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Brand: Philips / Blender Type: Handheld / Speeds: 5 Speed / Pulse Feature: With Pulse Feature

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    2 Reviews
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      16.02.2014 10:11
      Very helpful



      a great blender with decent accessories

      I am very much into my cooking and I'm at that stage where I keep buying the odd gadgets to improve my cooking. One thing that I'd asked for at Christmas was to get a decent hand blender as when I come across some recipes and they ask for a hand blender, I get annoyed when I don't have the right equipment to make dishes. The hand blender I ended up getting was this Philips HR1372 which is a fantastic model, it comes with two choppers and one accessory as well as a metal bar and double action knife, for the price of this I think it is a very good model and I was pleased to have it.


      The blender is a really nice design, very modern looking, it has a black rubber handle with a metal panel which has all of the buttons on it. It then comes with a silver top which is the longer part. This blender comes with an extra large chopper and a mini chopper, a beaker and a whisk so it comes more than well equipped. On the handle it has the Philips logo and states that it has a 700W motor on it, it is a very professional blender which achieves good results and it comes with enough accessories to get what I want from cooking. Being a good brand like Philips also helps as I have been pleased with this since using it.


      Now, to start with this hand blender as well as having a 700W motor, it is powerful and also it comes with a double action blade that cuts both horizontally and vertically. There is an anti-splash blade guard on this to stop it from splashing while blending and I do find this a very useful feature. Getting used to using this isn't difficult as it all is pretty straightforward, You just plug in the blender and choose the parts that you'll need and away you go. There are instructions with this to help you, if you are not confident in using this or knowing when it is right to use certain accessories.

      One example of using this is that I was making a satay sauce over the weekend and so I used the large chopper and threw everything into the container and then what you do is you take the hand blending attachment off and attach the handle to the top of the chopper, make sure it is securely fastened and it will operate power to the chopper. It is so quick to blend and there are different speeds but you have to just hold the lid down on this chopper to ensure it doesn't come off. It chops very quickly and then once it is made, you can scrape out the sauce and it is ready to eat which speeds up the process so much.

      There is a mini chopper which is used just the same, if you are not needing to put as many ingredients in and this is also quick. I love the main blending attachment which fixes on securely and I love using this when making soups etc as it just works quickly to really blitz it and make it smooth. There is a turbo button on the handle if you really want to blend with speed but I don't always use this button. There is a whisk accessory which I rarely use but it is brilliant if you want to whip things like mousse, cream or any other liquid form that you are creating, it is perfect.

      This blender comes with serrated edges which means that you can even crush things as hard as ice and it will do it, no problems. I have blended things like nuts and other harder ingredients and so far I have had no problems with it cutting through anything, it has been fantastic. One accessory, I rarely use is the beaker which holds a one litre capacity, it is good for holding any sauces made but I just don't have the need for it as I have my own containers etc. This has five speed settings which is great for all types of foods as some need more speed than others to really blend.

      The cord length on this blender is 1.3m which is long enough, I've never really had any issues with this being too short, it goes a long way. The power is 700W and the voltage is 220-240V it has a blade made of stainless steel and in terms of noise, it is very loud when it blends but it isn't something that can be avoided. It blends so quickly though that it doesn't make a lot of noise for too long, so it is bearable. The worst thing about using this blender is the cleaning up, especially on the large and mini choppers as it can be a bit fiddly to get into them but the other attachments are easier to clean.

      This blender has been great for me and I have managed to create some great dishes thanks to the help of this blender. All of the attachments make it much more versatile and I love having these. My least favourite attachment is probably the whisk as I have my own food mixer, so it isn't of much use to me. I use all of the attachments and they go back into the box very easily and keep compact until the next use. It is a lovely design and for anyone looking for a good quality blender, this is a brilliant option as it is reliable and works very well for all foods.


      This hand blender can be bought from a number of places, Amazon sell it for £69.99 with free delivery which is a very good price for what you get.

      The official Philips website is http://www.philips.co.uk/.


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        27.10.2009 21:56
        Very helpful



        A great product if you would like to save time in the kitchen.

        The Philips HR 1372 is possibly one of the best hand - held blenders around at the moment and I am delighted to be the first to review it.

        You can purchase this from Amazon for £59.29, but I managed to find a very good deal on it approximately 10 months ago for which I paid just £35.00. Having a look around is a must!

