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Brand: Philips / Blender Type: Work Top / Speeds: 2 Speed / Jar Size: 50.72 oz. / Pulse Feature: With Pulse Feature

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    3 Reviews
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      14.07.2010 18:14
      Very helpful
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      Why would you want to blend with anything else

      I had never owned my own blender before this one, but had used many of my friends blenders and they range from different shapes and sizes to different features, some being very cheap and poorly designed to being very expensive with lots of features, so I would like to think that I do know a little of what I am talking about when it comes to blenders.

      A friend of mine was ranting and raving about how great his blender was and only cost him £5.99, claiming that it was as strong as some of the more expensive ones, well when we had a party I asked him if it could crush ice and he assured me it could handle the task and asked him to show me how, so he poured the ice into the blender...just the ice nothing else, then he turned it on and it mad a really awful noisy sound, I asked him if this was ok and he said yeah its fine, well shortly after that the bottom of the blender completely shattered and then the main part of the blender (the jug) completely shattered sending the ice everywhere along with bits of plastic, if you read the instructions it does say you can crush ice but make sure that there is water or some kind of fluid in the blender to avoid the ice smashing around on the inside, also this blender was made of a very thin plastic and if the bottom never shattered first the plastic blender would of.
      So when I decided to get my blender I wanted to make sure it was not too expensive but also that it wasn't too cheap that the materials are weak.

      So I settled on this one, the Philips HR2094 most of my reason for buying this one is because its water proof and its going to sit mainly in the kitchen so water proof blender is the best way to go, measuring at 16inch height x 6 inch Depth x 8 inch Width, it is a very smart design with a clear transparent blending jug made from a thick strong glass that holds up to 1.5 Blending capacity, because it is made from glass it is quite heavy so be careful when handling with it, you will also see measuring marks on the glass to give you some idea of measurements, it has a black top lid that as it goes in it has a suction on it to stop any juices climbing up the sides and out the top, there is also a transparent twist cup that comes out of the middle of the lid to allow you to put any thing else that you may have forgotten to put in without removing the secure black lid

      The Glass Jug sits in the grooves that connect the jug to the motor, with one medium sized dial at the front provided with its own background light just to add some style to this blender, on the dial you have smoothie, Ice (crushes ice) and pulse, you also have the option to blend manually with the minimum to maximum, and the make of the blender written underneath "PHILIPS".
      You are also provided with a fruit filter, which removes the juices from fruit without any hassle saving you the time and energy.
      the base unit has a nice chrome finish making it look like a prize to be won, this unit has a safety function that the unit won't turn on with out the jug securely in place just adding that little bit more security if kids are around.
      When you turn the blender on it does not produce a loud noise (unless you are crushing ice, or anything else that is just as sturdy) but for a normal blend it is fine. The length of the cable that plugs into the wall is of a normal length.
      You do get manuals to explain anything else that you might be wondering about.

      To clean this unit is actually a lot simpler than you think, because the glass jug and the blade can be separated from each other and washed in the dishwasher so there is no problems there (I wouldn't advise putting the base unit in, though it may come out clean, I guarantee you it wont be working), if you don't have a dishwasher then its just as easy, pour hot water and soap into the jug and wipe it clean and run a damp wet cloth over the base unit to keep the elegant shine as long as you can, with the blade, wash them as you would do anything else, just be carful because they are very sharp blades that blend your drinks, also when you are storing this away it has a cord storage in this unit so there is no eye sore with wires looking ugly.

      You can purchase the Philips HR2094 from:

      Kitchen Science £67.94

      Laskys £67.94

      Not a bad price but you do get a brilliant blender.

      Final Thoughts

      I absolutely love this blender and use it for when I want to combine a few fruits together and add some milk, some may say that is lazy but it's not like I do that with all my food, it's not like I do that with my Sunday roast...that's a horrible image huh?
      If you are looking for a good blender that is safe and useful for everyone, then you have found it.


