down the button or press it in short bursts to ensure all the ingredients blend together. Remove the bottle and blade attachment from the base of the blender by twisting anti-clockwise. Put the bottle the right way up, unscrew the blade attachment and then screw on one of the lid's and enjoy.

      The bottles are really strong and the holes in the lids are a goos size so you can drink smoothies out of them really easily, even if they are quite thick. I have been using the blender for just under a week and have used a wide range of various different ingredients in the blender and they always make delicous smoothies. You can make a couple of bottles up although they do need to be store in the fridge and drank the same day. Cleaning the bottles and blade attachment is really easy and you can wash them by hand or in the dishwasher.

      OVERALL: A fantastic blender and one that I will continue to use everyday.


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      27.02.2015 18:05
      Very helpful


      • "Range of uses"
      • Style
      • "Build quality"
      • Compact


      • "1st Delivery came already used"

      A great blender, and strong competition for the Nutribullet. 10/10

      I bought this after seeing all the Nutribullets and other products being used by everyone around me. I was shocked at the price of the nutribullet, and managed to stumble upon this thing!

      I bought this for around £25, and it came quickly from Amazon. However, once opened I realise it had already been used, and it was quite disgusting as it hadn't been thoroughly cleaned!

      I was dealt with quickly through Amazon's brilliant customer care, even though it was 10pm! Long story short, got £5 back and a new one delivered the next day.

      On to the blender - finally!

      It looks great - straight out the box it looks, and feels, just like a quality product. It was put to use straight away, packed to the brim with fruit and vegetables, as well as ice and it was no match for the blender.

      The bottles are extremely sturdy, and it comes with 2 straight away. They're large bottles, and can fit heaps of healthy (and unhealthy) food in them.

      I find it works best to blend things in stages, as the blades are quite small and the bottle quite narrow - so if you want a smooth drink then make sure you blend all the fibre-y stuff first, then add all the rest in.

      I've heard some stories about people shredding the link between the blades and the blender by not screwing it on properly - but I have no idea how they managed to do that as it has a safety mechanism. I see this thing lasting for donkeys years with the right care!

      You should probably only pulse the blender to avoid doing any damage, I can't imagine the motor is too strong! It also doesn't have a switch that you can leave the blender running, you actually have to keep pressing it for it to run.

      Overall - infinite uses, and gets used often. No signs of letting up, and I think this is a blender that performs well above the price it is asking for! Definitely keeps up with the nutribullet and it's competitors.

      2 bottles as standard - a bargain item for a healthy (ish) lifestyle change!


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      26.04.2014 12:33
      Very helpful


      • "easy to wsh up"
      • "portable shaker"
      • "fast blending"


      efficient, fast and perfect for on the go

      I purchased this blender due to jogging a lot and therefore consdiering making my own smoothies to take with me on the go, this blender comes with a 600ml bottle, one-touch action blending with angled blades and a 300W motor. The entire unit takes up the same amount of space as a large Cola bottle so storage will never be an issue. The included bottle acts as both a blending container and a portable bottle so you can drink this wherever you are (as for me when im jogging i can enjoy my fruit smoothie)The best thing about this Blender is that it is quite literally touch-and-go. Fill the bottle up with your ingredients including fruits, vegetables, yoghurts, powders, milks and even ice if needed. Attach the blade and it will start blending. In under 30 seconds your smoothie will be ready and fit for drinking and all you need to do now is remove the blades and replace it with the bottle lid. When it comes to washing up, the main motor unit goes back into the cupboard, the blades will do with a quick splash of water and the bottle can quickly and easily be rinsed out. If you don''t want to wash up the blender, you can also put them in the dishwasher as it is safe to use. i am fascinated with this blender as it really is so easy to use and fast at the same time, if anyone wants a blender thats quick efficient and easy to take with you then i would recommend this blender 10/10. cheap price for what you get.


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      18.02.2014 22:37



      A wonderful product

      This product is a godsend. I'm often in too much of a rush to eat breakfast or lunch on my way out to class or the gym, so I had gotten into the habit of making up smoothies and storing them in the fridge to grab as I left the house. This product saves me a lot of the effort of having to wash up the blender after blending and then the travel cup when I get home again, because you blend the smoothies/protein shakes in the sports cup. The fact that you are provided with two cups also saves a little on washing up. The appliance is simple to set up and use, and is much more efficient than many other blenders I've used in the past. Even when using oats to make breakfast smoothies, there is no clogging in the blades like there would be making thicker smoothies in other blenders. The blender is also suitable for crushing ice, which means I can use it to make cocktails with very little effort.


