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Connect 4 Advanced

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    3 Reviews
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      17.04.2011 18:44
      Very helpful



      A classic game made harder

      So here's a game we all know and love, but with a twist. Connect 4 Advanced is a remake of the old classic but this time they made it with grown up's in mind.

      Produced by MB games, the original connect four, was and still is a major success. MB games (Milton Bradley) which was founded in 1860, were taken over by Hasbro in 1984. Whether MB or Hasbro, they have produced some fabulous classic board games, and this game, Connect 4 Advance is no exception.

      Connect 4 Advance

      Connect 4 has been taken to new heights in this advanced challenge.

      The game itself comes in a neat little square box, it is simply made up of a blue plastic disc shaped game board, which has 16 holes marked out evenly for placing the individual pieces. With 64 small individual clear plastic discs, that have, what looks like a plastic dart through each, with a hollow end so you can fit the little disc pieces together. 32 have a red rim and 32 have a yellow rim, these are packed in their separate colors in two plastic bags. That basically makes up the game, apart from an instruction sheet and four little black rubber feet, that also come enclosed with the game.

      Setting up and playing the game

      Insert the four rubber feet underneath the game board then place the game board on a flat surface. One player takes all the red discs and the other takes all the yellow discs.

      The aim of the game is to make a row of four in any direction on any level, before your opponent which declares you the winner.

      Decide who will go first, then that player takes one of their discs and places it anywhere on the game board. Next player can also place their disc where they wish, including on top of their opponents disc.
      Play continues as would the classic connect four, but with this game you have the choice of building across the board, diagonally, horizontally and vertically on the same level surface or any of these ways going in an upwards position.

      There is a limit of how high you can build and that is four discs, if the tower reaches 4 discs you will have to place your disc elsewhere.

      The game ends when a player declares a row of four, but the game can end in a draw, meaning that both your expertise has blocked each other out.

      For Ages 12 years and upwards.

      Price and availability

      I bought the game from Toys-R-Us quite a few years ago and I think I paid around £25.00 for it. You can purchase this game from Amazon, presently priced from £16.50 in a used condition. But I think you would have to shop around for this game new, as it was produced in 2002 and I don't think it's that widely available anymore.

      Our experience

      We bought this game because we wanted a game for us for a change, so as this is aged 12 and up, we thought it may be a little more challenging than the original, and a little more interesting. The game is of very good quality, the individual discs, fit together very nicely and the game board is quite sturdy. I like the idea that the pieces actually slot into each other, as if they were just placed, they would be forever falling down. Now you'd think that it would be really easy, it's connect 4 after all what could be easier to play?

      Don't be fooled, this game is really confusing, there are many times and ways you can make a row of four but you don't always see it, as you look at the board, you have to look at it from every angle you can think of. It is very difficult to keep track of, especially as the game progresses higher and higher. I can fully understand why they have categorized this game as 12 years and upwards, but my guess is even a 12 year old could struggle to keep up with this game. It certainly is a challenge, it looks good and is somewhat enjoyable to play, once you get the hang of it.

      We played a tournament game with my daughter and her boyfriend, we played, they played, both winners played and then both losers played. Then the winner of the winners and the winner of the losers played the final game. I hope that makes sense to you.

      Anyway, we have got a lot of use out of the game and for saying we have had it a long time, it still stands in excellent condition, with all the discs still there, non missing. I've decided that the game looks like something out of star trek when it's in play.

      I'm giving this game 4 stars because once you get the hang of it is a good challenge.

      Thank you for reading my review which is also posted on Ciao


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        10.11.2010 18:33
        Very helpful
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        I'd never heard of this before I got it for a Christmas present a few years ago, although I had of course heard of the normal version. I'm sure everyone has heard of Connect 4, and everyone has probably played either the branded MB version or another version as you can get unbranded versions for lower prices at supermarkets etc. Its totally popular, and gets re invented every so often to remind people on the chance that they don't own it!

        Setting up the game is easy - the box simply comes with the grid to put your pieces on, and 64 game pieces (half red and half yellow.) for once it is also easy to get it back in when tidying away as everything fits into the box nicely! You play it with two players and the majority of the rules are the same as if you were to play the normal version, if you wanted to include some more people then maybe you could make a tournament, with points and playing the winner etc, who knows...

