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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Character

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    2 Reviews
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      16.05.2009 01:25



      a great halloween game for people who enjoy things like buckaroo and pick up sticks.

      Ive always enjoyed these simple little games of skill best of all. Boney Head is a cracked open battery operated plastic skull (with glow in the dark eyes!) into which you place glow in the dark bones that have cute faces and points numbers on them. The bones are in different sizes- the bigger the bone, the more points. The game is wonderfully uncomplicated to assemble and play.

      Players take turns to remove a bone from the head. If you carefully remove a bone without Boney Head laughing creepily, you score the amount of points on the bone. If he laughs (triggered by some kind of movement sensor) it's the next persons turn....the laugh sound effect is really quite loud, and it has been known to give people quite a shock if they aren't expecting it! (If the noise is a problem I've found it can be muffled to a more sensible volume by putting a towel or similar under it where the speaker is.....)

      Its a fairly versatile game in it's basic way, and can be played with any adaptations and rules you can think of. The sensor in the skull can be adjusted in sensitivity from easy to really quite difficult (but never impossible).

      The best thing of all is to charge it up under a lamp, switch all the lights off and play it in the dark with the bones glowing. Then the game becomes progressively more difficult, as the bones are very good at glowing initially but gradually fade, and bones that have been exposed to less light are only patchily visible...


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      18.12.2007 11:44
      Very helpful



      Good fun game for everyone.....

      Glow-In-The-Dark BONEY HEAD !!

      The Electronic Pick-Up-Styx Game

      One of a few games we have around the place that still has all its bits intact, and one the boy will actually sit still and play. It's a Skull 'n' Bones version of pick-up-sticks and I agree with little boy it's actually pretty good fun !

      It comes in a fair sized orange/yellow box covered in pictures and descriptions / instructions and suchlike. Plus it actually fits back in the box easily too always a bonus.
      The game is classed as suitable for ages 5+ though my boy is four and can play fine - he can get it out and set it up himself and the game is simple enough for him to understand and play. Has been dropped a few time too and still works fine. It's suitable for 2 players or more.

      The Skull part comes in 2 pieces and you simply click them together (so easy little boy can do it) It Takes 3 AA Batteries (or normal size batteries as I call them) So you have to unscrew the bit on the bottom and get them in, though the batteries have lasted for ages in this one unlike some toys which eat batteries soon as you change them. This is partly due to the ' SLEEP' mode so after about 5 minutes it will turn itself off - GREAT for small kids who get bored and wander off leaving things turned on.
      Once you've got good old Boney together you need to put the bones in, You get 18 bones Long ones Medium ones and small ones - 6 of each. The great thing about these is they're Glow-in-the-Dark ! and it was great fun to trying to play in the dark - the skulls eyes glow too !
      The bones also have numbers on 3 points for big 2 for small and one for the little ones, Boy enjoys counting them up at the end to see who's won the game so guess good for counting practice.
      Well you've got your Boney Head full of funky green bones now what ? everybody sits down and as per instructions:
      " players try to carefully remove one bone from Boney's broken bonce without disturbing him"
      It made me jump when it made a noise - Its got this creepy shriek laugh noise that goes off and a flashy LED light flashes if you disturb the other bones. If you make him shriek you have to leave the bone, if he's quiet you get to keep it. You can play against each other or if enough want to play you could play in teams. Count up your bones and the player with the highest points wins

      A very good feature this thing has particularly if your playing with young children is it has a twiddly bit on the back next to the on/off switch which let you adjust the sensitivity so you can make it as easy or frustratingly hard as you like.
      We actually won this game in a raffle a few months back but have seen it advertised on the TV lately. But is readily available from lots of places. It's made by 'Character' you can find their website here: www.character-online.co.uk where it's up for grabs at £14.99

      Can also be found at Woolworths £14.99 or Tesco Direct for £9.97 Had a search around is £9.99 on Amazon but when I looked there were none in stock.
      I'd recommend this game over a few others as it's one the kids will get out again - not just leave forgotten in it's box after it's bought - maybe a good one for christmas fun. Can see it being good for sleep-overs in the dark too ! A good game for big kids little kids and the grown-ups to play together. Great Game.

      (Also on ciao with photos)

      Thanks for reading,


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    • Product Details

      A skull full of bones. The goal is to pick up a bone without disturbing Boney the skull. He will shriek and laugh at you if you disturb him. Bones glow in the dark for a scary effect. The bigger the bone, the better the points! Ages 3+

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