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Sabichi 94414 1.5 Litre

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Brand: Sabichi

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    3 Reviews
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      18.03.2012 21:45
      Very helpful



      Look around before you flash your cash!

      Blenders are very useful kitchen appliances and can be used to chop up a variety of soft and medium resistant ingredients for cooking or eating straight away. They are commonly used to make 'smoothies' and other fruit related drinks, as the juices and soft texture of certain fruits break down quickly into a thick liquid substance of strong flavour. There are many different models of blender on the crowded market it exists, and this one by Sabichi can be bought for around £25.00 (www.argos.co.uk) and is therefore at the bottom end of the price-range for the product type. The '94414 1.5 Litre Table Blender' is a simple device with a few simple functions for the blendering of ingredients.

      The technical and functional specification of the Sabichi model is moderate - A 500 Watt motor, Variable speed settings, stainless steel blades, 1.5 litre detachable jug, and accessory: herb gripper. The machine also has the ability to perform a 'pulse' action for the chopping up of specific ingredients or to achieve a specific consistency required. Everyone has a different end product in mind when using the device, and this machine helps you to achieve that reality in a decent manner. However, there are more technically gifted products on the market which perform the blending function with a greater level of ability.

      This device doesn't perform as well as it should given the specification and the looks of the product. I like how it looks to be honest, it looks as though it would fit into most kitchen settings, and it certainly fits into mine. A dile on the front can be twisted to change the device between its four settings. I like the look of the controls and feel they work well. The fact is however, the stainless steel blades within don't chop up food as well as they should and you have to activate the machine for longer than normal. The pulsation setting works best out of all the settings, and to be honest the slowest functions aren't needed at all, I've never used them or needed to use them when preparing food.

      Overall I believe this blender should perform better than it does, and I've heard similar opinions from other un-bias people. If you want to spend 20-30 quid on a blender, look around and I'm sure you'll find something better than this for sure! Not a recommended product !


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        29.02.2012 14:27
        Very helpful
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        Not worth the £30, get a food processor and hand blender instead

        I like my kitchen kitted out, but I don't like to pay a lot. This blender is an exception, whilst only about £30 its the combined price of the Argos value food processor and hand blender which get the lions share of use in my kitchen, whereas this blender gets minimal use.

        Luckily, this blender wasn't bought be me - something my girlfriend brought with her from an old house. She also has an older version of this blender, that still works but was replaced with this newer version - after the base got a little crack in it and generally got warn out.

        ------SABICHI 94414 BLENDER------

        Firstly, I'm not a fan of blenders. This made its way into my kitchen via my girlfriend and I wouldn't have bought a blender - let alone this blender, its nothing personal Sabichi but I find blenders generally a bit useless. Instead, I find a food processor, hand blender, good set of knives and electric whisk cover pretty much all of my needs in the kitchen, with a blender like this having only minimal use.

        So, onto this blender. On first look its very nice, its got a bit of a retro look while also looking a bit flashy. Its cream in color has a 1.5lt capacity - and with a quite small base unit its not too cumbersome. Conversely to the older Sabichi model I have that has a flimsy jug, looks a bit chunky and with a big base unit it struggles to fit neatly into most of my kitchen cupboards of cubbyholes. The 94414 separates into 2 halves and fits away quite nicely which is welcome in the quite tiny kitchen I have.

        One problem with the older blender, when I used it rather than wash this one out, was the jug has to be clicked in to the base in a certain way that is not clearly marked - meaning you have to mess around a bit until its in place. The 94414 however doesn't suffer this so much with clear markings in the front of jug and base that need to be lined up in order for it to work. The older model was two switches that had to be interlocked, but were not marked out - resulting in my first (and only) use with the older blender in my spending 15 minutes assuming it was broken - so a clearly marked point where it locks together is a good upgrade.

        When you do have it locked together, it will set on a kitchen worktop safely with its sturdy, rubber feet. This is not only nice, but essential as the last thing you want it a blender that won't stay in place.

