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Cookworks KB40SA-1 Glass Blender

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5 Reviews

Brand: Cookworks / Type: Glass Blender

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    5 Reviews
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      21.06.2013 13:37



      Bought this blender about a month ago. We used it about 4-5 times since, works fine, though it's quite loud compared to other blenders. My flatmate and I made soup last night, put the lid on, turned it on and the soup exploded out of the blender (the lid was still on even after we turned it off). It might've been that the lid had a bad seal, though everything still looked ok and in place even after we turned it off, so I'm not sure what the problem is. But, it's extremely dangerous for that to happen! My forearms got scalded by the hot soup, they were red and painful all night and I now have 4-5 blisters on them. My flatmate has minor burns on his hands. Extremely upset by this product and we're definitely not going to use it again!


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      15.01.2013 00:55
      Very helpful



      a great blender for home use

      Before Christmas, we decided that we would buy a cheap blender in to the house so we could make some cocktails and have some friends around for Christmas parties.

      We decided to go to Argos to buy it as they are local to us and also they usually have good deals on their electrical appliances, we picked up this Cookworks Glass Blender because it was one of the cheaper blenders and seemed to have quite a few good functions to it.

      This blender looks great in my kitchen, I had initially thought I would store it in the cupboard, but it matches my kitchen so well I have decided to keep it out on display.

      The jug part of my blender is see-through and glass, it has measurements in mls in it and holds a maximum of 1500ml at a time, which is quite sufficient for us when we are using it at home. There is a sleek black lid on the jug to stop spills and a little glass topper that can be used to add more fruit or liquid into the blender, this is quite handy as it allows me to add more ingredients to blend, without pulling off the lid and making a mess.

      The jug sits nicely on a silver base and has quite a large knob on it to turn on the different functions. It looks really sleek in my kitchen and the base has plastic sticky buttons on the bottom to ensure that the blender is non stick. I think that this is great as I am forever knocking it and it helps when I am securing the jug to the base.

      I have found that this blender is really easy to clean, the jug comes away from the base really easily and the lids are taken apart easily too. This makes it simple to take apart and clean and reassemble. The jug is also shaped nicely to help clean it out well, you just have to watch your fingers on the blades at the bottle of the jug.

      There are three different functions on this blender, blending strength 1, 2 and P. The 1st blending strength is slower than the second one. The P stands for pulse and it is used to just give little bursts of blending when your cocktails or smoothies have settled and need an extra spin.

      The blending speeds are very easy to adjust and are strong enough to blend up a range of different foods and liquids. I find that the first setting is quick enough to do milkshakes and other liquids, and the second setting is quick enough and strong enough to use when blending up ingredients like biscuits for baking or fruit or other solids.

      Price and Availability
      You can buy this blender for around £30 at the moment in Argos, I think that this is quite a good price and definitely think that I have got my monies worth out of it. You may be able to pick it up cheaper on Amazon if you shop around a bit, but I found it was really hassle free going and picking it up in store in Argos.

      I think that this is a great blender, it is cheap and cheerful and it does the job for me at home. I really like how this blender looks sitting in my kitchen and it has quite good blending capability. Overall I would give this blender 5 out of 5 stars. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a nice, stylish looking, cheap blender for home use.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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      27.12.2012 21:12
      Very helpful



      good for occasional use

      My kind of cooking requires me to do some heavy duty blending quite often, so I was looking for a robust blender that would last me a while.

      I found this in Argos for £30 when I bought it about two years ago. I bought it as I felt it was quite well built, and in the cheaper range.

      The blender has a base unit and a jar.

      The one I have is the silver version, where the base has a silver coloured plastic coating. It is quite heavy as it houses the 500 watt motor unit, but will stay firmly on your counter as it has got non-slip rubber feet.
      It has two speed settings and a pulse function, which are quite good.

      The 1.75 L capacity jar is made of glass and quite heavy, I wouldn't advise it for older people or those with joint problems. It fixes to the base with a safety locking mechanism that gives you a click when in position. I am not a great fan of the locking mechanism as there is only one position where the jar will fit into the lock, indicated by a red arrow on the base. You have to turn it the opposite way to remove the jar. The blender will only work when the jar is locked in position, which meant that when the lock on mine broke about one year after buying it, I was unable to use it for a while until I figured out how to repair it.
      ( Well, I managed to get it stuck in the locked position with a bit of toothpick and tape.)

