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Angry Birds Board Game

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Manufacturer: Lujex / Type: Board Game

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    2 Reviews
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      06.01.2013 23:52
      Very helpful



      A fab game for ages 5-105. hours of fun and is versitile to be played with alopne or 2-4 players.

      I purchased this Angry Birds knock on wood game for my son last year from Ebay at £10 brand new, RRP is £20 for this but it can be found on many online stores cheaper.

      Broxi take note of this review for your up coming Angry birds party

      My reasoning for buying this for to kill two birds with one stone or rather two pigs with one bird. You see my son had months before his birthday seen an Angry birds cake on you tube and it was a playable cake which he loved. As his birthday drew closer I had hoped he had forgotten about it as I like to make his birthday cakes but nope he had remembered and only wanted this playable cake complete with catapult to shoot the pigs. I was saying to a friend I was worried about spending so long trying to make all the pigs and birds and she told me the previous year she had brought this game and used it to put on a boys birthday cake. So by getting this game it would not only be the topping for the cake but also an extra pressie for my son.

      The game itself is aimed at aged 5+ and can be played by 2-4 players but easy enough for one child to play along with. The contents of the game are-
      3 Angry Birds, the yellow, black and red one
      4 green pigs
      1 bonus points star
      1 bonus points egg
      I bird laucher (fancy catapult)
      14 building blocks of various shapes and sizes
      40 mission cards and 16 points cards.

      If you have no idea what Angry birds are you need to Google as they aren't your average birds with wings. These drop bombs, explode, inflate and do all sorts of crazy things. It's hard to believe this all started out as a animated phone app.

      There are 4 different levels to try out with this game and with 40 mission cards it is taking my son a while to get through them. My son more often then not plays this solo and picks a card which has a structure picture on it and you build the structure as the card shows and place the green pigs in their places as shown then you use the bird launcher glorified catapult to launch the birds at the pigs. You score points for the pigs you knock down and for parts of the structure knocked down. Playing with other people you build your structure and the other players score points when they try to destroy it. You gain extra points when knocking off the egg or lucky star symbols too.

      The birds are made from solid plastic which rightly needs to be strong as these are being fired about. The green pigs are also plastic, not so solid but light weight but have been taking a beating fine and lasting well.
      The glorified catapult as I call the bird launcher is on a green plastic base and you place a bird into the launcher part and it can be pulled back until you have the angle you require and then release it to launch the bird hoping they will make contact with the structure built with the green pigs on it.
      The building blocks are also made from a light plastic and are various shapes such as rectangle, square and triangular. They are easy to handle and build with and sometimes I find it just as fun building the selected structure as it is to try to knock them down.

      So my verdict of this game is that it's great giving many hours of fun and enjoyment. I must admit that I'm glad it can be easily played with solo as well as with other player players so I don't always get roped in to play it.

      As for the birthday cake it was a huge success. I had wrapped up the game after taking out the birds and pigs for the cake, so when my son opened it he looked at me puzzled when saw some was missing and then I took him to see his cake which I'd been up til midnight the previous night finishing. I'd built the structure from kit kats and blue ribbon bars and placed the birds at the front with the launcher and pigs ready to be knocked off the structure. I didn't however allow an extra 20 minutes at his party for all the kids to have a play on it before I could start taking slices out of it lol poor parents were left waiting.

      So there we have it, a versatile game that can also be used for cake design.


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        31.07.2012 13:00
        Very helpful



        Plenty of fun and easy to expand to other games.

        My son is desperate to review this game, so once again we will be doing 2 reviews in one - my review at the top and his at the bottom.

        My Review:

        If you have any type of device capable of downloading aps - chances are you have played Angry Birds. This is one of the most popular games going at the moment - but now you can play with a phone, tablet or PC. There are currently a few Angry Birds table top games available now, the best known of which are Mattel's "Knock on Wood" games. This game is very similar, in fact many people are calling it "knock off wood game" but it made by a Chinese company. It has drawn a lot of criticism as a cheap knock off, but certainly is Angry Birds - it just is not Mattel, and while it has a few minor issues - it isn't a bad toy.

