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Lindam Mini Blender

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Brand: Lindam / Type: Baby and toddler food blender

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    4 Reviews
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      30.11.2012 10:55
      Very helpful



      Affordable blender to make first foods for baby.

      A few weeks before giving birth to baby number two, my Mum turned up at my house after a shopping trip and produced this Lindam Mini Blender. Essentially, she bought it for when baby is weaning and eating pureed food, as with my Daughter I used to spend a lot of money on jarred food, so she bought me this to save me some money in the long run.


      The blender is made by Lindam who are a specialised baby brand aimed at producing safety items. They are best known for their playpens, safety gates and monitors, and over the years have started to make toys, food items and electricals. They are one of the most popular and reliable baby brands in the UK and Europe and are known as the UK's Number 1 Safety Brand.


      Just by the box itself I can tell that this blender really is mini. Opening up the box there are 4 pieces to fit together. The base with the mains, the plastic container, the blade and the lid. All 4 pieces fit together really easily and there is no need to look at any instructions at all. The jug sits on top of the base by twisting into place really easily. The blade then clicks into place inside the container, and then you pop on the lid.


      The blender is very simple to use as it has just one button to press, and no different settings as there would be on an 'adult' or more expensive blender. You simply press the one button to turn it on and release your finger to turn it off.

      A good thing about the blender is that it will only switch on when the lid is clicked into place properly, so there won't be any accidental turn ons with food flying out of it all over the place. This is a good feature as if a tot did get a hold of it they couldn't turn it on with their fingers inside, it's basically impossible as the lid needs to be clicked on, so the safety feature is definitely there.

      The plastic container is 300ml capacity and has measurements written onto the side of it in ml and oz. 300ml is ideal for a blender aimed at making baby meals as a baby of 6months will have maybe half of that in one meal at the most. 300ml is large for a baby meal, but its better the container larger than what you need than too small.


      Cleaning the unit is very simple as you only need to clean the container, the lid and the blade. The container twists off of the base, which is ideal as you can pour the food into baby's dish straight from it, and then stick it in the sink or dishwasher, as it is dishwasher safe. The blade is very sharp and after the first use my partner cut his finger by accident when putting it onto the draining board after cleaning. Obviously you need a very sharp blade to blend up food, and with any blender or sharp knife, you need to take extra caution when washing it in the sink.

      If you need to clean the base, then you just need to wipe it with a damp cloth.


      I find food is blended really well. My baby is only 6 weeks old, so I haven't used it for puree yet, but I have used it to make a few soups, to test it out. In the user manual there is a small guide to some foods and how long it takes to blend them. They all are listed between 5 and 10 seconds.

      With potatoes which are a biggie in baby puree, and my soups, it says 5-10 seconds blending time. I boil my spuds until they are really soft, and even then, they take around 15 seconds, sometimes a few seconds longer, but it isn't as if you stand there forever trying to get lumps out. There can be an odd lump or two left over which is easy to root out of a puree consistency, and after a couple of weeks you introduce lumps to food puree anyway, so it's good that it doesn't liquidize everything.

      Other than potatoes, I have used carrots, broccoli, leek and chicken in the blender so far. These foods are all in the user manual as guides and are said to take 5-10 seconds. I have found they take around 10 to 15 seconds just like the potatoes. I think it also depends upon the amount you put in to the length of time it takes. The maximum capacity for solids is 50g, so if you put 20g of carrots in, then it will take a few seconds less time.


      This blender really is a great buy. Being mini really helps in a few ways. One being you don't need to get out a large blender just for a few ml of baby puree. It is great for storing and also an ideal size to travel with if you go on holiday, or if your baby sleeps out at grandparents, then the blender can be taken with you as it weighs absolutely nothing. The blender is precisely 16cm in length and 11cm in height, so is not very big at all.

      I find with the foods I have tested, the blender really does do its job. It purees the food really well in a short time, which again is another positive as you don't want to be running a bit late and have baby screaming for dinner and you having to mash it all up by hand which takes longer. As I said earlier, yes there is a lump or two, but in puree it can easily be picked out of younger babies foods, if there is even any in it.

      I have also used it to make a smoothie and also to make an ice cream milkshake with real strawberries, which turned out gorgeous and blended together really nice and smooth. So, you can make healthy smoothies for toddlers and children, and yourself aswell!


      You can buy the Lindam Mini Blender at plenty of places. Mine was from Wilkinsons and my Mum said she paid £10 for it on offer from £15. Be cautious, as Asda, Sainsburys, Boots and even Kiddicare are all selling this blender for between £11 and £16, but Tesco currently sell it for £3.49!

      I think £10 was ideal to pay, £16 may be a bit much for how long you will be using it for, but £3.49 is definitely worth it!

      I think for anybody with a baby who wants to make home made meals, then this blender really is a perfect buy.


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      14.08.2012 02:21
      Very helpful



      brilliant blender by lindam for weaning babies

      When my daughter was a tot I absolutely lived on kiddicare.com as they had everything a new mummy could want at cheap and affordable prices! One of the things I purchased when my daughter was about 6 months old was this Lindam mini blender. At the time I am pretty sure it cost me a mere tenner (bargain!) but have now seen it sells on the website for £14.99.