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        06.06.2010 10:39
        Very helpful



        Best looking blender I've seen but not best functioning prodct in price range

        I actually got this as a gift, and although there is no doubt that it looks fabulous I'm not sure I'd pay £70 for it.

        The design is very sleek and it would not look out of place in any modern kitchen. Its got suckers underneath too so it does not slide around during use as it sticks to my (granite) worktop.

        When it comes to functionality I don't think it does everything that it promises. The first thing I used it for was to make Mojitos, and the mint got stuck in the blades which was a pain to clean afterwards even though the blades come out easily. The blades simply don't appear to be sharp enough. The dial was easy to use and the functions are all clear. The load capacity doesn't seem to be huge so if you're making a smoothie etc for one (or two people at a push!) then its great but more than that and you have to constantly reload.

        The glass jug is great, and I actually ended up making my mojitos manually, pouring them from the jug and dishwashing the jug afterwards.

        This blender looks beautiful, and is easy to use, but in this price range of blenders you could probably get a better functioning product if this is more important than appealing appearance..


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          07.01.2009 23:38
          Very helpful



          Great purchase, will use over and over again!

          Cool first to write a review for this product! Well I would be Honoured! Let me start of by saying this is a sound investment, it has to be the best bleder I have bought an well worth the £69.99 it cost me at the time (although I heard you can get it for £49.99) from Amazon I bought it from Argos.

          After much debating over wheather or not to spend the money, i decided to take the plunge, thinking (this better be worth it) when I first put it on the bench it has little plugers that make it stick to the surface it was on which i great as it means it isn't going to slip around everywhere, unlike my last blender! It has a neat back light controlled dial with a soothie, ice and pulse,as well as a min to max speed control so you can control it manually!

          It has a brushed chrome finish making it easier to clean. The juug is solid glass and it quite heavy, but thats the appeal about it,its quality. It needs a simple twist and its locked into place. The blades are sharp and fast blending everything to s mooth pulp! There is no spout to get clogged and then in future smoothies find bits of dried fruit or food(not nice believe me) Its lid has little slats in the side meaning it even further sieves out those unwanted lumps but if you quite like that then please don't get me wrong the lid does have a option of just pouring. Along the side of the glass is a measuring gage, which is great an added bonus and it comes with a inner tube, that in the recipe book says it is for making fruit "juices" so it means no extra juicer! Because the seal is rubber it means no unwanteed bits on your kitchen walls, and the stainess steel won't fade unlike most plastic ones.

          My negative is that it doesn't come with a stirrer like some do, but to be quite honest, it doesn't need it, but if ou were making something that may involve say a fresh herb (for home made pesto) then a sitirrer would push them down from the glass however there is nothing stoping you from simpy pausing blendind taking off lid and doind it manually.

          Instructions were very clear with diagrams and a few recipes, overall i would say that this is a timeless classic, it looks great upon your bench and it one that is so easy to clean, simply un twist the glass jar and wash.

          For the benifit of the comment: a bit more info!
          Noise levels- it doensn't produce a loud noise an it quite silent other than the standed noise of the fruit being chopped etx

          Controls - can be touched with wet/damp fingers? Can be touche with wet fingers (which is great) as it is water proof!

          Or easy to twist if it has a rotary dial as pictured?- It is very easy to twist especially with the dial, which is great and is good if you had swollen hands or something.

          Dishwasher safe parts- The glass jar is safe to dishwash as well as the blade but not the chrome stand and dial.

          Is the blade removable for optimum hygiene? The blade is removable, it twists out, and is dishwasher safe.

          Is the blender heavy to mount on a flat surface i.e. is it difficult to lift and put away when not in use?- It is heavy and you do have to be careful when lifting.

          Can it blend ice?- Yes it can blend ice!

          You will never cook in the same way againX


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        • Product Details

          The Professional Alu Blender (HR2094) has a tough versatile 750W motor that effortlessly blends crushes and cuts whatever you want / With it's multi-speed switch and dedicated functions you can crush ice or mix your favourite smoothies just the way you like them at the tuch of a button / Short name: Philips HR2094