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Russell Hobbs 13617

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Brand: Russell Hobbs

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2010 10:11
      Very helpful



      A smoothie maker which looks good and is great at delivering results

      Walking around places like Comet and Argos you always want to look at the more modern electrical appliances and I had always wanted a smoothie maker but the big issue was fitting it somewhere inside a relatively small kitchen space.

      After my coffee maker was deemed as being no longer needed I purchased the Russell Hobbs 13617 and there was reasons as to why.

      First reason was the glass jug which you get which can hold 1.7 litres of juice or whatever you want to put inside. I was finding it difficult to find a glass smoothie maker because the majority were plastic and I always find plastic is easy to scratch and destroy in the wrong hands.

      This was the first tick on the appliance and the next tick came when I found out the speed was 600w and this is really quick and you can tell the power when the item is actually working. I put in some simple objects which are solid such as ice and turned on the machine and within a few seconds this turns into like a slush mixture and easy to pour out.

      You have 2 motor speed settings one for the heavy items such as ice and solid food products and then another for softer items perhaps like oranges or bananas so it means they are done nice and smoothly without being done to quickly.

      With this item I noticed the weight was quite bulky considering how big it was with 4.2kg to pick up and the main reason for the weight was due to the huge motor area anyone can see looking at the product.

      All the right features where there and even the colour made me want the product. You had this stainless steel backing and then the black complimenting the steel throughout. You had the nozel which can pour out whatever you have blended into a glass and you can even move this to various angles just incase you have a few cups to do all at once.

      The lid is easy to take off with this rather large grip on top which can look stupid but it can be very effective as well.

      --- Usage ----

      I was always told you use a smoothie maker to smoothies and blenders to chop stuff up and to be honest this machine is a bit of both. I love smoothies but paying out over £1 a time at some stores and even more then that in big cities I was looking for an alernative method.

      I found a recipe book inside which gave some decent recipes but I wanted to experiment with my own imagination so I began by making a simple milkshake as this was something I could easily do and it was a banana milkshake and I put inside 2 big bananas and some milk and within a few seconds the bananas had gone and I began pouring this mixture into the glass I had prepared and it was delicious. It was thick, frothy and very nice to taste.

      I have made cocktails inside the machine and even made some sauces as well for my bolognese and it is simple ideas which perhaps people do not remember and with the ice crusher I have made slushy drinks which I am not a huge fan off but they do come out really nice.

      I sometimes find with the bigger fruit items if there to many of them the machine bulks at the challenge. I put inside once some grapes and pineapple pieces and the pineapple pieces took forever to be diced and sliced and it was a long process.

      The cleaning part of this item is simple as the the jug can easily be taken off and I usually just clean this in the sink with the hot water but I suppose a dishwasher would work but I have not got one so this would be difficult for me to even try and explain.

      ---- Verdict ----

      I admit the item looks kind of big when you look at it and perhaps it will be for some people with measurements 45x22x17 cm and I think the motor looks the problem as it adds to the bulky feel to the item.

      I believe the entire machine is a good investment and if you like parties or providing your own drinks they why not use this item. It is easy to clean and it offers plenty of good features and even chops up ice which I hardly see in other machines.

      The end results are always cold, taste great and hold so much flavour so this is a big reason to consider making this investment.

      I do find some items take a while to disappear but I guess it might be how it has landed inside the machine and with the glass jug it feels expensive as well.

      I got mine for £29.99 a few weeks ago in a small sale so the price might deter people but for me this is a great machine I feel will last a long time to come.


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      Short name: Russell Hobbs 13617

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