      It is effectively a blender, ideal for pureeing and mashing foods to give weaning babies. It comes with a white solid base, which has a plug socket attached which is inserted into the wall for the electricity to power it. It then has the removable pot which when twisted can be lifted off the base and so the food can be directly poured/scooped into baby's bowl or container etc.

      It is basic in the sense it does not have any power level settings, but simply press the blue button to turn the blender on and off. It comes with a blade which is placed inside on the middle stump on the white base of the blender and this acts as a powerful slicer to cut through the food and make it more smooth and edible for baby to use.

      Along the side of the container are markings to indicate how much food is in the blender so this really helps to ensure a correct measure of feed every time. It has a 300ml capacity which is more than sufficient for a baby of 6 months as they really won't eat this much (not in one sitting anyway!) so it being small and light is ideal as it is compact to keep in the cupboard.

      A great safety feature is that the blender will only work with the lid clicked into place. This means no splatter of food everywhere and best of all it cannot be turned on by any mischievous fingers (unless they are clever enough to put the lid on accurately and turn it on!

      ***My Opinion***

      I'll be honest I didn't get much use out of mine as I did rely on jar and pot food occasionally, meaning this didn't get too much wear and tear and so it is still perfectly usable now, some 30 months later on!

      I used it for various dishes such as making chicken with asparagus in a creamy sauce and for this it was ideal as it was great at cutting and smoothing out the chicken and asparagus for my daughter to consume and this was her favourite dish that I made from scratch at the time of weaning. I did try and use this blender once for doing some potato with butternut squash and I did find this type of consistency food the blender was not able to cope with. The blade was sharp enough to cut through but combined with the actual speed of this basic blender it was not able to be powerful enough to blend these starchy carbohydrates which was disappointing so I just ended up mashing it myself by hand! Oh dear!

      The capacity of it is great as I only ever wanted to make small portions for my little one, so it was a perfect size. Dirtying our large blender just to make her a small portion of food seemed like a wasted effort and far too much washing up so this handy little blender was perfectly economical for us and as I said before it was only a tenner so couldn't go wrong really!

      The blade is quite sharp and should be noted it is dishwasher safe, however we are not lucky enough (or have enough space) to own one so I always handwashed this blade. It is advised to be careful as I have cut myself in the past with being too rough when trying to clean it. It is good the blade to be sharp enough to cut the food just keep this in mind when vigorously rubbing it in the kitchen sink without wearing marigolds....ouchies.

      Overall, I loved this blender, its small economical and does the job. It isn't loud and is small enough to make ideal baby sized portions and saves mummy and daddy on the washing up!


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      07.08.2012 20:12
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Every mum should have one and we can all go AAHH together!!

      Again I must confess to another impulse buy with this product. I have been looking after my youngest grandson 2 days a week since April and as it got nearer to him going onto solids I started to look out for a mini blender. I was in my local Tesco's when I couldn't believe my eyes as they had been selling this particular brand for £1.89 and it normally retails for aound £12.99. I asked a young lad if they had anymore and he went out the back to see and much to my pleasure he had a box with 3 inside. So I grabbed 2 one for me and the other one for my daughter.
      Now if you see one of these you can't help, but fall in love with it's diddyness and go aahh. Even the checkout lady said she wanted to buy one, but had no one to use it for. So we decided that it could be used to makes pesto's ect..

      After buying this I went on to do some research and found that it was split between liking or not liking this item. So I decided to give it a go, now by looking at it, you can see straight away that it is not going to be whizzing up large amounts. The amount however that the bowl does hold is ample for first time feeding and will whizz it into
      a puree that is perfect for babies needs. Of course if you are going to put the prepared food into this machine without cutting it up into smaller pieces then the motor will burn out.
      I found this blender very handy and it did just what I needed to be done. It is dishwasher friendly, but again the blade it quite sharp so you have to be careful when handling this. This blender has very clear measuring markings, so easy for working out your babies needs.This blender has a 300ml capacity and also has a safety cut out and will only operate when the lid is clicked into place. This blender does have to have the button held down while you blend, but this only takes seconds and is not a problem. There is just the one setting which is all you need.

      For the size of this blender it has a decent lead length of 100cm so can be easily plugged in. I have used this quite a few times and it still looks like new, I will be putting it into it's box now as my grandson is now eating more solid food and it is now not needed, but I suppose I could always use it for those pesto's after all!!
      Another good find and this blender has saved a lot of pennies, as the price of a jar of baby food is so expensive, compared to if you made your own. It is so easy to whizz up some of the food that you will be eating as a family


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        01.04.2011 12:43
        Very helpful



        A mini blender which just can't get through food

        One of the presents I received at my baby shower last year was the Lindam Mini Blender. I had mentioned previously to my mother how much I wanted to make my own meal for my child and this message was soon passed onto my cousin who bought the blender for me.

        I have started to introduce food to my daughter recently who seems to have taken to food like a duck takes to water, she certainly hasn't had any problems so far and seems to like everything given to her. For the past few days I have started to make my own meals for her which meant that I could finally un-box y little blender.

