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Disney Headbanz

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Brand: Disney

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2013 08:41
      Very helpful



      It's ok but not a favourite

      My son has masses of board games because quite often for his birthday and Christmas he will receive at least a couple. My son and I love to play board games together but even as a larger family when we get together with my mum or sister we will tend to play a few board games and so they do really get used in our home. For my sons birthday this year one of the presents he received was the Disney hedbanz game and this is my review of the game.

      ==What is it?==

      Hedbanz is a game that is described as "the quick question game of who am I?" There is an original version of the game but the game that my friend bought for my son was the Disney edition as we all love Disney and it felt appropriate as we had not long since returned from holiday in Disneyland Paris before his birthday.

      The game comes in a thick cardboard box which has pictures on the front of cartoon type human characters who all look like they are having an amazing time with the hedbanz on their head. The Disney logo is prominent on the box so there is no mistaking what kind of branded product you are getting. I have to say that although this box is made from a thick cardboard it isn't a game where the lid lifts off and instead you pull the front to release a flap and open it that way. As such in terms of quality this box isn't brilliant and already has some small marks of damage where as if I compare it to the likes of a Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly box it is clear that it will not last in the same way that the other games would.

      The box tells us that this game is classified as a family game which is suitable for children aged seven years and over and that it is suitable for play for two to six players.

      Inside the box you get the following things:
      72 character cards
      24 Mickey Mouse chips
      6 Headbands with ears
      1 timer
      A set of rules

      All of the things in the box feel well made and durable which was encouraging given the damage to the box holding them.

      ==Our experience==

      Set up of this game really is very simple and it doesn't take long at all. Basically all the people who are playing the game should take one of the black plastic headbands with ears and fasten it so that it fits their head size. There are plenty of holes on the headband to adjust the size making it suitable for everyone in the family who would be playing I would say. On the front of each of the headbands there is a slot where you pop a card on to which will show a Disney character and this is who you need to discover their identity by asking questions within the time of the timer. Smaller players may be a bit tempted to have a look at their card when popping it on their headband and so maybe an adult or older player should place the card on their headband for them. You are also given three Mickey Mouse tokens to play with and each time you correctly guess the identity of whatever is on your card you lose a token and so the first person to lose their tokens is the winner of the game! It is literally that simple!

      So, I just said that the game is really simple to set up and play didn't I? What I didn't figure when I was first setting up this game was how tricky it would be to actually think of questions to ask in the time you are given to ask nor did I realise how hard it would be to work out WHAT was on your card at all! Not all of the things on the cards are people for example and so you have monsters from monsters inc, cars and animals to name a few. What is a good addition is a few copies of the same card which have example questions printed on it which offer inspiration when you are feeling a little bit stuck.

      I would say that probably when we play this game it is maybe one in five cards or something that you do actually manage to work out in the time! Now obviously there are a massive amount of Disney characters to work with and so it is going to be tricky to work out unless you get really lucky and ask the perfect question on your first go or something. We tend to say things like "am I from Toy Story?" as an example as this at least narrows things down a little bit! The game isn't really overly frustrating though as you only need to get rid of three tokens and it can be amusing seeing your opponents favourite Disney character on their head and hearing them ask all of the wrong questions knowing that they will kick themselves when the time is up and they pull the card off the headband! The worst occasion of this when when we were playing with my mum and she said "Am I a Princess?" on her first go but then totally got stumped trying to think of Princesses and only managed Sleeping Beauty when she was Cinderella.

      A game of this with my son, sister and I probably takes around thirty minutes to an hour depending on how useless we are performing on the day! I think this is a reasonable amount of time to play but you do have to really be in the mood to play the game I find or you will get fed up. Luckily the game is quite quickly paced and so it moves along to the next player fast and there isn't too much time to focus on getting your answer wrong if you did! I can sometimes see my eight year old son getting annoyed with the game though if he isn't having much look and for this reason I would say that younger children would get bored and struggle more with what questions to ask especially as you go against a timer. I suppose you could alter the rules and allow someone longer to answer or give them a few clues to begin with. We sometimes do this and it just makes it a quicker game which is sometimes better for us.

      Whilst we do have a giggle when we play this game we don't play it all that frequently because we don't find it as enjoyable as other games that we have. I thought that my son would love this because it is Disney branded but it isn't one of his favourite games at all. I do think it is a good game to play every now and then but I'm not sure of the longevity of it like with things like Monopoly or Cluedo for example. The game seemes to be available for around thirteen to twenty pounds depending on where you buy and whilst I would say thirteen pounds is ok I wouldn't want to pay much more than that personally.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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