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Moulinex DDF644 Optipro

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Brand: Moulinex / Blender Type: Handheld / Speeds: 6 Speed

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2009 14:53
      Very helpful



      a good two in one blender and food processor for small kitchens

      We bought this at Argos 14 months ago cashing in some of our Nectar points when our son was 5 months old. The reason we selected this supped up version of a hand blender was to blend baby food and to be able to use it after wards as a blender and food processor. We don't have room in our small kitchen for both so this product seemed a good comprise between the two.

      Product features
      Food processor bowl with slicing, shredding and chopping blades
      Detachable stainless steel foot with anti-splash shaft
      Unique anti-scratch coated foot to protect your pans
      Powerful 700 watts
      Large 150ml mini chopper
      Stainless steel balloon whisk
      Easy to use 6 speed control plus turbo
      1.5 liter graduated measuring jug with pouring spout
      Smooth and ergonomic grip ensures ultimate control and comfort
      Cord position suitable for right or left hand use
      All non electrical part dishwasher safe

      In use and our opinion
      The blender comes with a stick holder which is the motor part of the blender. This attaches easily to the rest of the parts. The whisk and hand blender attach directly into the holder. For the food processor element this attaches into a slot on the top of the bowl and into a locking element which also helps propel the inner blades of the food processor around. If for some reason this isn't locked in correctly it won't actually work which I personally like as a safety feature. The stick locks directly into the mini chopper again we have no problems attaching this. When you want it to finish using the machine you simple press the eject button as the meerkat says "simplez".

      Ease of assembly
      Putting the various bits together to use is very easy and I have found from day one I have had no problems. The instructions with the machine are all very easy to understand and clear.

      The blender
      I have used this in both the jug provided to blend baby food and in various pans to liquidize soup and sauces. It does perform this task very well. The anti-scratch foot does its job very well I have used it on both non-stick pans and Le Crusset cast iron pans with it not leaving a single mark. Depending on what you need to puree I do find I need to use the top speeds. This especially true if making a winter vegetable soup with root vegetables.

      The whisk feature
      I have mainly used this for whisking cream for pudding or cakes. For this purpose it seemed to work fine in my opinion it takes me about 3 minutes on speed 5 to whisk a 500ml pot of cream which I am pleased about. Using the whisk function when making cakes I find less satisfactory if using it to whisk together sugar and butter it struggles to perform even on a high setting unless the butter is very soft. The problems then is unless the butter is soft and you use a high setting both you and any nearby surfaces get splattered in the mixture which then can spoil the recipe as you are not sure of the amounts lost.

      150ml mini chopper
      The chopper is a perfect tool for chopping a wide variety of ingredients such as nuts herbs and grinding coffee beans. The manufactures claim it is "also ideal to use when chopping meat and vegetables, or baby food" for my purposes I find it is just too small to do any of these, as when I was blending baby food I tended to do it in big batches and this just was too small. But for grinding herbs spices and coffee beans it is an ideal size and executes this well. It grinds spices a lot finer than I can ever achieve with my pestle and mortar, but it doesn't take the spices as fine as shop bought ground spice. With coffee it does produce a coarse ground which works well with a cafetiere
      Large 1.5 liter measuring jug with pouring spout
      I found this useful in the preparation of blending baby food and making milk milkshakes directly in the jug. The spout was useful as in enabled me to decanter the baby food very easily. I do like the fact that there are measuring marks on both sides of the jug for both centiliters and fluid ounces. This has been useful when making batter and muffin mix in the jug using the whisk. On this point I have found however that using the whisk inside the jug has cause there to be scratch marks inside the jug surface.

      Food processor element
      This has several functions to chop, grate or slice. I have only used the slice function once when slicing a huge amount of onions for chutney. It did perform this task in a satisfactory way but it isn't a function I use that frequently. I do however use the grating and chopping function.
      Chopping depending upon the density of the item being chopped you find you need on occasions to use the turbo button to enable it to chop items small enough for you. A classic example of this is when I am making meatball mixture I often have to use the turbo button to get the mixture to adequately bind together and chop the meat up. On occasions I find that the mixture will stick to the sides and I then need to open it up to centralize the mixture.

      Grating for various food stuffs works very well I have used it to grate cheese to add into breadcrumb mixture. Often I find that because of the texture of cheese the last parts of the block have to be rescued from inside the lid as they seem to gravitate to the small nook by the attachment. Depending on what it is I am making I then either put it into the mixture to be chopped up later on end up discarding this. I also find on the underneath part of the grater food can sometimes build up on their and you again then need to scrape this into the bowl.

      The various elements all clean very easily you do have to though in the corner of the lid of the processor bowl need to pay attention for the aforementioned tendency of things to gravitate there and get stuck. We don't have a dishwasher but the various non electrical parts are dishwasher safe for those of you who do have one.

      I would recommend this to most people if the want a two in one blender and food processor due to storage reasons. But if you do have the storage I think it would probably be better to buy a separate hand held blender and food processor. We haven't had any problems with this and have used the majority of functions and it has performed a treat. We have found that you do use the majority of the time the higher speeds to achieve the results you need in terms of chopping and blending. The little pt is perhaps a little bit gimmicky but it does grind herbs and spices up well if you don't want to use a pestle and mortar.

      Where from
      I would recommend shopping around for this item as Amazon are currently selling this for £71.95 we only paid £50 at Argos for this which is I think is a reasonable price for this item. Unfortunately Argos no longer stocks this. The current best offer I have seen for this £45.65 at the Co-op electrical shop.


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      Short name: Moulinex DDF644

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