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Morphy Richards 48544 Accents Set

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3 Reviews

Brand: Morphy Richards / Speeds: Variable Speed / Blender Type: Handheld

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    3 Reviews
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      15.02.2014 22:22



      Great blender

      Lets be honest, the main reason anyone, including myself, would buy this product is because of its colour. You don't find many yellow kitchen accessories. This looks amazing. It is really bright and cheerful. It looks smart and expensive. It's £45 so not exactly cheap but this blender punches way above its weight in terms of stylish glamour on your kitchen work top.

      The brand Morphy Richards is a trustworthy and reliable brand. This product is worthy of the Morphy Richards name. It works well. It is easy to use. It s easy to change the different attachments. It is easy to clean.

      The main blender blades are extremely sharp and chop well. I have chopped nuts, herbs, and even hard cheese in this blender. All done brilliantly.

      I have mixed cakes with the mixer attachment. It is far easier than doing it by hand and the cake turee out beautifully.

      The one downside for me is that the jug that comes with I does not seem to match the rest f the set in terms of quality r colour. It is fine but not as thick plastic.

      I love my Morphy Richards blender. To be honest, I might be harsher on this if it was not for the fact the colour is so cheerful and awesome!

      Buy it!


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      26.10.2013 21:08
      Very helpful



      This set is worth what I paid because the hand blender is very good but not the full price

      WHAT IS IT?

      A hand blender and set of accessories that are made by Morphy Richards. I bought mine because the set was half price when I bought my Morphy Richards Accents kettle, my kettle is red so I received the red blender also.


      I think this is very good because you have one handle only and you can fit different attachments to it so that you have a hand blender, a chopper or a whisk. They are very easy to fit onto the handle and clip securely in place.
      When you use the chopper you have to attach the blending bowl to the bottom and use it like that but the hand blender and whisk can be used in any pot or pan.

      The button to work the blender is on the handle and it is large so that I can press it easily even when I have got it standing upright in the bowl.


      The hand blender is very good and I have been using it this morning to make some soup. The blades are stainless steel so they are strong and do not stain with dirt, I have used this attachment many times and always have had very good results for what I am cooking. It does not have a guard up stop splashes but this hand blender does not splash very much anyway so I do not care about that.

      The chopper I do not like because the blades are very small and they push food out of the way a lot instead of chopping it. The beaker is not very stable either so I do not like to use it in case it falls over when I am trying to chop food, the beaker gets unchopped food all up the sides so that when I empty the food into another dish there is an amount of food that is not chopped at all because it has not been near to the blades.

      The whisk only works when you want to mix a very small bit of food like egg whites. The whisk does not feel very strong so I would not like to use it for heavy cake mixture because I would be afraid to break it. I felt that it started to bend one day when I added some honey to my egg whites so I think that it will only work properly with very thin textured food.


      I like the hand blender and think that the other 2 functions are quite good also but I would not have paid the full price of 50 GBP, I did not pay half of that because it had been reduced before and my set cost £19. I have used the hand blender a lot but the turbo button has stopped working so I can not blend at a very much faster speed like I used to be able to, that does not matter so much because I think the blender is quite fast anyway and it does not take very long to blend a quantity of soup or baby food.

      All of the pieces are good to go in the dishwasher and that is good because it saves me from having to wash it up by my hands and risking cuts from the blades. The set comes with a beaker also and that is good if you are using the hand blender for small portions but it is not very big so I use this for measuring only and blend in another container.

      It is a very good looking set and the red looks very nice with my red kettle and a few other items that I have bought recent in red so I think I will now make a red theme in my kitchen until I am bored and change colours again.

      3 Dooyoo Stars.


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        02.10.2013 21:25
        Very helpful



        A great little blender

        I have not owned a hand blender for several years since my last one fell apart rather dramatically and have mainly use my large Kitchenaid blender for making soups and smoothies. However when I recently saw that this hand blender set was on sale at Ocado for just £19.99 I decided to purchase it along with my groceries and am really glad that I did.

        The hand blender set has a number of different features including:

        Powerful 400W motor
        Vari-speed, turbo and boost function
        Easy-clean, dishwasher-safe parts
        700ml chopping bowl and 800ml beaker
        Stainless steel blending leg
        Stainless steel whisking attachment

        On opening the box the first thing I noticed is that the set is really a very bright yellow. This is probably not my preferred colour but for the price I could not complain and it is certainly bright and cheerful. Each of the attachments fits onto the main unit through a twist and lock system which works really well. Unlike my previous hand blender which I used to really struggle to get the attachments on and off these are really easy and secure and there is no way that you can put the attachments on wrong or they can get jammed.

        I decided to test the blender by firstly using it to chop some onions. The chopping bowl is small like you would expect with a hand blender but plenty big enough to fit a quartered onion into. The blade inside the unit is stainless steel and the 700W motor made quick work of the onion. There are two speed settings, which you select by pressing the on button either lightly or more heavily. You have to hold the button down to work the unit and it can be easy to press it a bit hard and turn on the higher speed by mistake but after a few uses I am starting to get the hang of this more

        The unit also has a whisk attachment which I have not used yet ,and a blending stick. It is this tool, which I am starting to use more and more and which I think is worth the money of the whole set just by itself. It works fantastically at blending soup straight from the saucepan and blends quickly and efficiently while at the same time managing not to splash everything everywhere. I am now making soup with it once a week and would not be without it.

        The unit is very easy to clean and all of the attachments are dishwasher safe although you can't put the main unit in the dishwasher or immerse it in water as this contains electrical parts.

        Overall I would really recommend this blender set as it does everything you need, is great quality and was a fantastic price. Even if it had been more expensive I would still have been happy with it, so it you get a chance to purchase one then do so.


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      • Product Details

        400Watts Hand Blender Set Single Speed Yellow

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