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Morphy Richards 48415 Easy Blend

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2 Reviews
  • Size and handiness
  • 2 convenient containers
  • Not very powerful
  • Burning smell
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    2 Reviews
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      27.02.2015 02:05
      Very helpful


      • "Size and handiness"
      • "2 convenient containers"


      • "Not very powerful"
      • "Burning smell"
      • "Only blends soft things"

      Disappointed :(

      I had such high expectations for this, I thought it looked great how it came with two containers that you actually blend your smoothly in, it just looked so handy and appropriate as I was on some sort of health kick (didn't last too long.. Oops). I got it for a great price of only £13 or around that, so I was super pleased. However, when it came to actually using the blender, I became very disappointed. To get your contents into the blender you have to first fill the container up and somehow attach it onto the actual blender as there is no open hole at the top which allows you to just drop your ingredients in, which for me wasn't too much of a hassle but it could be improved. The second problem I found was that because the containers are fairly slim and tall, it made it hard for all of the ingredients to get blended. It could blend all of the fruit and the bottom of the container but because it's so small they didn't move around and all of the ingredients at the top of the container were left untouched which was personally a massive down fall. I found out through experience that this product doesn't like ice!!!! When I tried to put ice into the blender it just sort of flung it around the blender and it started to smell of burning, which quite obviously, is a disadvantage. I think this blender could be okay for milkshakes or something of that sort rather than actually blending products. Big dissapointment, wish I kept the reciept to return it!


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      16.01.2014 18:43
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great buy


      Before Christmas I had seen something called the Nutribullet on TV for £80, it looked fantastic and I would have loved it but there was no way I was paying that price. I was having a wander around Co-op in our village looking for reductions when I spotted this reduced to £14.99 and I noticed how similar it looked to the Nutribullet so I jumped at the chance to buy it although in all honesty thought it would probably end up being a cheap imitation.


      The blender came packaged in a simple white cardboard box, one of the things that grabbed mewas that it promises a 2 year guarantee. The box as very simple showing pictures of the blender but also showing little pictures step by step of how easy it is to use. On the rear of the box you had details for contacting the company should it be necessary. It stated on the box that the blender could be used to make smoothies, soups and milkshakes and as I wanted it for smoothies it seemed perfect.
      Getting it out of the box was very easy there was no ties holding it in at all which is great and each piece was simply wrapped in plastic and everything was held in place n a cardboard holder.

      Inside the box you get the base unit, 2 cylinders to attach to the base, a screw on top with the blade attached and 2 screw on tops for putting onto the containers once the smoothies have been made.

      In Use

      When I brought my new toy home my Husband was straight there getting it out of the box and preparing to use it, it strikes me as odd that this happens whenever there is something new even though I know if I had said to him will you make me a smoothie using the old heavy blender I wouldn't have got one.

      We gave all the pieces of the set a rinse in hot water and then set about seeing how to use it, the pictures on the box make it very easy to see what you are doing and there is really no need for the step by step instructions which are included although there is also a range of recipes at the back of the booklet which may come in handy later.

      To use the blender you simply take one of the tubs and fill it with whatever you want, there is a max line so you cannot overfill it, once you have put everything inside you screw on the lid which has the blade attached and then turn it upside down. Place the container complete with blade on the base unit and turn and it clicks into place and then turn the unit on and it will blend away. Once your blending is complete you simply turn the container and it will unclick from the base unit, unscrew the lid with the blade attached and then screw on one of the other lids.


      The blender is fantastically easy to use and I love it however I have only used the blender for smoothies so that is all I am able to comment on. The blender works perfectly no matter whether I put fresh fruit, tinned fruit or a mix of both inside it, the blender has 2 settings and I tend to use setting 1 and then switch it up to level 2 to make sure it is really smooth.

      I have used the blender for both strawberries and grapes and haven't ended up with pips and grape skin left in the smoothie which is ideal for me as I cannot stand bits in a smoothie. The smoothies taste lovely and I have tried just using fruit and adding yoghurt into them both of which tasted good and came out a great consistency. It stated on the box that the blender could be used for ice also which I haven't tried yet but I think it would make some great drinks for the summer like this.

      The blender is pretty powerful and it does move across the work surface when it is in use but it has never moved very far and the lead isn't very long so I don't think it could fall off the side. The blender is really easy to wash, the blade just needs rinsing under running water and then the containers are made of plastic and are very easy to clean. The lids that go on the containers have a flap which opens to reveal a circular hole for you to drink from and these too are very easy to clean and even of the container is on it's side it doesn't leak. The base unit is simple to keep clean by just rubbing over with a damp cloth but mine hasn't really ended up messy anyway.

      To make a smoothie takes me a matter of minutes and this blender is really helping with my weightloss, with it being so easy to use I am encouraged to make more smoothies and up my fruit intake which can only be a good things. There is a 2 year manufacturers guarantee which to me shows that it is likely to last. The containers each hold 750mls of smoothie and I have found I am drinking at least 1 a day and it is perfect to sit in the door of the fridge and I have found preparing it the night before easiest for me.

      The unit is very compact and it has a cord tidy underneath it is it doesn't take up much space and the wire doesn't trail which makes it ideal for keeping on the kitchen bench which is another thing that encourages me to use it rather than it being packed away. I give this 5 stars, the price I paid was fantastic and I am thrilled with how it performs and a bonus is that it is encouraging my eldest daughter to have more fruit.


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