        I had never previously owned any type of hand blender before so I must admit, when it arrived, I was somewhat confused as to why the box was so large. I was so excited (like a child at Christmas) that after staring at it for a few moments in awe, I couldn't resist diving in to check it all out!
        I have to say, it wasn't all packaging, this is really quite a good size to say the least! I'd seen my sister preparing some-thing or other with a hand blender on one occasion and I certainly can't remember it being as big as this one!

        As you can see by the image, the colours and general style of it is all very sleek and modern, and if you have other black and/or stainless steel appliances in your kitchen it will fit in perfectly; in-fact it looks so smart, you will not want to put it away inside your cupboards - you may want to leave it out!

        The main part (the handle) is in a black, anti-slip, rubbery type material - possibly silicone, which is a must for something like this, not only for safety reasons but comfort as-well. It has a brushed, stainless steel front with two buttons that vary in power; the buttons are also in the same anti slip material. It has a dark red trim around the bottom, which sets it off nicely - in-fact I think it makes the whole thing look rather posh and I'm not a great fan of red either. On the top you have 5 speed settings and this part kind of forms into a hook so I'm pretty certain you can hang this somewhere more convenient in your kitchen if needed - I've only just noticed this myself! The first button on the front is for your normal speed, which can then be altered by choosing one of the five settings on the top. The second button is for Turbo speed. The power is obviously one of the things that attracted me to this blender in the first place as it has a fantastic 700W motor - I really don't think I've seen any hand blenders on the high street with this amount of power. You get four attachments with it and this includes; a stainless steel whisk, an extra large chopper with a detachable blade - plus an extra serrated blade for which you can use to crush ice. There is a mini chopper with just the one blade and last but not least the main detachable shaft which is in stainless steel also. You are provided with a handy beaker/measuring jug with a lid as-well - you can use this to blend egg whites, soups and things like this in, and the fact that it's got a lid is quite handy as if you are preparing something before hand, you can then safety store it in the fridge. The main handle will attach to all of the things I mentioned above except for, of- course the beaker.

        The shaft has a anti splashing blade guard which is great as you don't want to end up in a mess. With all of the various attachments that come with this, you can really do lots of different things, you can blend milk into cream in seconds, make normal food into healthy baby food, prepare cakes and so much more. The mini processors are great for bruschetta and dressings and can be used for chopping anything from herbs to ice and hard cheeses, If you're like me, you'll be wanting to use it for everything!

        The results are great - in-fact Philips state that it gives you professional results, I really can't argue with that. Cakes turn out so light and fluffy, like they're supposed to as you manage to get so much more air into the mixture than if you were doing it by hand. The first thing I made on receiving this was a very basic packet of Angel delight, I used the whisk attachment for this, the end result was great, it took very little time and came out so light and creamy, it was wonderful! Although Angel delight isn't the most complex of things ( it was all I could think of at the time and I've experimented more since!) It's a good example with regards to the time you'll be saving.

        The lead is quite generous and measures 1.3 metres in length. The voltage is 220 - 240 V V and the frequency is 50/60 Hz, just incase anybody may be interested in these exact specifications

        To be honest, I really can't recommend this enough, I haven't had any problem with it in the 10 months that I've had it, and as for it being made by Philips, you know it's a brand that you can trust. I've really used it for far more things than I thought I would, I thought it would be one of those things which would end up collecting dust after the novelty had worn off, this really isn't the case.

        It is very solid and the only thing I can think of which may put someone off, is that it's a little on the heavy side and you do have to continually keep your fingers pressed on the buttons as-well, but to be honest it's so powerful that you will not really be using it for very long periods of time for it to become a problem, most things are done in a few minutes or even seconds. With regards to keeping your fingers pressed down on the buttons, as I mentioned before, the buttons are anti slip and soft so this shouldn't cause any discomfort at all. It's not particularly quiet but all things like this will make noise to a certain extent. It's not to unpleasent!

        Overall, it's a great appliance and I believe that it's a definite must have, or even more of a convenient replacement for those big, in the back of your cupboard type appliances which your to scared of using for the hassle of having to clean it afterwards (or is that just me!) It has so many uses and I highly recommend it.

        Many thanks for reading this review and I hope it has been of some kind of help.



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        Short name: Philips HR1372