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Disney Deluxe Edition Scene It?

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    1 Review
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      10.08.2011 09:37
      Very helpful



      a great family game

      I started shopping for Christmas pretty early last year and one of the items that I bought for my son was the Disney deluxe edition of the scene it dvd game. I spotted it during one of the Debenhams sales online where I picked it up at half price for £12.49. I wasn't sure if my son would be old enough to fully pick up the game but I felt for the price it was something that he could grow in to and that we could play as a family.

      ==What is it?==

      For those of you who may not be aware the scene it games are always dvd games but you can purchase them in various themes. I have the Twilight saga one at home but I have also seen that they have them for Harry Potter, The Simpsons and Doctor Who as well as more generic things such as movies or music.

      This particular deluxe Disney version comes packaged in a large tin which has pictures of various popular Disney characters raised on the front as well as the product name and the Disney logo. The tin does look like it is more expensive than just a normal cardboard game box and so I can see why it is called the deluxe edition.

      In the game box you receive the following items:

      -A fold out game board
      -A numbered dice
      -A category dice
      -Buzz cards
      -Question cards and a holder to store them in
      -Metal characters which serve as your counter through the game
      -Two dvds
      -Full instructions on how to play the game

      ==Our experience==

      The game is really well packaged and so in the box there is a place for everything which is a nice touch as sometimes games are held together with bits of plastic but as soon as you play it for the first time everything is just thrown in to the box and gets mixed up. As everything has its place it is really easy to get the game set up and play. You do have the option of either opening the game board out fully so that it makes a large board or leaving it folded in its circular shape so that you can have a quicker game. We always just unfold it completely as when we play we like to make sure we have plenty of time so to enjoy it but I guess it is a useful option to be able to play shorter games should you wish to.

      As I mentioned above there are two dvds within this game which is not the norm so I can only assume this is another feature of the game being a deluxe version. On one dvd you have the normal game play but on the other dvd you have the same game but which is easier for young children as it has a girl from one of the Disney shows reading any text instructions on the screen so the child is not expected to read it for themselves. Now we played this version a few times with my son but there is a limited amount of games on there so we just moved on to the normal game disk as he is an able reader anyway and we tend to just read the instructions out to him anyway so he is aware of what he needs to do.

      During the game you are expected to answer various questions depending on what you roll on the dice and so I thought I would cover them individually here:

      Trivia cards: There are three different kinds of trivia questions which relate to music, the films and just general knowledge. To be honest these really do range in difficulty and sometimes my son will know the answer if it is a film he is really familiar with but if it is one that he doesn't really know or hasn't seen then he will try but often gets it wrong. To be fair this applies to us all though as there are some questions which trip us all up as whilst we have seen a lot of Disney films there is also a huge amount we haven't seen.

      All play: All play questions are dvd based and ones in which all players can compete regardless of who rolled the dice. Within this section various challenges come up such as guess the film from the still frames, spot the missing object spell binders as well as other things. This is my sons favourite challenge as he is really good at spotting the missing item and one day he was playing with myself and my seventeen year old sister and a spell binder came on and we were all looking at it blankly as the letters came on the screen and he shouted out all of a sudden..."ALICE IN WONDERLAND" and he was right! He still won't let us live that one down!

      My play: Again this is a dvd based question in which only the player who rolled can answer. The my play questions always show a clip of a Disney film and then ask a question at the end of it. Some of them can be quite tricky as we haven't seen all of the films on there but we all like to have a go regardless.

      Buzz cards: If you roll a buzz card you simply follow the instructions on the card that you take from the top of the pile.

      The game play is pretty straight forward and my son soon picked up which symbol on the dice represents which challenge. When you get to the end of the game the player in front must answer an all play to win challenge correctly or various questions on subsequent turns to become the winner. A lot of it with this game is the luck of which questions you get at each time and which numbers you roll on the dice as to who gets to the end first but I like that fact as it means my son can have a good go at winning even though he is much younger than us.

      My son is six now, he was five and a half when he got the game, and he has enjoyed playing this game regularly since then. When we first started playing I have to admit he got quite frustrated with some of the questions and the fact that my sister and I are quite competitive and would try and race each other in answering the all play questions but he has since really come on with the game and I think particularly during the my play and all play questions he really concentrates on what he is seeing on the screen to give him a fair chance against us, as the Alice in wonderland episode proved!

      This is an excellent family game to own and we really enjoy playing it. We spend time with my Mum and Sister most Sundays and you will often find my sister nagging to play it more than my son which makes it a nice family game and one which most ages will enjoy-as lets face it, most of us will have seen at least a few Disney films! I wouldn't recommend the game for children younger than five or six really as I think it would just go over their head.

      The game features relatively modern Disney movies such as Finding Nemo and Toy Story as well as some of the more aged films such as Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks and so I think it offers up a good variety of films and like I say there are plenty on there that I haven't seen as well as many that I have! I think because of this fact it makes it more of a level playing field for adults and children.

      I had a look online to see if I could source a price for this product and I was amazed when I spotted someone selling it on amazon for almost sixty pounds which is just ridiculous! This is the only place I have been able to find it new but there are some offers for used versions of the game. My advice would be to keep your eyes out at car boots and places like that and if you find this game snap it up as it is one that will be loved for years to come.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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