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Angry Birds On Thin Ice

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Manufacturer: Mattel / Type: Board Game

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2012 15:51
      Very helpful



      Nice as collection - limited play value on its own.

      My sons loved their Lujex(TM) Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game Sound but it does appear to be a knock off and it is made by a brand name I am unfamiliar with, where this set is made by well known toy manufacturers Mattel. The funny thing is - the cheaper set was far better. A friend of ours was in a generous mood after striking lucky with the bookies and gave the boys a few £ - and they had their own pocket money saved up so they pooled their resources and bought this. They were expecting something like the first set though, and while they do like this, and it makes a decent add on it does seem a bit small for the money.


      2 birds - much smaller than the other set.
      3 pigs but rather than being molded out of plastic like the knock off set - these are plastic lumps with pig face stickers.
      5 ice blocks - 3 of which separate into two parts.
      2 tiny ice cubes
      5 "wooden girders" or plastic blocks which look like wood 3 large - 2 small.
      2 plastic helmets
      A TNT Box
      A launcher or catapult to shoot your birds.
      40 mission cards and 16 points cards.

      You are meant to draw a mission card, and build the structure exactly as shown for the first 3 levels with the final level allowing some creativity - as long as you follow the guidelines. I say meant to - because we don't play by the rules. After you build your "castle", you use the launcher to shoot the birds at it and knock down, scoring points as dictated by the cards. The first person to reach 1,000 points wins.

      We do own another set - with a more blocks and better pieces. We simply combined the two sets so we can build better structures. We play buy having one person build the best structure they can to protect their pigs. The other player uses the birds to knock it down. Once you have used up all of your birds the roles are reversed. We score one point for each pig knocked down or hit with a block. The winner is the player who has taken out the most pigs at the end of the game. Sometimes we add Jenga blocks, dominoes, even marbles to create more exciting structures. In addition to knock em down the games, the boys do play with the figures for creative play as well, and we are planning to do some stop motion animation with them at some point. this is really fun as a family game, taking turns building and wrecking, but it can also be played alone. My son used this quite a bit at the caravan when he would grow bored - building massive towers and knocking them over. I do like the fact that this game has the flexibility to make a good family game or single player game - as there are not many board games you can play on your own.

      My sons do enjoy this, but they both said the cheaper set was better. My oldest is more aware of prices and he knew this cost more than the other set. He felt since it cost more money - it should have more or better pieces - so he did realise this wasn't the best value for money. He was happy enough to have it as an addition to his other set. He did not want to part with any more of his own money for Mattel sets as he felt they were not a good buy - but he says he would still have them if I want to buy them - typical child. His biggest issue with this was the TNT box though. It is meant to pop apart when hit - but it doesn't really work and that was another disappointment with this set. I also wanted this set so each child would have their own catapult, and while this one does work well enough, the Lujex one is slightly better and both boys prefer that one. On the plus side though - this one does not take batteries or make horrible noises.

      My own opinion of this set is that it can be a fun game - but there really are not enough pieces to do much with this. If we had only this set - I don't think it would get much use. Combined with another set - it does add to the fun, and we really do have a lot of fun playing with these. But I really don't see this as value for money. I paid roughly £16 for this. The price has dropped to £12.37 with Amazon. I think if you can afford a couple of sets, it does make an exciting family game - or you could make do with other toys - like Jenga block as as we do. But I also feel that for the price of this - they could have included a few more pieces, and made the TNT box work. This ends up with a wishy washy 3 star rating from me. I'm still happy enough to have the set as it does add to our fun. But I have to recommend the Lujex set above this one as far better value. If you can afford 2 or more sets I would feel a bit more comfortable in recommending this as it is more likely to be played with frequently.


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