      The lid is made of plastic with a tight fitting rubber seal around the edge, so nothing leaks out while blending. Like most others, the cap has a small hole in the middle with a little stopper that you can open and add ingredients while blending without having to take the lid off.

      I dont like the design of the blender as it is not easy to clean the deepest part, unlike the claim on the website. The jar tapers down to a conical bottom and then flares out a tiny bit beneath and around the blade, into the plastic part at the bottom. This bit is very difficult to clean, and foodstuff can get accumulated unless you take the effort to blend soapy warm water in it after using.

      I have used this blender for a lot of things from making hummus and blending rice to grinding spice ( as I could not find a good easy to clean spice mill around) and eventually it started giving way after nearly two years of use. Perhaps it wasn't designed for the way I used it. I have noticed that it has started to leak out at the bottom unless I am really quick, I am not sure whether there is a solution to this. Anyhow I now use another blender for routine cooking purposes and this one is only used for making the occasional smoothie. I am sure I'll have to get rid of it soon enough.

      This blender does blend and grind very well, but might be better for people who only need a blender for occasional use.


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        18.12.2011 11:06
        Very helpful



        Decent Blender

        We received this Cookworks Signature glass blender as a wedding gift two years ago. We already had a food processor and I didn't tend to blend much, so it is not something that we would ever have bought at that time, but a nice enough gift none-the-less. Then, when my son came along and was ready for weaning, I was grateful to have this in the house and I have been using this extensively ever since. The blender is available in argos, at £29.99 which I think is a pretty good price for a blender. The blender is 500W.

        THE LOOK

        The blender is quite big and bulky to look at (Dimensions: H42, W21, D23cm). It is particularly worth noting the height of the blender if you need to store it under anything (it just fits on my work surface under my kitchen wall cupboards). It looks modern and stylish though, with a brushed stainless steel and black base and a large thick glass jug. On the front of the base there is a black knob that is turned to operate the blender and a black plastic lid on top of the jug. The overall look is, I would say, simple and stylish.

        There is a black wire and plug leading from the base. Again, worth noting is that the wire is not very long, so it needs to be used pretty near to a plug socket. On the side of the jug there is a measuring scale on the glass up to 1500ml (the capacity of the jug).

        USING IT

        The glass jar is simply placed into the base unit to use. You do not need to twist or turn or click it into place. The plastic lid is also just pushed into the top of the jug. The dial on the base unit is twisted to operate. It can be turned to the left slightly to use the 'pulse' option. The dial does not hold in place here, so you need to keep flicking it backwards and forwards, which I guess is the nature of a 'pulse'. The dial has two settings when twisted to the right - fast and faster! To use, you can turn the dial to the required setting and leave it there, once finished you turn it back to the left to the starting position.


        As I said previously, I have not used many blenders in my time - I haven't had the need to until recently - so I have little to compare this to. But, I am very pleased with the blender. I like that it is simple to use and that it looks good, fitting in with my kitchen decor nicely!

        I do find the jug heavy to use and it can be difficult to pour the contents out of the jug into pots etc as tipping the jug right up needs both hands. However, the glass is really thick which is what makes it heavy and, if this was any thinner, I would have concerns about using it - dropping and breaking it or that it would become scratched and ruined. Therefore, I see the weight or the jug as a necessary trade-off with these factors. The lid also holds on really well whilst in use - something that I was worried about as it doesn't 'lock' into place. I have not experienced any problems of leakages here.

        Despite the jug just pushing onto the base, and not actually being twisted in, it feels really secure and I have no concerns here. The jug does not feel like it is balancing and could be knocked off easily. The speed settings on the blender are more than adequate for my needs and they all do a good job. The blender, when in operation, is incredibly loud though. This is particularly the case on the fastest setting when it feels like it is preparing for take-off and, if you touch the work surfaces you can feel them vibrate. This means that I have to carefully select times when I am able to blend and, unfortunately, baby nap times are not one of them!

