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Morphy Richards 48953

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Brand: Morphy Richards / Blender Type: Work Top / Speeds: 4 Speed / Jar Size: 50.72 oz. / Pulse Feature: With Pulse Feature / Height: 39 cm / Width: 15 cm / Depth: 16 cm

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      16.11.2013 08:59
      Very helpful



      I like it

      Before Hope began school in September I decided we would have to do all we could to stop the September bugs from getting to us! Last year for about two months the four of us passed various bugs back and forth thanks to all of the new germs mixing at the beginning of term. I really didn't want it to be the same this year so I thought if we could consume as much vitamin C and lots of other goodness as possible it would give our bodies the best chance to fight off any bugs. I decided that we needed a blender so that we could make smoothies and soups enabling us to get as many fruit and veg portions in in one day as we could. This is the blender that we opted for.

      Choosing a blender

      I took a long time to choose this blender and I took it very seriously! I didn't want to buy something which I would be disappointed by or that would be so complex to use that I would only ever stick to one setting, I wanted it to be efficient at chopping and also very easy to use and so I did a lot of research. I was absolutely amazed by the array of products on the market which ranged hugely in price from as little as £10 for a hand blender to over £300 for an all singing all dancing affair. I must admit I was very tempted by the high end products as they said they could boil an egg, heat up soup and pretty much do anything. The reviews all sounded very good too, however, I realised it was a lot of money to pay and I would probably, no doubt, just stick to blending anyway so there was no need to pay so much money for it to do so much. I read on a few smoothie sites that it is best to get a blender with 800watts pulse or above so this helped to rule out many. I also wanted one which was compact and looked nice seeing as it was going to be on display on my kitchen side and not hidden in a cupboard. We had a look in some shops and I'm glad we did as ones which we were considering buying just looked really old fashioned or really bulky but this particular blender kept standing out against the others and in the end we purchased it. I bought it from Amazon for £70 although it retails usually at slightly more than that.

      Using it for the first time

      I'm always a big apprehensive about using new gadgets as I worry that I won't know what I'm doing, that setting it up will just stress me out and it will be a nightmare to figure out and clean but when we took it out of the box it was obvious right away how it would work and it was so easy! With this machine you basically get the main body of it, the jug, the lid and a stopper for the top. That is all. There is no complex way to fit it together or loads of parts to put in position all you do is put the jug into the body of the machine and it slots into place. The lid fits on with ease and the stopper fits in the top like a cork so putting it together was a really easy task so made me see not all gadgets have to be complex. There are four different speeds to use on this as well as a pulse function. To turn it to the speed you want you just move the dial at the front and it will stay in position. The blades spin around and it makes quite a noise which the children find very exciting! To use the pulse function you have to keep it in position yourself as it won't stay there. I was amazed how easy it was to use. It was also quite easy to clean after use too. The difficult part is cleaning the blades as obviously they are quite sharp but I used a washing up brush and it managed to get all the bits of food off it and once it had dried I just put it all back together to stand on the kitchen side and it was fine! The only slight issue which is nothing huge is that the lid is a little stiff to take off, it's a rubber lid and so fits very snugly so it just means that you have to work at it a bit to get it off but I've never not managed to get it off, it just takes a little minute to do so.


      I have had this blender about a month and so far have used it to make a smoothie and some soups. I have been amazed by how easy it is to use! The soups I have made include leak and potato and a vegetable one. I have always cooked the vegetables down a lot first before putting them in the blender so they are soft and it's blended them down perfectly. You can choose how long you want it to blend for if you don't want it to be completely liquidised then just give it a quick pulse or just 30 seconds on a lower speed. I found usually about a minute would be enough to make it completely lump free. Sometimes the lumps at the top of the jug would struggle to be blended so I would take the cork out and give it a little mix to help them to drop down nearer the blade. The only thing I have found is if you mix it for quite a while it adds a lot of air into it which isn't the best texture for soup. I haven't worked out how to get rid of this 'fluffy' feel yet, if you have any tips please let me know! It really was straight forward to use and I was really pleased that we purchased this one. It also has measurements down the side of the jug, these are in both ounces and cups. This is just in raised numbers so it can be a little difficult to see, I don't struggle with it but perhaps if your vision isn't very good then it may be a problem.


      Do not put food in when it's hot. Always let your soup or sauces and so forth cool down first else it can create a lot of steam which could break your machine. I have heard stories of blenders smashing because of the heat inside so always make sure it's cooled down. You don't need to make sure your food is soft when it goes in as it has a high wattage it will cut through everything including ice and broccoli apparently. Never leave it turned on at the plug. This machine is so easy to use, there is no on/off button so if I leave it on and Hope reaches up she can turn it onto pulse/blend without more than just moving the dial so I always make sure it's off at the wall and usually unplugged too. It is also very heavy so if a little person got hold of the lead and pulled it onto themselves you can expect an injury so make sure it is in a safe place. I have mine at the back of the work surface with the wire well out of way. Also try to wash it up as soon as you can, I have found the longer you leave it after using it then the harder it is to get the food off teh blades and around the sides. I automatically put this into soak as soon as I use it and I find that is the best way to keep it clean. Also be careful with how full you fill it, do not fill past the mark which tells you not to. It gets very heavy when full too so you may want to blend in batches to make it easier for you to pour it out afterwards, this is what I do as it is a robust machine so even without anything in it it is heavy!


      I am really pleased with this machine. It has worked very well. I am guilty already of not using it enough though so I am on the look out for more soup recipes and smoothie recipes that I can try! I am so pleased with how easy it is to use, there is nothing worse than buying an appliance that sounds great then having to get a degree to understand how to use it. This is so simple that it doesn't make the cooking process more time consuming or difficult which is great because I don't have the time to devote to the kitchen that I could have if the little ones weren't around so anything that makes cooking easier is always a bonus. I like the way it looks, the red base is really shiny and it looks good on my work surface, making a bit of a statement instead of trying to blend in. I think that for £70 it is good value seeing as it works so well and I am very pleased that this is the machine we went for. I do recommend it and also welcome any tips on how to take the air out of the soup or any good, straight-forward soup recipes too!


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    • Product Details

      The Food Fusion range will change the way you think about cooking / They look great in your kitchen and make cooking a breeze and an enjoyable experience / From smoothies and soups to crushing ice SMOOTH will liquidise anything and everything / Ideal for pureing fruit, vegetables or whipping up a refreshing ice coffee, SMOOTH features a unique four blade configuration which combined with the flat bottomed jug improves its speed and efficiency / As an added benefit the 1.5 litre jug fixes back on in six different positions, for left or right hands, so no more fumbling around when you're clipping it back in to place / Simple cord & plug storage will keep this appliance looking sleek / Short name: Morphy Richards 48953

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