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    2 Reviews
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      24.07.2011 15:04



      simple game that if worked correctly could be entertaining

      i received this game as a gift from a friend a while back, as i am an avid gamer. at first glance it looked like it had potential to be a fun casual game, with an entertaining theme unfortunatly it wasn't really even suited for that. the packaging and art work where very well exicuted and when you first open it, it all seems to be of very high quality. the basics are you have a wind up plastic zombie each and you lay out the board on your gaming surface (floor, table, whatever). the board itself is made up of multiple square pieces that you lay out in whatever fashion you choose to make the game as easy or as hard as you please. you them get actions such as rotate your zombie or wind it X amount of times. so basicly it is a race game with wind up toys. this in its self is not a bad thing, like i said i thought it would be a fun casual game. unfortunatly not all wind up toys are created equal, so as soon as we started to play we discovered the duds, one of them didn't work at all and others where deffinatly lame. this took the fun out of what could have been a reasonable game as if you picked the right zombie at the start you had pretty much won before the game had begun. so with the fact there is no strategy to speak of (a game game in my opinion should test the mind to a certian extent to be engaging) and the pieces themselves being duff i can't really recommend this to anyone.


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      30.11.2005 13:59
      Very helpful



      One of the most fun games i have ever played, great to start a games playing night.

      All Wound Up is a board game with a difference; the aim of the game is for you to negotiate your Zombie through the open grave and brain littered cemetery and out the gates to freedom, unlike most board games though the actual playing surfaces have no squares, no places to move your piece from and to in an orderly fashion!

      Why is this you are all asking? Well okay maybe you're not but I am going to answer that question anyway. The is no need for squares, circles or even dodecahedrons on the board because All Wound Up doesn't believe in such a regimented way of moving pieces. What they have done is devised a game where your Zombie playing piece is in fact a wind up toy!! (And now you now the title of the game has nothing to do with blood or injuries!)
      The movement of your piece is determined by the main gameplay, see further down, and the winding up of your little coloured Zombie. Yes, your playing piece moves itself across the board and it doesn't always do what you want it to.

      Now I hopefully have your attention it is time for a more detailed look at the game:

      The Box

      The box is large, solid and square and is noticeable not only for is colourful art but also for the little window in the bottom right hand corner that lets you get your first glimpse of one of the Zombie playing pieces.

      The Contents

      Inside there is:-
      4 pieces of the board which make up the cemetery, art on both sides so you can make up a large number of different looking cemeteries to escape, though to be honest they are not that different when you come to play the game.
      1 set of rules, vitally important to understand how to play the game.
      4 colourful Zombies wind up toys, Garish Green, Bruised Purple, Blood Red and Brain Splattered Blue.
      60 cards, used in the 'trading' part of the game
      25 small cards collected when you piece crosses a brain during its travels, 5 different kinds.

      The Price

      I paid £24.99 for it in a small independent games shop in Norwich but it is also available at
      Maddisongames.co.uk for £20.99
      Leisuregames.co.uk for £22.99

      The Gameplay

      The next question on your mind must be how do you get to move your piece? If it isn't then I have failed to interest you in the game.

      This is where the thinking part of the game comes in to play. The set of cards I mentioned in the contents contain 8 different instructions......
      Turn Left up to 180 degrees, Turn Right up to 180 degrees, Turn Opponent up to 180 degrees, 1 Wind, 2 Winds, 3 Winds, 4 Winds and Wildcards.

      As only 10 of these cards are dealt out to every player you can never be sure how many of each card are in the game during any round.
      Once these cards are dealt out the game starts. The person to the left of the dealer passes 4 cards to the player to their left, they pass on 4 and so on till the dealer is reached. Then the person to the left passes on 3 cards, then 2 and then 1. The idea being to collect as many of the card you want to use as you can. For example if you wanted to be able to turn your Zombie left you would try to collect them. Once all four (though depending on player numbers there could be more) rounds of passing have been completed the bidding starts.

      This phase of the game starts with the person to the left of the person who started the passing, ie two places left of the dealer. They will place down all the cards they have of one kind, either an instruction they want to use or one they want to force an opponent to do. See whomever has the most of that card does what that card says straight away, so you can force an opponent to do something they wanted to do later.

      Example. Player 1 lays 1 Turn Left card, Player 2 has three and player 3 has none. In that scenario Player 2 would have to move their Zombie left straight away. Before the next player lays his cards down.

      Once the instruction off that first card has been completed the next player lays down the cards he wants to try and use on his Zombie. This continues until all players have no cards in their hands. This will pretty much always mean that at least one Zombie will be moved for each one of the cards every round (Left, Right, Wind 1 etc). I have never played a game where all the cards haven't come out at least once.

      The Wild Card card can be used as any of the other cards but only when that instruction is laid. If two players have the same number of, say, Wind 3 cards then a Wildcard can be played to increase one players 'bid' and enable them to be the sole winner.

      If two players do have the same number they both get to do the instruction on the card.

      The consequences of movement!

      If you cross over an open grave you fall in it and your 'walking' ends, starting next time form the grave you fell into.

      If you cross over a brain you gain a little card that gives you the chance to take one wind of the number you need to do for your Zombie. This may sound crazy but sometimes you may win say 3 winds of your piece and moving that far may take you off the board.

      If you touch a Mausoleum or go off the board you go back the board before. Remember there are four pieces to the board!

      If you crash into another Zombie... hard luck!

      The Laughter!

      Now you would think that following those orders once you have won them would be easy wouldn't you? But no mishaps occur all the time, your Zombie will refuse to go in the direction he is facing or that you want him to go, ruining your carefully orchestrated plans. You could put him down not quite right and he falls straight over! Pieces are prone to bump into each other, sometimes by accident and other times by design, moving them and making them face in a different direction.

      This is where the games comes into it's own. The outright laughter that occurs the first time someone wins the '4 winds', winds up the piece, puts it down excitedly and it wobbles then falls over, little feet wiggling to no avail, will bring guffaws galore and loads of pointing fingers at the stupidity of that player. Though revenge will be sweet, as they will find a way to get their own back, or just laugh even louder when the same happens to you. The sheer unpredictability of this game just makes it a real joy to play.
      It is a game that can not only be enjoyed by all ages, for different reasons, but is simple enough that even the kids can beat the adults, who are of course trying to be too clever and get outsmarted because of this!


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      It's boring when you're dead. So, you and your deceased friends have decided to have a little race around the graveyard...." Thus begins the wackiest game from Twilight Creations yet! The players control pawns as usual. But, the pawns in this game are self-propelled, windup toys! Game play determines how many winds you get or if you can change direction. Special areas of the board grant you bonuses for landing on them, and some areas slow you down. The first one out of the graveyard wins.

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