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Brand: Kenwood / Blender Type: Work Top / Speeds: 2 Speed / Jar Size: 33.81 oz. / Pulse Feature: With Pulse Feature

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    1 Review
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      08.01.2009 15:09
      Very helpful



      I would reccommend this Junior Smoothie Maker.

      A big parcel sat under the Christmas tree for my daughter. It was from my brother and I was worried about he contents. He isn't known for buying the best gifts in the world! However when she ripped off the paper on Christmas morning we were pleasantly surprised to see a Junior Smoothie maker. This was not something she had asked for or I had even thought of. She is quite a fussy eater and doesn't eat much fruit so I thought in my naivety that this may be a good way of getting some fruit down her.

      How wrong I was - My teenage sons like to visit a shop in Gloucester called 'Crazy Shakes'. Basically you choose a chocolate bar from a very long list and they then blend it with milk and ice cream into a milk shake. As soon as the boys saw the smoothie maker whoops of delight could be heard and long discussions as to which chocolate bar they should try and blitz first! Their sister of course heard their talking and declared that they could make chocolate milkshakes in her new machine. I have allowed them to make such drinks but only on the condition they use 'softer' chocolate i.e. mars or caramel. I don't want to ruin the machine before the end of January. They also have to have smoothies with fruit in on every other occasion!!

      *The Kenwood SB100 Series, Smoothie Junior has a 1 litre clear plastic jug. It has a dispensing tap to ensure drink making is fun. The blender comes ready to use with a fitted plug. You do have to assemble the tap and blade, but this is very easy (in fact my daughter had done this before I got to it, so it must be easy!) and it took seconds to do. Then you're ready to make luscious, healthy (?) drinks.

      ~ Other Stuff~

      * Weight: 2.25kg
      * Size: 40 x 16 x 19
      * Colour: White
      * Wattage: 350w
      * 1 year Manufacturers Guarantee
      * Price - approx £15 (Amazon at the moment)

      ~How to use it ~

      Before you start make sure the dispensing tap is in the off position - you don't want your ingredients pouring all over your kitchen floor. Screw the jug into the blade unit and then put the ingredients for your chosen drink into the jug in the following order.

      * Liquid ingredients (yogurt, milk, juices).
      * Fruit
      * Ice or frozen ingredients.

      Push the lid onto the jug and switch on. The machine is very noisy (Not conducive with a quiet breakfast after a late night!). Allow the ingredients to blend until smooth. There is a stirrer which can be used when blending thick mixtures or large quantities.
      Place a glass under the tap and dispense the smoothie - mmmmmm!

      We have found that we can get 3 medium sized glasses from the jug at one time, which is great as we have 3 kids.

      This machine looks like and ordinary food blender, but is intended for making smoothie drinks only - not blending dry ingredients. There is a warning to this effect in the instructions hence my decision to only use 'softer' chocolate in their shakes.

      After making the drinks the blender is really easy to clean. The jug comes off and I just run it under the tap. Opening the dispensing tap during the clean ensures no bits are stuck. It is NOT dishwasher safe.

      There is a little booklet that comes with the smoothie maker that give some great recipes. We have tried one or two (including the healthy ones!) but I thought I'd leave you with my favourite, from the 'for adults only' section.

      ~Coffee Smoothie~

      125ml espresso coffee (Camp coffee is OK too)
      100ml milk
      15 -30ml Baileys liqueur
      sugar to taste ( I don't think you need this)
      3 small scoops of vanilla ice cream

      Put the coffee, milk, Baileys, and sugar (if used) into the jug. Add the ice cream. Switch on for 20 seconds. Serve immediately.


      Thank you for reading.


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      Short name: Kenwood SB100

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