        The jug clicks into the base with the handle on the right hand side, luckily I'm right handed, but my left handed girlfriend finds this a bit of a pain in that you need a fairly steady hand on the jug handle - in fact, again its essential. Whilst not a fault of this blender in particular, but in blenders like this in general - its one reason why the simple hand blender gets more use in our kitchen - being a utensil that can be used in the same way by left and right handed people.

        On the front of the base is a snazzy looking function area, a bit of a weird feature as the older blender and many others just have simple switch - this however is a small turn switch and above that is a dial with a hand that points to the power level. Where is adds to generally quite nice look, its a bit pointless and seems like they spent extra time design a feature it doesn't need. Nevertheless, the dial indicates it has 4 speeds with the first being a gentle blend and on full power its quite a violent blitz. Four speeds means this has a good range, you can gentle breakdown, say, fruit - and then crank it up to really blend it.

        Next to the dial controlling the speed of the blades is a simple pulse button - that is used independently of the speed dial. Hit this and it whurrs then stops, then wurrs then stops and so on. This is a pretty handy feature - if not something all blenders of this type have. Whilst I don't use this feature much, its handy to test how something will blend. As an example, I stupidly tried to blend chilled chocolate in a blender a few years ago - after a few minutes whurring without it actually breaking it up, I had damaged the blades. If I pulsed it instead it would have been a bit more easy on the blades, also it allows the contents to settle then blend it again, meaning you get more of a consistent blend.

        The jug has a lid which is thankfully tight enough and stays in places whilst in use. This might seem like a given but again a blender I had in the past had a lid that was forever coming loose when being used - quite annoying. The jug not old holds the blades and the contents - but, you guessed it - is also a jug. Again, this might seem like a given but I've had blenders that didn't pour very well meaning it often spilled and leaked when transfer the contents from the jug. One top of the lid is another nice, but usual for blenders, feature with a small (about twice the size of a £2 coin) hole that can be open or closed with a small plastic cap. This is there so you can add to jug whilst its on without taking the lid off which would not only make a mess, but due to a safety feature turn the blender off.

        ----------THE GOOD--------

        This is a nice looking, simple to use blender. When I asked my girlfriend why she bought another by the same brand she told me the older blender was pretty good and due to that she trusted the brand. That's right, it is pretty good as far as blenders go - its sturdy, a lot of weight in the base so it doesn't move and a fair sized jug. As with the older one, its easy to clean - as long as you don't handle the blades you can't really go wrong. To clean it without handling the blades I just soak this in hot water for half and hour or so then rinse out, and it usually comes out nice and clean. It doesn't leak when being used and is not too noisy - although noise is something that's never really bothered me, I've never used a blender I would call unbearable. This blender also comes with a small attachment which assists the blender in chopping up, smashing and pulverizing smaller items such as herbs and spices. Unfortunately as I don't use this blender a lot, I don't us this attachments a lot - but it falls into the good category as the most effective aspect of this blender - which brings me on to the bad...

        ------THE BAD-----

        Unfortunately, there is more negative to say about the blender than positive - as generally speaking its useless. Its not this blenders fault, this does what its supposed to - and it does the best it can, but for the price you pay for a blender, use is limited. Firstly, it doesn't blend very well at all, rather its whizzes things around and those things lucky enough to get near the blade will get chopped up. For example if your making a paste in this, some ingredients will gets blended, others will not get close enough to the blade to get touched, put too much in and it will sit at the top, not enough and it will not give enough purchase against the blade to get blended. Its a problem with all blenders, thats why I use the combination of a food mixer and hand blender in the kitchen as blenders need just the right amount in the jug to blend anything like close to OK. I found with this blender every 30 seconds I was turning it off to scrape the stuff I was mixing from the sides back to the bottom to try and help it blend.

        Its poor at making pastes, mixes, and not really any good for soups - its only really does a goodish job making smoothies. And thats smoothies, not juices - this has no feature to extract pips of lumps like some blenders have in order to make juices, its just OK a pulverizing fruit. Even then the blender needs help in that you have to keep adding liquid via the hole in the top to ensure the fruit is getting well mixed - otherwise it will just mix what is near the blade.

