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Kenwood CH186 Mini Chopper

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3 Reviews

Brand: Kenwood

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    3 Reviews
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      23.09.2013 16:40
      Very helpful



      I love my little Ken!

      My husband bought this nifty little gadget for me about five years ago when I was in my curry making phase.

      Curries need a lot of ingredients that need a lot of preparation i.e finely chopped garlic, ginger and spices. This little wonder does the lot with ease.

      I would absolutely love a food processor that does all this but on a grander scale, but I just don't have the room for one and to be honest, my little chopper is so easy to clean and takes up so little space, I would probably still use this even if I had a bobby dazzler food processor!

      ~~~So what do you get?~~~
      Ken is less than 20cm in length and about 10cm wide and he tucks neatly into one of my gadget drawers. Mine is different in colour to the picture shown. Mine is white with a grey button to activate.

      He has a cable which is about a metre in length which is quite sufficient, and he sits on four little rubber legs so he won't scratch your worktop.

      There is a little plastic bowl that sits on a metal prong in the centre of the base unit with a plastic central unit on which the blades sit. Lastly there is a lid with a little arrow on it to line up to a mark on the base unit. I found this quite tricky initially but you soon get used to it. The machine won't work unless it is lined up properly.

      The bowl has a 150ml chopping capacity and the chopper has a 300w motor.

      Ken can be put into the dishwasher quite safely but you must wash the blades by hand. This is not a problem for me as I don't possess a dishwasher.

      I have read some reviews on this little machine that say the blade has broken early on in it's life but again, I haven't had this problem. If you did, you can get a replacement blade from good old Amazon for £9.99.

      ~~~My thoughts~~~
      Whilst I was into making curries, this saved me a lot of chopping by hand! Not just the onions, garlic and ginger, but the spices and herbs as well. ( No smelly fingers either)!

      To use, just chop up your ingredients really roughly and place them in the bowl. (Don't over fill it)!
      I usually then just hold in the button on the top and pulse it till things are at the chopped state I require. Be warned, if you do it too long you will get a puree!

      Obviously, if you require large amounts, you will have to keep repeating in batches but it really is so much quicker than doing by hand.

      I wish I had purchased one of these when my children were babies as I can see it would be great for making home-made baby food by just blending what the adults were going to have.

      Another thing I regularly use it for is making breadcrumbs. Yes I have done it with a grater, but always seem to grate my fingers as well. My chopper eliminates that problem.
      It's great for chopping nuts as well.

      In summary: I can't praise this little gadget enough and would miss it enough to replace it, if and when it ever does stop working. At the £20 mark it's a lot more purse friendly than an all singing, all dancing food processor. You can buy this from Amazon or any high street retailer.

      Thanks for reading.


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        19.09.2013 13:03
        Very helpful



        There's a place for this in every kitchen

        If you've read my review of the large Kenwood food processor, you're probably wondering why I would need a mini-chopper like this one, but actually I use it all the time!

        The chopper is about the size of two jacket potatoes and half of it forms the motor and base (white bit) and the rest is a mini food processing bowl that slots onto a spindle that's attached to the base. The blade is the placed over the top, and there's a lid that slides on top and clicks in when it's at the right angle. You can't press the on button until the lid is in place, which is a good safety option. I've found that when I press down on the power button I can get a variation in speed, but I'm not sure if this is an official feature.

        The bowl itself doesn't fit a huge quantity, but it's perfect for whizzing up some garlic and a chilli for a stir fry, or a bit of chocolate to make some chocolate chips. The motor isn't really powerful, so I've found that it will struggle when there's a full bowl of stuff, but doing it in small batches isn't too much of a pain. This really fills the gap between needing to chop something fiddly and not wanting to lug out the massive food processor. It sits neatly in the cupboard and it really easy to clean, we just bung it all in the dishwasher.

        I'd recommend this for people who avoid using fresh items because they think they are too much effort - this product takes away the effort and gives you many more kitchen options. Great for the keen chef and newbie alike!


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        04.02.2013 22:43
        Very helpful



        Slices through anything, easy storage and easy to clean.

        This was one of my favourite Christmas presents bought by my dad! I am not an ungrateful person but buying a household appliance is a big no no in my opinion.........until now!

        This amazing little gadget is so easy to use, storage is not a problem and so easy to clean! (A must for me!)

        The first thing that struck me was its ability to chop without the food sticking to the sides so there was no need to keep stopping and starting to scrape the jug!

        It is a sturdy compact machine that has rubber grins to stop it from moving!

        At first I thought the jug was a little bit awkward to put on but very quickly got the knack!

        It is very powerful with its 300w motor and is quite noisy but has you don't have to have it chopping for long that does not bother me.

        The stainless steel blades slice through anything! Garlic is no longer a problem or finely chopped chives. Gone are the days of streaming eyes when chopping onions.

        I am sure this has saved me hors in the kitchen!

        One big bonus is how small it is! It can sit on the work surface or tuck way in a cupboard!

        Thanks Dad!

        Technical Details
        Safety interlock system. Dishwasher safe.
        350ml bowl with 150ml chopping capacity.
        Stainless steel blades for perfect results.
        Rubber feet for added stability.

        In my opinion this is a super little gadget once you get use to putting the jug on!

        Average price £20 to £25


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      Short name: Kenwood CH186

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