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      01.08.2013 15:05
      Very helpful



      Th best investment I've made in a long time

      "A sports blender?" Some of you may be asking. Let me explain. My other half is a gym fanatic who rises at 0530 hours to frequent the gym. (Could possibly be to his army background methinks!?) He's a bit of an Arnie - all about the weights. Plus his Judo twice a week and you guessed it; he's a pretty big guy. And it's all muscle.

      Pushing the body so much means he's always taken on extra protein into his diet in the form of various protein powders. These come in a myriad of flavours from plain (that you can add to soups, stews, cereals etc), vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and even once cookie cream!

      Granted, these sound lovely but in fact after a while one gets sick of drinking them. There is a huge flaw with lots of these powders that (even in a shaker bottle), they don't always mix well. If you add ice then worse, the powder sticks to it, causing lumps later. So. A lumpy, luke warm sweet drink at 6am? Didn't think so either. Taking the time to blend his shake before the gym makes it light, frothy, keeps it cold and generally more palatable.

      We chose this blender to replace our kenwood one when it which decided to whizz up part of the jug with his morning shake! Not very tasty or nutritious.

      * Price and Availability *

      We bought this from Tesco Direct for £32.50. We'd been after it for a while but there are currently limited stockists of this model.

      * Packaging *

      Standard packaging as you would expect. Strong cardboard box with product images and information. Everything inside is partitioned up well to stop moving around, in separate plastic bags and there is a twist tie on the plug wire.

      * What Breville Say *

      - Personal Sports Bottle Blender
      - 2 x 600ml portable sports bottles
      - Quick & easy
      - Fits car cup holders

      * First Impressions *

      The first thing I noticed is how little room this takes up compared to our old one, its dinky! This is important to us as its always on the worktop. The second thing was that the green is really funky! And matches our green kettle & toaster. ... But I imagine most people don't have bright green appliances :)

      The two bottles are a much better size than the last which were actually pretty clunky now I have this to compare to. The icing on the cake is that OH can pop them in the cup holder in the car, which he couldn't do before. This resulted in passenger seat / gym bag accidents... eugh! I'm pretty confident this wont happen again.

      The lids are extremely secure and the flip top has a large mouthpiece which is fantastic for thick shakes. OH is able to get every last drop out of the bottle which is another plus point as the last one always left ~1cm of shake in the bottom which was inevitably rank to clean after a whole day at work... Nice.

      The lids also flip all the way open and stay put whilst drinking i.e don't fall back and hit you in the nose!

      * How does it work? *

      This blender operates slightly differently to most other blenders as the jug used to blend is the one used to transport the drink. That is, it does not need to get poured into another container, which saves on washing.

      The contents (whether fruit, ice, powder, milk) are placed in the jug. The blades for blending are not on the main unit, rather they are screwed onto the jug. The jug is then turned upside down and twisted onto the main unit for blending. Once blended, the jug is removed and the bladed section is replaced with a separate lid for drinking / transporting. Make sense?

      * What's it like to use?*

      Breville have come up tops with this in our eyes. its just fantastic for what we use it for. The bottles have a handy measuring guide on the side so no faffing with a separate jug.

      I was slightly concerned because there was only one speed setting but I needn't have been as the blades chop through ice easily and actually pretty quietly compared to others! I've made a couple of smoothies for myself and there haven't been any annoying lumps. I haven't tried adding peanut butter or nuts yet but I would assume they'd be no problem as it whizzes through seeds just fine.

      Cleaning wise, it's fantastic. The main unit never needs cleaned as there has been no leaks. I rinse off the blades after each use (ok, actually my OH does; I'm useless that time of the morning) and use a dish brush to clean the inside of the bottles. We don't have a dishwasher but they are safe in there.

      The flip top lid design is absolutely perfect. For those of you used to sports bottles, shakers etc, you will know how important this is after a session when you need something in you, fast. It also gives a bit of extra space at the top of the bottle to shake the drink up a bit if it settles.

      * Anything else worthy of note? *

      The bottles are shatterproof, bpa free and they also claim to be stain resistant. Only time will tell this. The "blend active" logo is on the sides of the bottles, this is the only slight negative I can come up with! That and it only comes in green.

      * My favourite high protein smoothie recipe (without the ghastly powdered stuff) *

      1 Banana
      125ml / 1/4 large tub of Natural yogurt (the runny kind, not Greek)
      2 tsps unsoaked flaxseeds (high in omegas)
      Handful of icecubes
      Couple drops of vanilla essence or a tsp honey for sweetness
      Blend and drink... Yum!

      * Summary *

      Breville have outdone themselves with this fit for purpose and well positioned product. Can I award 6 stars please?


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