        WHAT'S IN THE BOX:

        According to the box you get 6 game cards and "Enclosed detailed that the rules of the game". In fact, we got 4 cards and my son thought he had been cheated, but I have looked up several online pictures and all them show only 4 game cards. These are cards that show a design for you to build with the enclosed blocks. You should get two instructions cards as well, but we did not. I could have written the company but it wasn't worth my bother as it is very obvious how you play, and judging by the standard of English on the box, I would not expect much from written instructions anyway.

        You also get a catapult which will make noise if you are foolish enough to put 3 AAA batteries inside, but you can play the game without batteries if don't want the noise. This set includes 4 birds, Yellow Bird, Red Bird, Blue Bird, and Black Bird, three pigs, a yellow plastic smiley face and a single piece with two yellow plastic eggs, and eleven plastic building parts, or logs.

        THE GOOD:
        This is really a fun set. We bought it because it was the only set which had four birds. The birds do look well made,and just like the characters they are meant to represent. To play you build houses with the logs, place the pigs inside and try to knock the building down by firing your four plastic birds at the building from the catapult. A single player can play this building and knocking down, or players can take turns with one player using the pigs and building the houses and the other trying to destroy them. My sons are ages almost 4 and 7 and both loved this game. The younger child also just used the birds and pigs for creative play, and we are planning to use them for stop motion filming as well.

        THE BAD:
        The noise on the catapult is horrible. There is no volume control and it just blasts the song from the Angry Birds Ap at you at a volume certain to drive parents mad. You can not watch telly in the same room, or have a conversation. I would recommend playing this without batteries. You do have a limited amount of blocks and there are only so many designs you can make with these. We solved this by using plastic Uno Stacko blocks to build other structures, but you could also use Jenga blocks, dominoes or any number of other items to build more complicated houses. You could also buy the Mattel sets and mix and match.

        THE PUGLY:
        The standard of English on the box is a joke. The pigs are referred to as "pugs" in one instance, and we get statements like the above mentioned one on instructions and "So. the angry birds start to revenge...." There are a number of complaints about this, but it doesn't affect the game in anyway and we found it funny.

        MY OPINION:
        This set is currently selling for £18.40 on Amazon. I was lucky enough to pick up a new and unopened copy on ebay for only £12. I do feel the game is a bit expensive for what it is, but the children really do love it, and I find most character toys to be costly. I am very happy with my purchase and expect to save up for some of the Mattel games like this for Christmas to expand this set. Based on the amount of fun the children have had with this, I am giving this the full 5 stars - in spite of the music.

        MY SON'S REVIEW:

        I like to play Angry Bird on my Dad's tablet but this is even more fun. You get to build your own houses and knock them down. It has the original pig, one with a moustache and one with a helmet - but the helmet does not come off. I really like shooting the birds at things. The blue bird is the hardest to shoot as it smaller than the rest.

        I thought I was supposed to get six cards, but I only got four. They have pictures of four houses to build and tell you how many birds to use for each house. The first card the easiest and the last card is the most difficult, but you get to use all four birds. Sometimes we build the houses like the cards say and sometimes we just make our own things to knock down. I can use them to knock down other toys like plants vs zombies figures.

        The people who made the toy don't know how to spell very well. I think it is funny that they call the eggs "baby eggs" and the pigs "pugs". They also say "hum" instead of yum. We had fun finding all the mistakes on the box.

        This is one of my very favourite toys right now and I am saving up all my money so I can but another set, and build more things. I would give this 5 stars because it so much fun, but my brother says to give it a million stars.

        After writing this, my sons were given some money by a family friend. They bought the more expensive Mattel branded set. I'm afraid the branded set is not nearly as well made, so if you are looking for an Angry Birds set - I really would consider this one first. This set has more birds, more blocks and far better pigs. The ones in this set are moulded from plastic, while the Mattel ones are a flat lump with a sticker for a face.


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