        Also, as with the older blender - this blender gets quite hot and gives off a slightly worrying smell of heating electronics but where as the older one did it right away this one is only after prolonged use - something however this rarely gets.

        ------WORTH IT?-----

        I would say no. If you wan't a blender that can do the job I mentioned above, you can't go wrong with this but I would suggest spending a little extra and picking up a smoothie maker and get something that does the job well. Otherwise, I would suggest a food processor and hand blender make a much better team in the kitchen and make this a pretty much redundant appliance. With a hand blender you can focus the blending where you like, with a food processor you get a much more focused and consitant blitz - neither of these things this blender does. And when you consider you can buy a good food processor and hand blender for the same price as this, it makes little sense to pick this up - as if you anything like me, it will just take up precious kitchen space. If I'm to be honest, this blender is about to make it way to kitchen appliance heaven (a box in the spare room) without anything even like a respectable innings.


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          24.01.2012 11:45
          Very helpful



          Good quality blender, I give it 4/5 stars.

          I have anaemia which i was dealing with by taking iron tablets, but i wanted to do something that didn't involve medicine. I am a vegetarian of 11 years and it's had it's effected my immune system and i get sick really easily.
          So i decided to start making healthy smoothies that will hopefully help build up my immune system with iron vegetables such as spinach and cabbage. (never put cabbage in the blender...it was horrible!).

          The Blender:
          I started off by opening the box and gave the jug a nice wash to get rid of the plastic smell it was giving off.
          One i had set it all up, I check out the instructions on how to turn it on and looked at the speeds available.
          On the front is a pulse button and a speed changer.
          When you put the jug onto the base you twist it to lock it into place so it is safe to use.
          The blade inside are stainless steel and can be cleaned with ease.

          Compared with other blenders, this is just as simple as all the rest.
          Plug it in, turn the speed up and off you go!
          The jug can hold up to 1.5 litres but i would put less in as i made that mistake of over filling it and it wasn't very nice to clean afterwards.

          I've found it struggles to deal with blending bigger chunks so i have to help it out a lot by cutting things down very small to help it along with blending and giving it a stir half way through.
          I'm sure the price of £25 has something to do with it not working to it's best abilities.
          It runs at 500 watts and shouldn't take too much electricity as you don't need it on for too long.

          It also comes with a herb chopper attachment which you can chop fresh herbs up with to add to sauces and cooking. I have a separate appliance i use to chop my herbs from the garden, so I haven't needed to use it yet so it sits in it's box in the garage.

          If you have a large freezer, it is a great idea to make sauces and soups with vegetables that are on their way to being thrown out, so you don't waste it! Blend it up with some other veggies and you have some lovely sauces for when your out of ideas for dinner time.

          What it likes and what it doesn't:
          It will chop almost all veggies and fruits in there pretty well as long as the veggies are cooked first.
          I Have made tomato soup, vegetable soup, potato and leek and cooked it up in the saucepan first, then pour it into the jug and blend until it is the consistency you would like!.
          Fruit is easiest when soft and well ripened. If your are wanting to use fruit with a skin or peel, i suggest taking those off first so it will blend much better. I've tried to put raw carrots into it, but it kept jamming in the blades and I had to get them out. Try cooking them through before putting it in.

          I do really like this blender, It has it good and bad points and it's handy for making up a quick smoothie for breakfast or getting a soup blended and lump free. I haven't had a chance to try out the herb chopper attachment that it comes with yet as i already have a herb chopper but it looks pretty simple to use.

          I have made a lot of juices in it also by peeling oranges and blending it down to a fine pulp then sieving the juices. It works really well and tastes amazing!.
          I have had fun making lots of different things in it so far and i look forward to making lots more!

          Next stop - Tomato sauces for pasta!

          Available to purchase at Argos for £24.99

          Thanks for reading my review!

          Review also at ciao under same user name.


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        Short name: Sabichi 94414

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