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Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old Board Game

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Brand: Hasbro

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    1 Review
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      25.08.2013 19:37
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      a good game

      When Are You Smarter Than a Ten Year Old? was first shown on television I used to watch it all the time. I always tried to answer the questions on tv but would always fail when it came to ancient history. I don't remember learning this at school! Therefore when I found out there was a game I was excited to have a go myself.

      When you first open the box it is a little overwhelming as it is full of different little bits for play. This includes: question cards, magic card reader sleeve, year group board, money board, 8 plastic stands, 10 year group tokens, a peek, copy and save card, 4 card movers, 12 £250 tokens, 3 pencils, 1 notepad and a card tray. This is a lot for one game. To make things worse everything is just shoved in the box as the only organization is for the question cards but unless you put a rubber band around them they'll be all over the place too.

      On your first game you must put the cardboard pictures into the clear plastic stands. This is easy enough to do but I don't know why it couldn't have come already done. There are eight of these and they are very big for counters, being 6cms tall, they stand up well though and never fall over. The four counters are a pile of books, a globe, an apple and a pencil. They all have a fun colourful design. The other four are a peek, a copy and a save for those times you need assistance to get the right answer. There is one spare counter which isn't needed.

      Before playing each game you must place the year group board and money board next to each other on a table. The cards must be seperated into year groups so it is easy to access the year you need. The boards look just like on the tv show. They are big boards and have huge writing so everyone will be able to see it, however far away you are.

      Each player chooses a counter and places it by the money board.

      The aim of the game is to get 11 questions correct either on your own or with assistance from the Peek, Copy or Save.

      The first player chooses an age group and picks the top card. The cards have a red pattern on top of the questions and answers so you can only see them if you use the magic card reader sleeve. This means you can't pick based on questions just based on subjects. This helps eliminate cheating.

      When the player has a card they put it into the card reader to read the question. This must be done from the bottom up otherwise you'll see the answer first. I think the card reader is a great idea as it keeps the questions a secret until they enter the sleeve. The card reader is just a piece of cardboard with a see through red window which highlights the blue writing on the card and makes it visible. It is pretty magic!

      If the player knows the answer to the question they say it aloud and check to see it's the correct answer. If they do not know the answer they can use a cheat. Unfortunately as you do not get the clever ten year olds in the game you have to hope they know the answer.

      The cheats are Peek, you can peek at an answer and change the answer if you want to, Copy, you can copy but you have to use the answer they give or Save, if you give the wrong answer and another player gets it right they can save you. You can only use each cheat once and if you get a question wrong you are out of the game.

      To get the cheats, I should have said, that any other players that didn't choose the question must write there answer down with the pencil and paper provided.

      If the player correctly answers the question they place there counter up one on the money board. This continues with the same player until they have won or are out. This is a disadvantage to the game as it means only one person can play at a time as other players are the ten year olds. The box states it is two to four players so you would have to play the game four times. I would get impatient waiting that long to play so I imagine children would be fed up of waiting in minutes.

      To try and resolve this issue I cut ten pieces of paper out for each player and initialled them so we could take it in turn answering questions. When a question had been asked that player would put an initial on the year group they had answered and then we could see who had and hadn't answered the question. I think the game would have been better with four year group boards so everyone can play at once.

      The questions in this game seem a little easier than on tv so I have managed to win the game before. It is a good game to play but better played with players of a similar age.


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