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Philips HR2084/90

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Brand: Philips / Type: Work Top / Pulse Feature: With

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    4 Reviews
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      23.04.2012 22:57



      It has a very powerful motor , Glass jug and is a quality product for a good price- I can highly rec

      As a smoothie and soup lover i have always struggled to find the perfect blender (within my budget ) my friend recommended me this one as you can put hot liquids in it so i thought i would try it for myself . I was lucky enough to find one on offer and reserve one at my local Argos store.

      when my blender arrived i was surprised by the good quality and finish of this item - With a decent 2 litre sized glass jug , and plastic high gloss black body ( but i think its good quality ) with silver variable speed controls (12 from min to max ),also there is smoothie , pulse and ice crushing option as an added bonus it comes with a fruit filter for clear juice without seeds and pips ( that i haven't used as yet) .also it has an integrated cord storage section at the bottom of the base itself and "suckers" - so it wont move from your worktop. The blades appear to be good quality there are 4 of them.
      The blender comes with an instruction manual that is clear and easy to follow .

      To put it to the test i put loads of ice in it to crush it into tiny pieces for my milkshake - The blender crushed the ice in a matter of seconds ,next it was time for the milkshake - and this came out beautifully , same with soups - it blends hot liquids nice without problems .
      It is very easy to attach and remove the glass jug from its base.

      I find the controls very easy to use,The smoothie option is an added bonus and the blender can cope with frozen fruit ,as well as fresh, and what's more important the jug washes easily . The base of the jug unscrews so you can wash the blades and rubber seal separately, although it cleans pretty well without taking it apart anyway. The high gloss body is finger mark resistant.
      Noise wise - i would say it isn't disturbing ,and is comparable to other brands on the market (all depends what you are crushing ) .
      I use this product on a daily basis and i don't have any problems with it . i like the fact that it comes with a 2 year warranty
      All in all, a quality product for a good price.


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      07.07.2011 19:30
      Very helpful



      Fantastic blender which will make anything you can think of. As long as you think of soup.

      As I've mentioned in previous reviews, I'm quite into my cooking. There's something nice and relaxing about commanding a bunch of random ingredients into a presentable meal. Cooking for myself also has the added benefits of reducing cost and allowing me to eat more healthily. I previously reviewed the Tesco Value Hand Blender, a product which worked quite well for soups but couldn't do smoothies. With this in mind I had a look around here and found the HR2084, a mid level blender from Philips which seems to be specifically built for my needs.

      *********** First Impressions ***********

      Out of the box the HR2084 is quite impressive. The base is made from glossy black plastic and has a large circular dial which allows you to select the speed of the blades as well as activating pre-set specifications for smoothies and ice. As with all blenders the HR2084 comes with a pulse setting for lightly chopping up your ingredients. The base has 4 sucker pads (think of those play arrows you used to get as a kid) which allow for a nice feeling of security with the base.

      *********** Features ***********

      The glass jug is beautiful and definitely a highlight for me with this blender. The jug is rated to hold one and a half litres of fluid, more than enough for any task I've used it for thus far. I use it for a smoothie in the morning and I only make 400ml or so! You get a nice feeling of quality from the thick glass walls, at no point was I worried about the container breaking as it spun up some ice cubes or mashed up my carrots! The lid is a black plastic affair which matches the base. It fits rather snugly thanks to a rubber O ring which so far for me at least, hasn't leaked. In the centre of the lid is a smaller opening which allows you to drop in ingredients as the blades are spinning, an essential feature when making soups.

      A great feature of higher level blenders is removable blades. I can't count the amount of times I've tried to clean a crappy blender and nearly cut the hand off myself. You simply push the blade unit out and you can clean away. It's a very simple operation and easily performed after use.

      *********** Use ***********

      Speaking of use, this thing is a joy to use. So far I've used it for Margeritas, soups, mayonaise, Long Island Iced Teas, and my morning smoothies. The powerful 650 watt motor makes quick work of ice and vegetables, leaving you with a fine paste in no time at all. When making smoothies you have the option of including the juice attachment. This is a plastic cylinder with mesh windows which sits over the blades. The theory behind this is that you can drop fruit into the centre of the cylinder, chop it up and the mesh should stop all the pips and pulp getting through, leaving you with only juice. Personally I haven't seen much use for this, I like my smoothies with pulp but maybe if you're making one for picky kids or something it might be a thought.

      *********** Price ***********

      As with most of my purchases, I picked this up from Amazon.co.uk. The blender was around £70 with free delivery. On the face of it this seems a bit much for a blender. £70 is a serious chunk of change for a piece of machinery you might only use occasionally. I thought about this and seeing how much I used my handheld model I felt it would be worth it. It's really your decision, this is a fantastic blender but it IS expensive. If you think you'll use it regularly then buy it without delay, if not, maybe go for a cheaper option.

