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Brand: Kenwood / Blender Type: Work Top / Speeds: 1 Speed / Jar Size: 33.81 oz.

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2011 17:44
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      good choice of a cheap basic blender

      I bought this blender after quite a bit of research as I wanted something cheap but decent. I already had a food processor so my main objective was to get a machine that would deal with smaller quantities of stuff (the amounts that processor blades run above) as well as good enough for smooth smoothies.

      This is a simple, traditional blender with a large plastic jug which screws onto a base with blades. There is also a second base and a smaller cup - by design I think it's a spice mill and I used it like that but it would obviously also do smaller quantities of anything else.

      Each base comes with its own seal, and the jug cover has a drip-cup for mayonnaise making.

      I used this blender for about two years now and I have been pretty satisfied with it, to the degree that in combination with a hand mixer it pretty much made my food processor redundant.

      It deals with most stuff I throw at it (sometimes it even falls into the jug) very well,

      Although it's not officially a "smoothie maker", it makes fine smoothies. I normally use frozen fruit for smoothies rather than ice cubes, and it has no problems with that (even strawberries which are usually stone-solid) but I did use ice as well and it crushed it fine too.

      Many blenders require quite a lot of liquid for the blades to turn and the crushing to happen, and I find that this Kenwood one isn't too bad on this score. When making hummus for example, the amount of oil and lemon juice I would normally use is usually just about enough, with maybe a bit of water.

      The spice grinding mode works great for my purposes, I mad a lot of curry paste and quite a few sambal mixtures and they came out well ground while the blender didn't conk out or burn. I didn't try grounding coffee in the spice mill cup (you are NOT supposed to but one is always tempted to try) because I made it all tumeric-and-coriandery and thus not quite suitable for coffee.

      The seal between the jug and the base works well but it does require quite careful crewing together, otherwise there are minor leaks. I sometimes don't unscrew it for washing (the sluttish cook that I am) and I found that it actually doesn't get too dirty - though obviously it is only possible if you are blending similar things and without too long a break between them.

      The jug is transparent plastic and is now (after two years' use) covered in fine-line cracks but this is purely cosmetic and the jug still works fine. The handle, however, is empty inside and for some reason has a tiny hole at the top which means that yucky stuff gets into it sometimes: not much, but if you have my talent for splashing and spilling, a bit manages. I don't quite know what it's for (something to do with the construction of the handle and the fact that it's made of two pieces of plastic) but it's unnecessary.

      I am not sure if the jug and/or blades are dishwasher proof as I didn't have a dishwasher when I bought the blender and now I have one, the instructions are long gone, but so far it has survived even the most intensive cycles without noticeable damage (though obviously blunting of the blades will take a while to become noticeable).

      It is a simple, cheap product and has to be taken as such. I, perversely, quite like the fact that it only has one speed - frankly, lack choice often makes life easier. I also remember the instructions claiming that it shouldn't be used for more than 60 seconds at the time, but I find that I never need to use it for more anyway.

      All in all, I am happy with this product and would recommend it for anybody looking for a cheap and cheerful, simple blender.


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    • Product Details

      1 litre capacity Indicates maximum volume of liquid the product can hold / Stainless steel blades Prevents rusting and makes it easier to clean Base dismantles for easy cleaning For added convenience / 350 / watts power Watts measure the output of motor / Short name: Kenwood BL330

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