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Brand: Philips / Handheld Blender / 1 Speed

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    1 Review
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      12.06.2010 19:24
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      Philips HR1350 Hand Blender With Wall Bracket And 1 Litre Beaker With Lid

      I am going through one of those healthy phases right now, the hubby and I have just got ourselves an allotment plot and we are going through the motions of growing our own fruit and vegetables, it seems quite the inn thing to be doing right now. With that in mind I love to make my own soups and more recently smoothies with this warm weather that we are lucky to be having. So I needed a decent blender to help make life a little easier and a recent shopping trip to Asda provided me with an item that might just do that.

      Philips as a brand are one I know quite well, my hairdryer is made by them as are a few other products around the house, so it is a brand I am quite comfortable with and this particular brand and the Blender I chose was on offer for £10, reduced by half and the selling point for me was the tag line which stated it is "perfect soups, purees and shakes easily". So that was me sold and into the basket it went.

      This hand blender comes very well packaged in a cardboard box which has an image of the blender on the front of it and on the back are a few technical details and a guide to tell you what is to be found in the box. In my case within the box was the hand blender, a 1 litre beaker with a lid, a wall bracket and an instruction booklet. The Blender is packaged inside a polythene bag wrapped inside some bubble wrap to ensure your product is transported home in one piece, thankfully the bubble wrap has proven to be quite useful in this case because the cardboard box was utterly useless and fell to pieces as soon as I opened up the box to have a look at my contents.

      Inside the pathetic box you will find one hand blender, a one litre beaker which is made of sturdy plastic and an accompanying lid, a wall bracket and a little instruction booklet which is 66 pages long and translated into13 different languages. The wall bracket which is included doesn't come with any wall plugs or fitting screws which to be honest is a real pain because the screws that you need are quite tiny and I had to go out and buy some specifically to fit, which admittedly wasn't too much of a problem because I found them in the pound shop, but even still I felt that they should have been supplied with the wall bracket.

      This Philips hand blender has a powerful 250 Watt motor and a single speed setting which means you don't have to faff about trying to decide what setting you want to blend your food on, it is one standard speed which works very effectively. It is however quite a noisy piece of kitchen machinery, but it does exactly what you want it to do and for me that outweighs the noise. The blade is possibly the most interesting part of this gadget because it is such an unusual shape for a blender but it does manage to get itself through the toughest of vegetables, meat, food stuff and fruits for making your soup, puree or smoothies, infact I am yet to find something it doesn't yet cut through and I have made everything from chicken and sweet corn soup, crab and sweet corn soup to strawberry smoothies and pumpkin soup and it has managed to cut through absolutely everything including tougher food like butternut squash, potatoes, beef and even steak. When it does come across a food item which is slightly tough you will notice the change in the vibration and noise as the blades make their way through the item and cut it down, making most of the your food soft and smooth. If you are making a soup which needs to be quite chunky, then you might find it much easier to pulse the blender by press the on and off switch intermittently which is exactly what I do with my vegetable soups and then depending on how thick I would like something to be, depends on how long I blend it for and because this is a hand blender you must remain in charge of it the whole time, you cannot leave it unattended to blend anything.

      Once you have finished your blending the one litre beaker which comes free is brilliant to store your food in, it also has a lid which is easy to apply and remove and having transferred your food into the beaker, which has a beak to make pouring an easy to task, you put it into the fridge to be used as and when you need it. The beaker is also dishwasher friendly, although I have never put mine into the dishwasher, as I prefer to hand wash it to prevent it becoming scratched and worn.

      After using this blender it is very quick and easy to clean because the detachable plastic bar, beater shaft and accessories are all easy to remove and are also dishwasher proof (except the motor body) which means you don't have to spend hours trying not to slice your fingers off cleaning the blade because you can just shove it in your dishwasher and wait for it to be cleaned safely for you. Then once everything has been dried you simply put it all back together as quickly and as easily as it was to take it all to pieces.

      The final thing to mention with this blender is that it is electric and needs to be plugged into a socket, thankfully it does come with a 1.3m cord, which is much longer than I had with my previous hand blender and because of its length it means there is no strain on the cord when blending because there is plenty of it to make moving the blender around a very easy task. When you are not using the blender you can simply wrap the cord up and put it into a cable tie and hand it behind the blender as it hangs from your kitchen wall, which is how I keep my blender when I am not using it, the beaker gets the most usage because I always have something stored in it.

      Overall for £10 I am delighted with this product because it is easy to use, easy to clean, easy to take to pieces and re-construct, it makes making soups, purees and smoothies an easy and enjoyable task and for me it takes the effort out of making healthy food. The only thing I would change if I could is the noise it makes from the powerful 250w motor, if it was much quieter it would be the perfect kitchen gadget, but I am prepared to live with this small issue because I enjoy using it so much. If anyone is looking for a hand blender then I would recommend this one, especially if you have never owned a hand blender before because this really couldn't be easier to use, one click of the blue button and your are off.


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      Short name: Philips HR1350

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