      *********** Conclusion ***********

      Overall this is a simply fantastic item, a bit pricey yes but you certainly do get what you pay for. If you're feeling flush check out the HR2094, it's the same model but with an anodisedaluminium base and a beefed up 750 watt powerhouse. The HR2094 weighs in at £75 on amazon so for an extra fiver it might be worth a look.


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      18.02.2011 14:00
      Very helpful



      this is a great blender worth a look

      This blender is not only easy to use but also makes some really good smoothies

      I purchased this blender a while ago now and i am really happy with it
      This product not only looks great but also functions well, its easy to use with only a few settings you will need to get to grips with

      The blender goes well in my modern kitchen and isn't too large so fits into quite small spaces

      After usage cleaning is very easy as the blender comes apart and there are also no hard areas to dry either
      I have used this product a while now and apart from first setup i haven't had any issues
      The customer service line of you have any issues is based in the UK and its also a cheap number, the product comes with a standard one year guarantee but as i have said i use this a lot each day and i haven't had any issues

      The product has been designed well and looks and feels hard wearing and not cheap

      In conclusion this product works well and does everything it says on the tin i would recommend this product to anyone looking to replace there current blender or buying a new one
      Definitely worth a look


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      19.01.2011 11:49
      Very helpful



      Excellent machine, much loved and used!

      As I spend a fairly large amount of time in my kitchen, it is as a result very well stock with a variety of gadgets and gizmo's. One of the latest editions is a blender. I decided to buy a blender as I fancied making some soups (one of my many cooking phases) and a I think a blender can be quite handy for making milkshakes and whizzing up some breadcrumbs.
      After trekking around a variety of shops, going back and forwards I settled upon the Phillips blender. The blender looked nice and sleek in design and would match well with the other mainly black appliances in my kitchen. I know that Phillips has a good reputation for quality and reliability so I felt that it would also be a good choice in this respect.
      The blender has a fairly heavy, thick glass jug, which can hold up to a litre and a half of fluid- which I feel is ample for most purposes. The lid of the jug has a nice thick, tight fitting rubber seal, so there is no worrying about any escaping juice during a blitzing session! The main lid of the jug also has a smaller lid in its centre which you can remove to add extra ingredients, but this also doubles up as a smaller measuring cup, with markings every 10ml up to 50ml. Handy if you are following a recipe.
      The blender comes with a fruit filter if you are especially interested in making smoothies with the blender. I think that this is a good addition to the blender as it allows it to be used as a smoothie maker, so you don't have the added cost of a special machine for smoothies or the problem of extra storage space. The idea of the fruit filter is that you get all the juicy goodness squeezed out through the filter, but with all the pips and other rough bits left inside the filter to be discarded.
      The blender has suction pads on the underside of the motor unit so there are no worries of the unit tipping around on your worktop and spilling anything if you get a bit excited whizzing your ingredients on full blast!
      Finally, the large knob on the front of the unit is makes it easy to control the blender and has 3 special settings. The normal function of the blender has a range of speeds from minimum to maximum, which you can easily control yourself. The 3 special settings are: ice- designed for crushing ice into small pieces; smoothie- designed for use with the smoothie filter to blend the fruit and ice you are using equally; and a pulse function- this is useful if a recipe wants you to blitz an ingredient into small pieces, but not into crumbs- I have found it useful when making things like pesto, where you still want bits of basil leaf etc, rather than a uniform paste.
      Cleaning the blender is easy. The jug and blade come of the base of the blender easily and all of these parts are dishwasher safe. However, I do struggle to remove the blade from the jug and I find this quite stiff most of the time and often end up asking my boyfriend to remove it for me. Once it is off of the jug however, it is very easy to clean if you don't have a dishwasher.
      I have also had mixed results putting it back together- it is usually fine, but i did manage once to put the blade back into the jug at a slight angle and didn't notice until I poured milk into the jug to make a milkshake and it went everywhere!! It spilt out of the bottom of the jug and the design of the base allowed the milk to drip into the main unit of the blender and into the electric motor. Needless to say I did not switch it on, allowed it to dry out and I haven't had any problems. So, if you do get this blender I would say to be careful when reassembling it after cleaning.
      When using the blender it does seem to get hot quite quickly, so I wouldn't advise a prolonged blending session unless you have time to allow the unit to cool for 5 minutes in between sessions. The manual does not state how long you can blend for without damaging the motor, but it is fairly obvious as you do start to smell the motor getting hot!
      Lastly, the manual that comes with the blender contains some handy little smoothie recipes to help get you started and to get you used to the quantities of things you need and to get used to using the fruit filter.
      Overall I am very happy with my Phillips blender, apart from my milkshake mishap- but that was my fault for not checking I had put it back together properly. I think that the variety of speeds and functions make this blender useful for a variety of purposes and the fruit filter is a welcome addition to make this blender double up its purpose. It looks good on the kitchen worktop with a nice shiny black finish and I am impressed with its quality, especially the very sturdy glass jug it comes with.


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