        *~* Packaging *~*

        The mini blender comes in a mini cardboard box! It really is compact and once you open the lid the blender is hardly protected at all apart from a few pieces of cardboard around the sides. Because the box is small it can be easily stored which is great as I hate having appliances on my worktops! There is of course a small leaflet which contains the instructions which are pretty easy to read and to understand.

        *~* Components *~*

        The mini blender is an incredibly simple design and is made up of six components. To be precise the components are:-

        Lid, Button, Blade Pin, Blade, Bowl and Base

        Compared to most blenders this seems really simple and it is.

        *~* The Blender *~*

        As you can see from the photo the blender has a small white base which contains the motor unit in one side. The large grey button is situated on top of the base and there is just one speed setting. When you first get the blender and get it out of its box it is already set up for use. The clear plastic bowl is nice and small or 'mini' as is the blade which simply fits on the blade pin with easy - you don't have to hear it click in for it to work.

        When you get your new blender it is recommended that you wash all parts other than the base/ motor unit in warm soapy water. This is hardly difficult and takes a matter of seconds especially with how small the bowl and blades are. Just don't use abrasive wash cloths against the plastic bowl as it can scratch the plastic.

        *~* Setting Up *~*

        Once the blender bowl and blade has been cleaned you need to firstly put the bowl onto the base and align the notches on the base of the bowl with the groove on the base unit (there are small arrows as a guide). This is how the bowl can be released or secured just follow the arrows. Next you just need to put the blade on the blade pin which isn't difficult as it just fits over the top. Ingredients can then be added and then place the lid on top of the bowl - again you need to follow the arrows as if it doesn't click into place then the blender won't work. Once the arrows are aligned the lid will click into place.

        Once the blender is switched on at the mains you can press down on the large grey button and a way you go! You need to keep the button pressed down to keep blending. It is important to note that the mini blender is designed for a maximum running cycle of 40 seconds and then followed by a minimum of 40 seconds off. Once you have blended everything you can simply turn it off at the mains.

        *~* My Use *~*

        I've used my blender quite a few times in a bid to produce home made food. I am always careful to follow recipes and obviously not to overload the mini blender all in one go but put in small amounts at any one time.
        I liked the fact that it has a simple design as it makes everything a little easier around the house and it saves time as you don't have to put everything together which can take a while. It comes already set up, you simply just need to wash it before the first use. The only thing I don't like is that you need to keep the button pressed down, it would be nice if you could switch it on and then it stays on but then automatically switches off after the maximum 40 seconds.

        I've used a variety of foods in the mini blender from carrots to pear and I have always made sure that when I have cooked them they have been chopped up into very small pieces but also cooked through until soft so they instantly turn to mush. There is a weight/volume guide on the side of the bowl which does help if you need a guide but I tend to just ignore it.

        I've always ensured that I put small amounts in the bowl to ensure it blends well but what I found was that the blade cannot go through any of the pieces smooth enough for it to become a puree suitable for a baby. It is fine for a toddler or even a baby who is older and used to lumps but the blade just can't get it smooth. I did think it may be the different fruit and vegetables that I am using but no matter what food I use I get the same result which is not great when I am trying to wean a younger baby who needs smooth food.

        I also found that it took quite a long time (more than the recommended maximum 40 seconds) to actually get the food it blend down into a lumpy mush. I have even tried adding a little sterile water or baby milk to try and soften it so it smoothes into a puree but no luck whatsoever. I find the time element is actually quite tedious and long to even get something close to a puree. One of my recipes features peas which I've added and found that the blade can't cut through the peas whatsoever so I've had to pick the peas out so my daughter won't choke.

        I wouldn't mind if I have only tried it once because with new appliances there are always a few teething problems but I've used this mini blender quite a few times all with different food types to see what blends best but nothing has ended up smooth and it remains quite lumpy even after blending for a long time.

        *~* Important Info *~*

        - Can go in the dishwasher up to 75 degrees
        - Don't submerge the base in water
        - Do not use when appliance is empty

        The instructions have a full long list of important notes on safety which should at least be glanced at before you use.

        *~* Price & Availability *~*

        The Lindam Mini Blender is widely available and can be purchased at places such as Argos and Tesco Direct. Expect to pay around £14 for the Mini Blender which is a reasonable price should you like using it!

        *~* Overall *~*

        I've now turned to using my main blender as I can get smooth purees within a few seconds so the time element is much quicker. Using the Mini Blender was very time consuming especially as you have to use small amounts at any one time which takes time and even more time tying to blend it so it has no lumps. After using it for a while I can't say I am too impressed, I like the simplicity of the design but that is about it. It takes too long to blend the food and even then the blade cannot cut through everything smoothly so not ideal for the first stages of weaning.

        But would I recommend? No, not really. It may save space in your kitchen and it is easy to wash once used due to the 'mini' size of the components but it doesn't blend particularly well and some vegetables it won't cut through at all. I'd advise that you save your money and either use the blender you already have or go out and purchase a blender which can do the job properly and within half the time.


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