        Playing the game is simple enough. Rather than the 2d board where you slot discs into the top and fall down into place, this is a 3D grid and therefore there are a lot more ways to win and 'connect 4,' the discs have a bit on the bottom and top so that they can be stacked and stick into the holes in the grid. There are 64 discs and 16 holes in the grid so this means that there must be use of 3D otherwise the game would be over pretty fast, this gives so many combinations you can have with a mixture of both 2 and 3D! As there is lots of possible combinations, I'd say the playing time for this game could be anything from 2 minutes if someone won really fast to about 10 minutes!

        I got this for Christmas so I'm not entirely sure where it was from, but on amazon it is priced at £13.49, although looking at amazon I see that it has now been rebranded again and instead of being called connect 4 advanced it is now called connect 4*4. I'd say its worth the money, board games seem to be getting quite expensive these days so this isn't too bad, especially as it wont really get old and can appeal to everyone.


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          05.09.2005 21:19
          Very helpful
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          The traditional game goes 3D

          Connect 4 - Advanced

          No matter how old you are , you have probably at some time or another played Connect 4 by MB games , or a copy version from the many available .
          In deed every Xmas you see it advertised on the TV. and placed prominantly on shop displays , such is its popularity .
          Part of this popularity is owed due to its ease of play - what could be simpler than taking in turns to place your coloured counters within a 8 * 8 grid , with the aim of getting four counters in a line , be it horizontal , vertical or diagonal.

          Now MB games have taken it upon themselves to re-invent the wheel ( so to speak ) , and breathe new life into this old friend , with the release of Connect 4 - Advanced.

          ~ A look back in history ~

          Back in the eighties , when computers were in their infancy , computer graphics were crude to say the least . With two dimentional graphics the best you could hope for , board games were the early games rulers , in partricular chess and draughts .
          Then you had the likes of noughts and crosses , and from this we eventually got 3D noughts and crosses , which was played on three 3 * 3 grids , that were placed on the screen to appear at different heights. I can remember playing such a game on a Commodore Pet , Oric-1 and Research Machines 480Z ( anyone remember these machines ? ).

          ~ So what of that history ~

          Well , it just goes to prove that even twenty years ago , the idea of expanding a basic game was evident and available .
          Indeed , MB Games , have taken the 3D element of 3D Noughts and Crosses , and tweaked the idea , to produce Connect 4 - Advanced - the 3D version of that classic game .

          ~ The game itself ~

          Gone are the traditional parts to Connect 4 - they have no use here .
          The 8 * 8 framed grid is replace by a 4 * 4 grid arena in traditional MB blue livery . The counters have been replaced by clear plastic spinning top shaped discs that are stackable , and have a rubber tipped top that is either coloured red or yellow ( there are thiry-two of each colour ) .
          Inside the product box , you find these items ( along with four rubber feet that need to be attached to the area base for stability ) , placed ontop of a black plastic tray , which doubles as a storage unit when the game is put away .

          ~ Playing the game ~

          As per original Connect 4 , the idea is to get four counters in a row , in order to win the game .
          Now as there are only 16 available spaces , and there are 64 discs available for use , so in order to be able to use your discs , means you have to stack discs ( upto a maximum of 4 high ) , during the game , hence the 3D effect .
          Having so many discs in a confined area could make it difficult to see lower placed discs , however the spacing between the discs and the fact that the main body of each disc is clear plastic , means that during play , vision is unimpaired , and relatively easy to play the game .
          This therefore makes for a more interesting game , with plenty of scope for strategic play , as now you can make a row of four ( flat horizonal , diagonal or vertical ) , a column of four , or a stepped line of four .
          Having the height element and an ever increasing amount of discs within your 4 * 4 grid , makes this is a more thought provoking game , yet despite this most children will be able to pick up the basics of gameplay quite easily ( my ten year old has grasp the rudiments after only a few games ) . The game itself has a age rating of 12+ years .

          ~ Availability and cost ~

          I have yet to see this game in the major high street shops . Purebitch in her op , noted that she purchased her game from Toys R Us , but again I have yet to see it in my local branch . I found this strange as this game was released in 2002 .
          I myself purchased the game from one of our local independant shops ( both our newsagent and chemist had it available to order ) at a cost of £14.95 , and it was available to order from the Xmas toy catalogue that both stocked ( why not try your local shop ) .

          ~ Overview ~

          A nice twist on the original game , with the need for deeper thinking . At £14.95 it represents very good value ( it is very well made as you would expect from a reputable manufacturer ) .
          To my way of thinking it is not a replacement for the original Connect 4 , however it makes an excellent addition to the original , and is well worth the purchase price .
          It is also nice in this day and age to have a new tactile family game to play - is it me or are computer games ruining the traditional family entertainment time .

          Thanks for the read



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