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Chad Valley Oopsie Daisy Game

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Brand: Chad Valley / Players: 2-4 / Age:

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2011 11:29
      Very helpful



      This game is no fun at all due to the poor design.

      The Oopsie Daisy Game is one of a Chad Valley range of toys, which used to be sold in Woolworths before they closed down their retail stores. Chad Valley make a wide variety of toys and are usually very reasonably priced. The Chad Valley range is still available to buy at Argos. The game is for 2 to 4 players with a a recommended age of 4+. I will now give you a run down on this game and my family's experience and reactions to it.


      I bought this game for only £2.99 at an Argos store which, at the time, I considered to be a real bargain. This was discounted from the original selling price which was £5.99.


      This game comes in a very brightly coloured box with an attractive picture of the game at the front of the box. This makes it look immediately interesting and appealing to a child.

      Contents are:

      Games Base x 1
      Daisy leaf cups x 4
      Daisy flower x 1
      Plug x 1
      Daisy spring stem x 1
      Daisy chance cards x 16
      Marbles x 40


      Assembly was quite straight forward and my 4 year old daughter managed to help to partly assemble it. We snapped the four leaf cups into the sides of the base. An adult or older child would have to do this as you need to push quite strongly to snap them into place. The Daisy is then fixed into the middle using the plug and spring. This part was easy and my daughter enjoyed being able to manage this part by herself.

      User instructions are easy to follow. It explains that the object of the game is to be the first to successfully balance all of your marbles on the daisy wthout tipping it over. Each player is given 10 marbles which you place in your leaf cup. Four daisy chance cards are also dealt to each player. These cards come with a specific instruction to either take marbles off or put marbles on the daisy. I thought the user instructions were clearly laid out and there were also some tips on strategy when playing the game.


      My child was instantly excited when she opened this particular present on Christmas morning due to the bright and interesting packaging, and immediately wanted to try it out. However this excitement was short lived as this game is very badly designed! The aim is to try to place the marbles on to the daisy without making it topple over. If it topples, the marbles fall into the base and the player has to keep them. The problem with this game is that the daisy seemed to slant to one side so that no matter where you placed your marbles, they will automatically roll on to the same two petals at that side. This led to the daisy very quickly toppling over and therefore made it impossible for anyone to use up all of their marbles, which is supposed to be the aim of the game! This of course meant that this game never ever ended up with any winner. My child understandably got quite frustrated with the way this game was proceeding and quickly abandoned it to play with something else.

      ---OUR VERDICT---

      Since then we have only played the game 3 more times (which my child had to be persuaded to do as she had already delegated this game to to bottom of the toy box). Each time we ended up with the same result, with the daisy becoming imbalanced due to the poor design of the product. I think if the spring had been a bit more sturdy, perhaps it would have solved the problem? However, as it stands, the game fails on the suspense factor (which is what that sort of game is supposed to be all about) as it typically toppled over after only 6 or 7 marbles were placed on it. Furthermore, even if this problem was sorted, I don't think this game wold hold the interest of a child for long as it is incredibly boring and far too predictable. The daisy chance cards only give you 2 possiblities - either to 'put' on or 'take off' marbles which gives this game very little scope and a score of zero in the fun factor category. The suggested age group is age 4+ and it is unsuitable for under 3 years of age because of the marbles. However I don't think a child of any age would have fun with this game. My child now refuses to play it so it will soon be going to the nearest charity shop.

      I give the Oopsie Daisy Game one star but it barely deserves that, even at the bargain price of £2.99. But if I had payed the full price which was £5.99, I would consider that to be very poor value for money as there is a lot of fun, quality children's games for £5 out there. I don't recommend the Oopsie Daisy game to anyone out there, but suggest that you spend a couple of pounds more to get a decent game.

      Thank you for spending the time to read my review. It may also be posted on other review sites.


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