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Disney DVD Bingo

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Manufacturer: Disney / Type: DVD - Board Game

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    1 Review
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      25.04.2012 09:06
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      A good bingo game

      I was recently looking online for a bingo game for my friends son's birthday and on Ebay I came across a Disney DVD Bingo game that I had never heard of before. I decided to bid on the auction and was very pleased to win it for just £4.99. This has turned into a really good bargain as I have since seen it for sale for a whopping £40!!

      The game arrived and it is packaged in a tin rather than a cardboard box although it is quite a thin tin so does seem to dent very easy! The front of the box features various Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Ursula, Timon and Pumbaa, Dopey and Belle. Also shown is the dvd and three of the bingo game cards. There is a warning shown on the box as a choking hazard with small parts inside so it is unsuitable for children under three years.

      On the base of the tin it shows the game in use as well as pictures of the game cards and counters. It states on the box "Disney Bingo is hours of fun whether you're playing with family and friends or all by yourself. It also adds a whole new level of fun to any play date or party"

      1 Disney Bingo DVD
      6 double sided bingo cards
      150 bingo chips

      Playing the game
      It is incredibly simple to set the game up, insert the dvd into the machine, choose a bingo card and chips and you are ready to go. There are two ways to play the game, a full card or a pattern in which you just cover certain numbers on your card to win. We always play the full game as that is the most basic way to play. The game begins when you press start on the dvd screen and the caller begins call the numbers out.

      Each number is set under the letters spelling BINGO giving you five columns and colours to work by. Each time a number is called it appears on the co-ordinating colour screen along with a picture of one of the Disney characters e.g B 1 which is the Genie from Aladdin. The caller works through the numbers and every so often a Disney clip from a film will appear which indicates a "wild" chip you can place under the letter he tells you. The game continues until a player has covered all the pictures on the card.

      I am quite impressed that I found this on Ebay as it is a fun variation to the standard bingo games that are out there. As is is Disney it was bound to be a big hit with my daughter and she does really enjoy playing this game.

      For an adult to play it does seem extremely slow and verging on boring as the time it takes between numbers does seem quite extensive but obviously it needs to be slow for younger children to be able to locate it on the board. My daughter was a little confused initially with the numbers coming under the Bingo letters but she soon got a grasp on it that she could just look at the colours and see which column she should be looking at. The game can be made slightly faster by pressing next on the dvd remote so the next number comes up immediately rather than waiting for the caller to move along.

      This bingo game is really good for teaching various skills to children, number recognition, colours and matching pictures. The numbers in the game go up to 60 so children will learn to recognise numbers up to there which some may not really have come across before.

      The range of Disney characters included in the game is quite extensive, there are some that we haven't actually come across before and there are all the favourites such as the Princesses and animals from the top films. The film clips that are shown sporadically throughout the game are quite long but that is something that children will love even if us adults get a little frustrated at the time it takes to play them.

      Disney bingo is a game that a child can play by themselves if they wish and sometimes my daughter will go and put it on and play alone if she is at her Grandma's when I'm at work and she's busy.

      The one downside I have found with this game is that it is very American (which it obviously would be as it is American) but the caller is quite irritating and doesn't say the numbers just as we do - he says like "Twenny" whereas we say "twenty" and my little girl is forever correcting him!!

      All in all this has been a very popular game in our house and has turned into one of my little girls favourites even though it bores the pants off me to play! As I said earlier I found this game on Ebay, and looking online it seems that it is only currently available in America. I would recommend this game if you can find it online as my daughter does really like it.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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