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    2 Reviews
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      03.07.2015 16:54
      Very helpful


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      Still good.

      The LG BD300 it's an excellent blu-ray player with a very good mirror look. I bought this in 2009 and it's still working very fine. In those days I wanted a player able to read the .mkv files so I choosed this only for that. I didn't knew it also has YouTube application or that you can stream your video and audio files from your computer with this player (wireless) directly to your tv.
      Now I don't use those features anymore because today, we have tv's that does that even better. But then, was great.
      It also has a USB 2.0 port where you can put a stick or external drive and play whatever you want from there.
      You also have different settings for the audio part, if you have a receiver connected with 5.1 speakers.
      I remember buying a hdmi cable before, because I was thinking it's not included, but it was.
      I also like the remote control, which need only a battery and can also control your tv (I tried with a Lg and with a Samsung).
      Before of this player I was using a Panasonic DVD player where I was having the option, when watching a movie, to see the remaining time until the end of the video, not only the elapsed time, but with this modern blu-ray player it's not possible to do that, so this is a con for me (maybe that's only me, I don't know).
      Now I'm still impressed when I watch something on a blu-ray disc, by the sound of the DTS-HD Master Audio.


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      31.03.2010 15:37
      Very helpful
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      A Perfect picture at a Precious price

      Well once you've upgraded your Television it only makes sense to upgrade the DVD Player as well doesn't it .This time I was looking for a Blu- Ray player that I could still play my DVDs on.I remember the switch over from videos to DVDs and it cost an absolute fortune, have you got any idea how much it costs to replace over 1000 videos with DVDs? I do !I really didn't want to have to go through all the expense of exchanging my 4,000 strong DVD collection with Blu -Ray discs, I'm sweating just thinking about it .

      Thanks to the Inland Revenue I received a rather large Tax rebate, I had been emergency taxed for three years ! I was able to get quite a few items my hubby had been insisting were essential, what men see as essentials never ceases to amaze me . My First port of call was Amazon.co.uk, looking through all of the Blu- Ray players available I really wanted to make sure that the one I chose was going to meet all of our requirements ie playing my existing DVDs.

      I Came across the LG BD 300 Blu- Ray player at £100 yet another bargain, and one that would meet every need. I ordered it along with a few other items , saving myself the delivery charges by getting a super saver free delivery.Two days later FedEx delivered to my front door.

      This player is capable of playing a a range of discs including Blu- Ray, DVD video 8cm-12cm discs,DVD-R,DVD RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW , Audio CD and CD-R/CD-RW.I Presume that pretty much covers anything you want to put into it.Not being technical I have absolutely no idea what any of these things mean apart from CD and DVD.

      The Blu-Ray Player

      Taking the Blu-Ray player out of its box the first thing you notice is how light it is , its sleek black design is just a thing of beauty,The front panel has 9 sections, these include:
      1, Disc tray, 2, open close button, 3, power on switch,4 ,display window ( very pretty green Led display that says hello when you switch it on) 5, remote sensor, 6, play /pause button, 7, Stop button, 8, Skip /search button, 9 , USB port ( To connect flash drive ...help what in gods name does that mean ? )

      The Back Panel

      The back panel has Five ports these are ..1, AC Power cord, 2, HDMI OUT ( 1080p) 3, Video out.4 2CH AUDIO OUT ( Left/Right) and 5 , DIGITAL AUDIO OUT ( COAXIL).

      Connecting to your TV

      Because I have upgraded my Television recently, I chose to use the HDMI connection,There are numerous other ways to connect your player but as Its the way I've done it that's what I'm reviewing, this they say is the best way to connect your Blu-Ray player to your TV , but It's very expensive. LG don't supply HDMI cables so you have to purchase these separately I got one from Comets a 3.5mm HDMI cable which cost a whopping £79.00, but I was informed that this cable wont need to be replaced when technology evolves ...not too sure I believe that ...hey maybe I am as green as I am cabbage looking ! anyway on with the connection....

      After you have plugged in your AC power cord turn the unit around so you can see exactly where to place the HDMI Lead ,connect the HDMI OUT jack on the player to the HDMI IN jack on your HD TV ( Note of you've got a TV with a USB Port next to the HDMI port be careful !)

      Turn on your Blu-Ray Player, you gt a message on the player that says hello and then it tells you its booting, much like a laptop computer but the whole booting process takes just 18 seconds, to see that it was working I had to change channel on my TV to HMDI Input , low and behold I got a picture, welcome to LG purple and lilac screen ( that's not really important but it was very, very pretty ).
      If you have set everything up correctly the screen will tell you there is no disc in the player, use the remote to open disc tray insert the disc of your choice , sit back and be amazed by the quality of the picture.

      there are lots of different technical details that come with this player including how to change the picture resolution settings , as I don't understand a thing about that I'm choosing not to report on it ...If you get an LG Blu-Ray player you can work it out for yourself ..

      The Technical bits ..taken once again direct from warranty

      Power requirements AC 200-240 V, 50/60Hz
      Power consumption 23 w ( That's quite good )
      Dimensions ( WxHxD) Approx 430x35x200 mm without foot
      Net weight ( approx) 2.7 kg ( 6lb) nice of them to let us know!
      Operating temperature 5 * to 35* C ..OK don't know how to get the degree sign so using a *
      Operating humidity 5% to 90%

      Video out : 1.0V (p-p),75 ( weird upside down horseshoe symbol) sync negative RCA jack x1
      HDMI out ( video/Audio): 19 pin ( HDMI Standard ,Type A)
      Analog Audio Out : 20Vrms ( 1 kHz,0 dB) 600 RCA jack(L,R)x1
      Digital OUT ( coaxil)0.5V ( p-p),575, RCA jack x1

      USB IN : 4 pin USB1.1/2.0 standard
      Bus Power supply DC5 V_ _ _ 500 mA

      Laser: semiconductor laser wavelength:405nm/650nm
      Signal system : Standard PAL/NTSC colour TV system
      Frequency response : 20Hz to 20 kHz
      Signal to noise ratio : more than 100 dB ( analog connection only )
      Harmonic Distortion : Less than 0.008%
      Dynamic Range : more than 95dB

      What functions does it have ?

      Because this is such a versatile player it is multi functional not only can you watch DVDs and Blu-Ray discs you can also listen to music and view photos.If I knew how to use this feature I might give it a go.As I am just the little woman though I really don't get into all the techie parts of these machines, (I still don't know how to turn the TV on with the remote !!) One day I might leave my comfort zone but all the time my hubbies got the technology under control I don't have to worry.

      I may have missed out some of the functions available on this Blu-Ray player like frame-by -frame playback ,picture in picture , selecting subtitle files and enlarging playback image, but that's because I haven't actually used them yet ...rest assured once I do I will update my review to let you know what a total cock up I made of it all...

      What I really Think

      Well I am just a woman, listening to the advice of he who must be obeyed ! ( little does he realise its the other way around ) My Opinion is that this player plays the discs I already own and I have noticed that the picture quality does seem a lot sharper , as I have yet to buy any Blu-Ray discs something that will change in the very near future ,I am extremely pleased with it.I think I got a Bargain.


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