        I have blended all sorts in this blender - fruits, vegetables and meats. It has coped really well with all things that I have tried, blending down to a puree well. Occasionally, I have been left with the odd lump or two of fruit or vegetable that, no matter how many times I pulse or for how long I blend, just will not disappear. This is usually when I am not blending great quantities. I seem to find that the more I put into the blender, the better the results.

        I find the jug relatively easy to clean. Getting behind the blades is tricky but these can be removed for cleaning (sometimes I am a little lazy!). I couldn't find anything in the booklet or on the box as to whether this was dishwasher safe, so I chanced it and the jug washes up really well (phew!). I always like to give it a little rinse before I use it as, no matter how well I dry it before I put it away, it seems to hold the water so when I take the lid off to use it again, it can smell a little stale.


        For my personal needs, this blender is great - it suits me perfectly. It looks good and functions well. For the price it sells at, I would say that this is a good buy. There are one or two minor flaws - it's very noisy and doesn't always blend everything perfectly - but these do not matter a great deal to me. Should you require a blender that is gentle on the ears or one that blends everything, every time, I would suggest that maybe this isn't quite right for you. Despite my reservations of having a glass jug (I am a little on the clumsy side) I now wouldn't want a plastic one as this is so thick and feels like it would take quite a bashing before breaking (I am doing my best not to test out this theory).

        I would definitely recommend the blender to anyone that is looking for one at a good price.


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          23.09.2011 21:07
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          This is a nice looking blender at a good price that does the job well.

          I am a lady who loves my shiny kitchen gadgets, so when the hubby announced that he was going on a protein heavy diet (to bulk up his muscles) and would need protein shakes I decided now would be a fine time to purchase a blender.

          My first blender of choice was the Breville IBL044 blender costing £24.99 from Argos. I got it home and hubby unpacked it and started fiddling with the big dial on the front, much to my distress the dial made a nasty crunching sound and proved itself to be broken without ever having dirtied its blades so back in the box it went and back to Argos.

          I then perused the catalogue once more and came across Cookworks Signature KB40SA-1 Glass Blender costing just a few pennies more at £29.99. This caught my eye despite the fact that I have never had a Cookworks product before as it had a chunky glass jug and a stainless steel and black body and looked very sturdy for the relativley low price tag. The blender was well packed and the majority of the packaging was recyclable.

          The glass jug lifts off and places back on the body of the machine easily it just slots in, no fiddly lining up or twisting required. The jug is very chunky and as long as its not dropped I can see it outliving the motor of the blender with ease.

          The jug is clearly marked up one side to 1.5litres. The lid is black plastic and pushes on to the jug, sealing nice and tight, no leakage while blending, in the centre of the lid is a clear plastic, removable insert that can be removed to add ingredients during the blending process.

          The controls of the blender are simple to use it has a large dial centrally placed on the body of the base, turn the dial to the left for a quick pulse action, the dial does spring back so you do have to repeatedly turn it to have continuose pulsing, when the dial is turned to the right it has two speeds fast and faster.

          The body of the blender is easy to wipe clean and the base has nice sturdy rubber feet so it stays put while blending, unfortunatly there is no cord storage even though it claims to have it, but as the cord is not over long this doesn't pesent to much of an issue.

          The jug is easy to rinse out and wipe clean, I cant find anywhere that says it is dish washer safe, I usually swirl it out and then hold it upside down in the sink and have a good old swish around with hot soapy water and that keeps it sparkling like new.

          I have used the blender for crunching ice and it does a good job of it, obliterating a hand full of ice cubes to slush in a matter of seconds. On the down side the motor is very noisy and acts as a wake up call for the whole house in the morning, maybe even the whole neighbour hood, but to be honest that is my only downside, it's a good little blender and its chunky enough to last a good many years. The technical specs are as follows:-

          * Glass with stainless steel jug.
          * 500 watts.
          * 2 speeds.
          * Pulse function.
          * Stainless steel blades.
          * Capacity of jug 1.5 litres.
          * Easy to clean.
          * Cord storage.
          * Size H42, W21, D23cm

          I give it 4/5 stars, I removed one as it is so noisy.

          Thankyou for reading, This is my first review in ages and I think the spell check on my comp is broke as it seems to think I've spelt everything ok.


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          Short name: Cookworks KB40SA-1

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