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Brand: Hinari / Blender Type: Handheld / Speeds: 2 Speed / Pulse Feature: With Pulse Feature

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    1 Review
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      30.09.2010 15:35
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      5 out ot 5 stars

      Kenwood HB655 3 in 1 hand blender

      I am going to start by saying that I think every kitchen should have one of these!

      We've had our three in one hand blender for over a year now and I wouldn't be without this, when I bought it I never realised how much use I would get out of this. It has become one of my most used kitchen appliances. It has a multitude of uses from being a simple hand blender, to a whisk, to a chopping bowl and with an additional jug thrown in for good measure.

      The main bulk of the appliance (the bit housing the 400 watt motor) is quite heavy and you simply screw whatever attachment on that you want to use. It is every easy to attach these additional sections to the main part, the clip on and feel secure when they are joined.

      It has two settings, and you can use either by pressing one of the two buttons. The first setting the top button causes a slower blending motion and the second button speeds it all up.

      --Hand blender--

      I probably use the hand blender the most and it does come in handy for a great number of occasions, I probably use this more often than not when making soup.

      The hand blender works well and it has served me well and consistently.

      --Balloon whisk--

      This comes in so handy for a number of cooking and baking occasions. Lately, I have been experimenting with making Yorkshire puddings and merguines. The whisk has been a great use, turning a chore of whisking manually into something I rather enjoy. I won't say that I haven't occasionally caused a bit of a mess with this whisk, but that has all human error, don't remove it when still whisking away unless you want to be covered in egg whites.

      --Chopping bowl--

      This is probably the least used attachment, I have attempted to make pesto which didn't turn out as tasty as the options available to buy. The few times that I have used this it has worked well. It is also a decent size that will hold quite a lot of food to be chopped.

      --Additional Jug--

      So far the only use I have for this additional jug is to make milkshake. I add in the milk and the flavour (usually strawberry crusha, milk and a scoop of ice cream) and then with the hand blender give it a nice whizz until all creamy and yummy.


      If I did have one minor complaint about this appliance it would be that the length of the cable could be longer. There isn't a huge amount of room to move around when this is plugged in and it is best choosing your plug to use wisely as it can get annoying trying to rearrange everything so that it can all reach after you have started doing whatever it is you are doing.

      When we bought ours we paid around £35 for the set, but now you can buy this from Amazon for £26.99, which personally I think is a very reasonable price.

      I believe that most of the attachments are dishwasher safe but I tend to just give them a rinse and clean in hot soapy water as I use them.
      Overall, I really like this and I would recommend this kitchen appliance to anyone that is looking for something similar. This gets a well earned five out of five stars from me.


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    • Product Details

      Short name: Kenwood HB655

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