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Disney Cars My First Scrabble

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Brand: Disney

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2012 16:53
      Very helpful



      a good activity to do as a family

      It was my twin boys 5th birthday recently and a few of their presents included games, one of these many games was Disney Cars My First Scrabble.

      My boys started school back in september and they have come on in leaps and bounds since starting and are now really learning their alphabet, and even putting 3 letter words together so I thought this game would really benefit them but we could have some fun together at the same time too.

      The game is reccomended for children aged 3-6 years which I'd say is about right as all children develop differently and at different paces - my boys are 5 and only now know their alphabet fully for example however I know children who have learnt their alphabet at the age of 3 and 4.

      Inside the box your child will have 15 cards and small coloured plastic tiles each with a letter of the alphabet on it.

      Now on each of these cards there is some sort of word activity - using one of the cards my boys have completed themselves recently as an example. It is a plastic card with 4 pictures of car characters from disney cars down the left handside. Next to each car are coloured squares. The top of this particular card says 'Colours' so for this card my boys had to try and spell the colour of each car. The reason there were different colour squares next to each car is the alaphabet tiles are coloured differently so it's an extra clue when your child is finding an alphabet letter themselves.

      Now this game is not one of them 'fun family' games but it is an activity I can do with my children and let them enjoy their independence during learning under my watchful eye so I know where to help them.

      They are confident in their colours so are able to identify the colour squares on the card and the plastic tiles.

      As they have just learnt their alphabet too they are gradually getting more confident in finding the letters themselves too and everytime they match a letter onto the correct coloured square I can see they are proud with their achievement, it may seem small but to children who are just beginning with sounding out letters and putting small words together this is an excellent confidence booster and a 'different' way of learning letters.

      This game helps my boys recognise letters, sound them out, how to put words together too, some of the cards are a bit too difficult but as they grow in confidence with their letter learning they will soon grasp them and enjoy their achievements with the more difficult cards too.

      I bought this game on sale in Tesco but it's roughly £15 to buy. I'd certainly reccomend buying this game to anybody who is looking to encourage learning with their children as a family activity - I have seen my boys grow in confidence and keep telling me 'they can do it now' without my help. They are spelling more words themselves, even off the cards they are just using the small plastic tiles and showing me words they can make themselves too. Doing it like this it doesnt matter if they make a mistake, theres no crossing out or rubbing out of pencil so they dont have to feel embarassed or upset of any small mistakes they can just keep trying to work it out themselves just by moving plastic tiles about until they fit into place.


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