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Brand: Kenwood / Blender Type: Work Top / Speeds: 1 Speed / Jar Size: 33.81 oz. / Pulse Feature: With Pulse Feature

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2011 09:24
      Very helpful



      A great smoothies maker


      My son thought he was putting on a bit of weight and has recently decided to eat more healthily. To be fair he never really ate that bad but he did had a tendency to go overboard at weekends. He was therefore using our old blender to make smoothies and other such drinks, which require some form of blending.

      On a scavenge around the ailing Woolies we came across a really good bargain for £9.99. A Kenwood Smoothie Junior, so we decided to get him it and help him along his newly chosen healthy path.

      Kenwood Sb105

      The large cone shaped clear plastic top section is the place where all your desired ingredients are placed. It has very clear markings on the side should you chose to measure your fruit and whatever. The measurements are in Fl oz and in ml. The maximum total is 1000ml or 35fl, this can however be made up of fruit liquid or frozen produce, just as long as the max is not gone above. The large container feels very solid and strong, as does its top, which is made of a more softer plastic or rubber type material. It has a grooved side so that a seal and tight fir to the container can be achieved. It also has a large hole at its centre whereby you can use the supplied plunger CAREFULLY to push the fruit further towards the blending blades.

      The cone shaped unit semi-screws onto the largish base section, which houses the motor and the blades. I say semi- screwed because it is simply a line up and half twist motion that secures the two sections together. This achieve it is simply a case of adding your ingredients. A good starting point is banana and natural yoghurt with a small amount of semi-skimmed milk. The measurements up the side of the liquidising bowl are useful in case you perfect a recipe and wish to jot down the quantities. This very basic recipe is one my son has come to like although when I make it I add a few drops of vanilla essence, which I feel just makes that little bit more special.

      The base section has two main buttons one, which will switch the unit on permanently, and the other, which can be used in a pulsing, motion to aid the blending process. The machine is quite noisy but the motor is very powerful as you can imagine it might have to work pretty hard on certain fruits and ice should you chose to use ice. Having said this it is pretty quick in pulsing most fruit and the choice of texture for your smoothie will obviously depend on how long you process your smoothie. The longer you blend the smoother it will become. There is quite a large tap on the front of the unit from which to pour your smoothie. This tap has a small mesh on the inside to prevent pips and such from entering your final drink.


      For a bargain £9.99 I think I got a really good buy and my son uses it two or three times a day. It comes with a small instruction sheet and a recipe booklet, which are adequate, but not great. My only slight downside is the cleaning. The main bowl is quick thin at the fitting end and this is also where the tap is fitted. The instructions say the tap can be removed but I have found it to be pretty well a permanent fixture and therefore a bit harder to clean. I don't want to exert too much pressure for fear of breaking the tap. That said it is a very efficient unit, which produces a most excellent smoothie dude.


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      Short name: Kenwood SB105

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