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Brand: Kenwood / Blender Type: Work Top / Speeds: 1 Speed / Jar Size: 33.81 oz.

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    1 Review
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      29.10.2013 13:10
      Very helpful



      An easy to use blender that I will find a mulititude of uses for at this time of year

      It is fast approaching that cold time of year, during which I usually want to hibernate until the sun comes out again. To keep myself upbeat throughout the cold months I like to eat some homemade comfort food and one favourite of mine is a hearty vegetable soup. To make this soup a blender is a real necessity. Pulling my old blender out of the cupboard last weekend, it was beginning to look a tad worse for wear and sounding a little ropey, so I thought I would have a look for a replacement model when I next went shopping. Argos is usually a good bet when looking for electrical items and so, when I saw this Kenwood BL338 blender on offer from £49.99 down to £24.99 I purchased one to take home.

      Unlike my previous blender which was wholly white in colour and had a tendency to get dirty very easily, this blender has a mainly silver body with a removable jug which features a black lid, handle and bottom against its predominantly clear plastic body. To the front of my blender is a large black switch and this allows the user to turn the appliance off and on. On the bottom, the black plastic houses four plastic feet which ensure that this blender sits comfortably on my kitchen worktop and feels secure there. This blender has a line of measurements which run up the side of the jug, which are helpful if I want to measure a liquid to an exact amount. In terms of looks, I like the overall appearance of this product which is modern and quite masculine in my opinion and looks nice on my polished black worktops although it does feel slightly light in weight and this does make me question its build quality.

      In terms of features this blender is really no different to any other I have owned. The plastic jug houses 1 litre of liquid which makes it adequate in our house for mixing up a few spoonfuls of liquid vegetables when making soup. This blender has one speed setting and removable steel blades which makes cleaning this product quite easy to do. This appliance can be washed in the dishwasher (jug only of course) and this makes it hassle free cleaning. Another helpful feature is the safety interlock which simply ensures that your cannot use this appliance without first having correctly clicked the jug into the bottom half of the appliance.

      Using this blender is rather easy to do and as it only has one speed setting with which to rotate the stainless steel blades there really is no confusion in operating this appliance. There are really two options to use the jug, either to remove it from the body of the machine and fill it before clicking it back on, or (as I do) connecting the jug to the body of the machine, removing the lid to fill and then blending. Both achieve the same result with one being arguably safer than the other. This blender is powered via an electrical plug and the cable is of an adequate length to position the blender around my kitchen in a place which suits the limited workspace room. Once the jug is properly connected to the base and the lid is screwed on, it is possible to click the button down to the 'on' position and watch the blades gradually break down the food inside to a nice liquid pulp.

      The blades on this particular blender are rather speedy and create a deep whirring noise when they are switched on. Upon first use I did find the one speed setting a tad disappointing as I like to have the option to put the blades into reverse when they struggle to get through a particularly meaty piece of vegetable. However the one speed is quite adequate as long as the jug is not overfilled. In terms of use, I generally find that around four serving spoonfuls of cooked vegetables and stock is the maximum that this blender can take before it starts making a whirring sound without the blades rotating. As a result, I have to keep an eye on what I am doing and blend the vegetables in stages. For example when I put in more than the four spoonfuls I generally have to keep turning the machine off, sticking a wooden spoon in to the jug to move the obstruction and starting again.

      Once the food inside is adequately liquidised, my attention is then turned to the task of cleaning this appliance. This appliance does have the benefit of the ability to remove each of the parts to clean them thoroughly including removing the blades from the body of the machine, although generally I prefer to wash the jug in one go. In my house it really is just a case of removing the lid and jug from the body of the blender, washing each separately in hot water and then leaving to dry before storing away. Personally I prefer to allow the parts to dry on the side before reassembling as I find trying to dry the parts with a tea towel a bit of a faff. As the base of this appliance houses the motor for the machine it cannot be submersed in hot water as the jug can, however I find that it is easily cleaned with a hot cloth and a jet of Cif cleaning spray which makes the plastic body look as good as new again.

      Storing this appliance is a bit of a pain in our kitchen which already has limited shelf space as the height of the appliance (36cm) makes it too tall to stand in any of my kitchen cupboards. Therefore I have to remove the jug from the bottom of the machine and store it in two sections which does take up a fair amount of room.

      In terms of availability, Argos are currently doing a great deal on this blender selling it for half price at £24.99 although it is also available from such online retailers as Amazon. I think the price is fair when compared to other manufacturers and I was happy to pay it given that it is from Kenwood who I consider to be a reputable brand.

      Despite having owned this appliance for a few days, I have to say that it is adequate for my kitchen needs and is good at blending soups and my husbands protein shakes. As a result it scores a good four stars from me. I would recommend this appliance however, next time I look for a blender I will look for one with more than one speed.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading!


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    Short name: Kenwood BL338

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