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Angry Birds Knock on Wood

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A traditional representation of the ever popular game 'Angry Birds', it is good fun to play (especially for younger ones) and is of a high quality. Can be a little fiddly and time consuming to set up, though.

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2013 10:32
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      It's ok but not a favourite

      My son absolutely loves angry birds and so when my friend asked would he like the angry birds knock on wood game for Christmas last year I felt sure that it would be a gift well appeciated. This is my review of the game.

      ==What is it?==

      Angry birds knock on wood has the tag line "now you can play angry birds in real life!" and I suppose that is basically the idea of the game! The game is made by imaginaction which isn't a brand that I have heard of to be honest but when I looked further in to the name I saw that it was linked to Mattel games which is a brand that I have heard of and which I think is a good quality brand.

      It comes in a reasonably sized cardboard box which isn't massively thick but which should last ok as long as it is treated with care. The box is bright and colourful and features pictures of some of the angry bird pigs and it has a few clear plastic backed holes through which you can see some of the angry birds inside the box. The back of the box shows two children having brilliant fun playing the game too.

      We are told that the game is suitable for children aged five plus and that it is for two to four players as well.

      ==Playing and our experience==

      In the box you get the following:
      -3 angry birds
      -4 pigs
      -1 bonus point star
      -1 bonus point egg
      -14 building blocks
      -1 bird launcher
      -40 mission cards
      -16 points cards

      Basically there are four levels of mission cards in the box and on these cards there are varying points levels. The aim of the game is to get to 1000 points first and it is up to you how fast you try and get to that level but obviously the cards with the most points are going to have the most challenging castles for you to try and knock down with your angry birds. To win the points and get the card you need to knock all of the pigs off the structure you have built and if you have managed this and knocked off one of the bonus pieces too you get to have a 100 point bonus card too for that.

      The angry bird playing pieces that you get with the game are nice and look like the ones on the actual app which of course is good! You get one of the red, yellow and black birds as well as three of the green pigs. They are all really well made and although they are made from a bit of a squishy plastic they would hurt if you fired them at someone and it is mentioned in the instructions that you must not fire them at people because it would hurt if hit in the face I am sure! You should fire the birds from around a foot away from the castle you have built but we found that it was actually a little far away and so we moved it slightly closer and this worked better for us on the whole.

      The basic game play is simple to be honest but we did encounter a couple of issues. When we came to build the castle structures from the cards we found that some of them just wouldn't stay up properly and I think this was down to the fact that we have carpet in our lounge where we were playing and obviously carpet isn't particularly even. In the end we got another larger game box and built the structures on there and they seemed more stable for the most part. You do need to have a steady hand when building the structures as they are only plastic pieces and not all that wide really. It is quite fun building them though and some of the cards are freestyle cards and so they will give you pieces to use but you can build any kind of structure you would like within that! The other issue that we had was just the fact that through each step you have to build a different structure to aim at and this could take a few minutes each time if it kept on falling down which could be a little irritating!

      When it came to playing this game I have to say that my son was better at hitting the structures than what I was and whether this was down to him actually playing the game angry birds and I don't I am not sure but he seemed to get the angles and pressure on the catapult right more often than I did!

      We have only played this game a couple of times since Christmas and it isn't one of my son's favourites to be honest. I think it is down to the faffing about you have to do when playing the game rather than the actual game if that makes sense because the idea of the game is good and it is quite fun once you get going but the initial thought of play can sometimes be a bit off putting. The game is well made and all of the pieces feel top quality and so I think if you can find it at a good price it is a good game which will come out from time to time and probably be fun for both children and adults at Christmas for example. It is currently available on amazon for £10.94 which I think is a fair price. Any more and you are paying a bit much I think personally.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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